Arash Dibazar - Beyond The Game

Arash Dibazar – Beyond The Game
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Arash Dibazar – Beyond The Game

Arash Dibazar - Beyond The Game

Arash Dibazar – Beyond The Game

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Everything you’ve been taught on the subject of attracting beautiful women is incorrect – toss it out the window. If you want to attract and seduce beautiful women of the highest caliber, I can show you how to do that. If you want to live the rock star life, I can show you how to do that without a number one music record.You do not need to spend immeasurable hours in a studio or train your entire life to become an Olympic athlete. Nor must you have millions in the bank or spend years in school becoming a doctor or lawyer.

What’s required is a certain set of skills, a proven science, and a sacred knowledge that has been forbidden to man. I have been around and seen the highest level players that are under the radar. You see these men, and you know because they’re always surrounded with beautiful women, they’re always at the high level and you think that they’re paid. But these people play with your mind, they play with your emotions. See, that’s where they reside; they reside in the field of mind and emotion.

They’ve mastered the art of the mind and emotions but above all, they’ve mastered themselves. Life is a game. Immerse yourself in the player’s life.

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Arash Dibazar

Arash Dibazar uses alias name Achilles and has lived in six different countries including Iran, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, England, and is now based in the United States. This shows he has mixed with so many different cultures where he was able to acquire the ability to read people’s expressions and body language as a means of understanding their communication. He employs this skill in his dating advice to men. Before he settled into the career of a dating coach, he was a distinguished martial arts, which led him to become a student of Broadway actor and director, the late Manu Tupou.

Achilles, with confidence in martial arts, skills in expert professional acting and deep background in Zen Buddhism, came across the book “The Game”, which shaped his path to meet with prominent people in the dating industry. He met pick-up gurus such as Ross Jeffries and Mystery, eventually becoming a personal student of James Matador. Achilles uses his experiences that he has had in many backgrounds to come up with a style in delivering dating advice that is both strong and charismatic, structured and flows naturally.

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