Al Aiello – LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System

Al Aiello – LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System
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Al Aiello – LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System

Al Aiello – LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System

Al Aiello – LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System

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LLCs have great money-saving benefits … but most are worthless!

Even when they should, they DO NOT:

    • Shield you from legal actions, causing your personal assets to be totally exposed.
    • Prevent legal disputes with tenants, contractors, partners and others.
    • Support tax-saving strategies.
    • Defend you against IRS.
  • Give you operating guidelines for successfully running your RE business.

In short:
Most LLCs do not give you the significant dollar-saving benefits that a well designed & documented LLC should give you!

The PROBLEM for Real Estate Investors:

Attorneys, CPAs and Nevada Promoters use bare bones incomplete documents, give you wrong advice, yet sock you with big fees.Internet Companies(such as Legal Zoom) start off low, then upsell you into more expensive options, with generic worthless documents, offering no advice.The problems, above, do NOT set up your LLC Structure with:

  • Powerful Legal Documents specifically targeted for real estate to empower you to reap the optimum benefits of a properly structured real estate LLC.
  • Lawsuit Prevention Strategies, which is stopping lawsuits before they begin, which is the very essence of asset protection.
  • Privacy Strategies, which is the cornerstone of Lawsuit Prevention. If they cannot find you, they cannot sue you.
  • The Two LLC Strategy where you only need two LLCs to protect you with any number of properties. This saves you $1,000s in legal fees!
  • How beginners can fully and safely deduct education and other expenses,even if they do not yet own property.
  • Other Strategies such as avoiding transfer taxes and mortgage due on sale clause on property transfers to an LLC; the Super C-Corp Strategy.
  • There are many others. Read on.

If your entity structure is set up INCORRECTLY it becomes a BIG TARGET for expensive time-consuming lawsuits and IRS audits. And YOU have to pay for this MESS!!

The SOLUTION for Real Estate Investors…

The Newly Re-Created…

The LLC Master-Machine

Asset Protection System

Extraordinary Money-Saving Strategies

Protecting your personal assets

Preventing legal disputes saving you lawyer fees and stress

Saving you taxes

Defending you against nasty IRS attacks

Enabling you to successfully operate your real estate business

Covering Every Legal Component of a Powerfully-Structured LLC Shield

Lawsuit Prevention  


Two LLC Strategy

Much More!

WITHOUT the Big Expense of Lawyers

WITHOUT Over-Complexity

Specifically for All Types of Real Estate

Unlike Any Other Asset Protection Source

Salepage : Al Aiello – LLC Master Machine Asset Protection System

About Author

Al Aiello

l has been a real estate investor for over 25 years. He first got his real estate license and went onto broker millions of dollars of real estate.
He then got his CPA by passing the first time: then got his Mastersin Taxation graduating with the highest honors in this rigorous program.
He was immediately hired as adjunct professor where he taught partnerships,corporations, asset protection and real estate taxation ( a course that he suggested, created and developed).

Al Aiello has thousands of students across the country who uses his strategies to pay little or taxes, to audit-proof their returns against the IRS and to protect their assets.

Al Aiello is known to have a character of high integrity; is professional, congenial,and well-liked by seminar participants. His presentations are not only highlyinformative but entertaining.

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