Bottom Springer Bonsai Elite Wavetrader Trading Course Video Training Series 9 DVDs + Manuals

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Bottom Springer Bonsai Elite Wavetrader Trading Course Video Training Series 9 DVDs + Manuals


Bottom Springer Bonsai Elite Wavetrader Trading Course Video Training Series 9 DVDs + Manuals

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Bonsai Elite Wavetrader Trading Course Video Training Series
This video training series encapsulates the material covered in the written Elite Wavetrader courses.

This should give you a good starting point for much of what you will learn later throughout the 16-week training program.

Here’s an overviw of the videos…

DVD #1 – Momentum Trading Introduction And Basics

Many of the stock market’s biggest movers of the last 10 years left an abundance of clues buried in their price trends.

In this video we’ll get right down to business breaking down many of the biggest winners of the past and some of the Elite Wavetrader system generated mega-waves so that you can see how easy this is going to be.

The Elite Wavetrader system reverse engineers these powerful clues and shows you how to quickly and easily spot them in the next mega-mover stock.

Momentum, fundamentals, pattern quality and timing are only a few of the key components these big winners exhibited.

DVD #2 – The Elite Wavetrader Trades

The Elite Wavetrader style of momentum stock cycle surfing offers a powerful approach to trading the market’s top stocks.

This DVD includes analysis of some of the most powerful trade setups in the market – from “lightning-strike” short-term swing trades like the 1-3+ day “Cobra” and the “Holy Grail”, all the way up to the longer-term “High Breaker” trade – and everything in between.

Also covered are the powerful short term setups that can propel a stock into a new super-cycle… and how to catch these setups at optimal entry points – often to the day!

Some of the most powerful long-term trades such as the The PBC Zone, The High Breaker and the 12-15 TSS (all of which have produced some of the market’s biggest gainers over the past several years) are covered as well and the specific setups to assist you to hone in like a laser on the top momentum prospects.

DVD #3 – How To Analyze Momentum & Pattern Quality To Isolate The Top Trade Prospects…

This video will show you how the interplay between a stock’s breakout action and how it acts on a pullback can give vital clues to its future potential.

Combining mometum analysis with analysis of a stock’s price trend and trading action (“AKA” Pattern Quality) is one of the most critical components of the stock filtering process in a “surfing” approach to stock trading.

On this DVD I’ll show you how to use the specific momentum formulas – based on the powerful BMI Indicator – for stocks in specific price ranges and varying levels of liquidity.

Also, you’ll learn how to analyze stock momentum – how much is too much – how much is too little – and how to recognize the signs of either an impending successful breakout or a breakout failure.

A stock’s degree of momentum can flash telltale signs of the specific timing models to use for the proper entry and exit on a trade.

DVD #4 – Stock Cycles – How To Nail Turning Points in a Stock’s Price Trend With Uncanny Accuracy

On this video, we’ll examine and break down the various stock cycles – short, long and intermediate – and show you how to decide which cycles to use to spot buy and sell zones.

You’ll no longer be at the mercy of “perceived market randomness” as you discover the consistencies in how most momentum stocks generally play out their stock cycles.

You’ll learn how to use stock cycle analysis to consistently forecast the turning points in a stock’s consolidation to the day – if not the hour – allowing for optimal entry and exit points.

I’ll show you how to spot almost the exact turning points in a stock cycle by integrating short-term cycles – along with wave theory based on price thrusts.

DVD #5 – The Art of Stock Timing – How Massive Stock Market Wealth Is Created

This video could be the most valuable of the entire series. It reveals the secrets of the most successful stock trades of all time and the unique stock timing strategies gleaned from this study.

The unique Elite Wavetrader approach to stock timing models based on this study of stock cycles can lead to uncanny accuracy on trade entries and exits.

In addition to specific trade entry and exit strategies you’ll learn the role “basement supply” has in targeting specific trade exit zones on the unique breed of high momentum stocks the Elite Waevtrader system thrives on (Hint: It all starts with how the stock is accumulated inside of a base).

You’ll learn how to combine trend lines, moving averages, accumulation analysis and stock cycles to nail mega-mover tops… and then turn around and short these high-fliers for massive gains.

The heart and soul of the Elite Wavetrader system the “TSS and Price Squeeze” strategy is covered in depth on this video also.

DVD #6 – Fundamentals and Stock Scoring – How To Shine A Spotlight on the Market’s Top Trading Prospects

On this video, we’ll look closer at the key fundamental aspects that make up the top tier of the market’s best stocks.

You’ll also find the unique Elite Wavetrader stock scoring model, a technique known only to a few up until now for isoating and ranking the strongest potential stocks in the market.

You’ll learn about the key fundamental criteria that really matter – and how to avoid getting bogged down in information overload by using simple fundamental formulas to isolate the top potential stocks as well as when to ignore fundamentals altogether.

Also covered are strategies for allocating trading capital based on the stock scoring model as well as the importance of focusing trading capital on the “A” rated trades that can give you the edge in performance and safety.

You’ll also learn how to lower the risk of trading drug and biotech stocks while taking advantage of potential monster moves in these strong sectors and why the “best of the best stocks” come around in limited supply and are much easier to spot using the Elite Wavetrader scoring model

DVD #7 – Introduction to Short-Term Swing Trading – How To Generate Momentum Stock Profits in an “Iffy” Market

Short term momentum trading for a smaller portion of your portfolio can be a powerful way not only to make money during tenuous market conditions, but also to hone your craft of stock trading.

In a range-bound or sideways, choppy market, stock trading requires a more nimble approach to lock in trading profits.

This video will help you discover the traits of powerful momentum swing trades and Elite Wavetrader system generated trades that turned into big winners even in very sketchy market conditis.

DVD #8 – Quick Start & Simple Scans – How To Get Started Quickly With Elite Wavetrader

This final video is designed to get you out of the starting gate quickly with the Elite Wavetrader system using simple software scans and market and sector analysis to find the top trading setups.

The key Elite Wavetrader scans for finding these gems are based on powerful short and long-term stock cycles and can enable you to surf the stocks market’s biggest waves with grace (and lots of profits too!)

Covered in detail are the 10 key Elite Wavetrader scans to use – and how to further filter the stocks these scans pick up – using simple visual techniques and other criteria.

Why less is sometimes more – how focusing on just a few key trades and getting good at them (before you build up your repertoire) can be the key to success with any style of trading.     Ok, now that we’ve covered some of the material in the 8 complementary course DVD’s let’s take a look at what’s inside the 16-week Momentum Trading College training series…

Here’s what you get with the new Momentum Trading College…
As a subscriber to this new service you will receive 2-3 training videos via e-mail each week for the next 16 weeks.

The videos are all about uncovering the consistent patterns of behavior that the top performing stocks in the market display year in and year out before going on to produce stratospheric gains.

The videos range from 15-35 minutes each… and contain hard-hitting trade analysis on many aspects of the Elite Wavetrader trading system… as well as some new recently developed trading strategies like these that are working have worked even in a “challenging” stock market…

  • Price Floor Trading
  • The TNT Trade
  • B.E.W. Frilled Dragon Trade
  • The Millionaire Maker Pattern Trade
  • 2-Day Hi-Lo Reversal
  • B.E.W. A.R.M. Trade Setup and Scan
  • … and much more

These videos are designed to help get you out of the starting gate fast and up to speed quickly on the Elite Wavetrader momentum stock surfing system.

The weekly videos will focus on three aspects of momentum trading:

  • Investor oriented position trading (2-6 months plus holds)
  • Swing trading (2-6 weeks plus holds)
  • “Bottom-Springer” trades… in our never-ending quest to nail absolute bottoms in a stock’s price trend.

These training videos are the culmination of years of ongoing research into a momentum stock’s price action. Watch them closely, and take notes. You’ll soon be able to recognize the telltale patterns emerging of a future super-stock.  Use these videos as they were intended … cognizant of the individual “DNA” of such a stock with an eye towards the overall action of the broad market.


Here is an overview of the videos included during this training period as well as a sample video to view.

Momentum Trading College Sample Video

To learn more about the content of a particular video – scroll to the bottom of the page to view a short overview of the video content.

Investor Videos:

Which TSS Where?
Cycles vs. TSS’s
Which MA (Moving Average) Where?
Which BMI where?
Mega-Stock Surfing
MM Pattern Trading
Power Scans (Part One)
Power Scans (Part Two)
PBC Zone Scans (Part One)
PBC Zone Scans (Part Two)
BEW Handle Trigger Analysis
Shorting Hi-Fliers
Building Monster Stock Holding Ponds
Top 3 B.E.W. Investor Strategies

Swing Trading Videos:

B.E.W. 0.5 TSS Bull Flag Swings
A, B, C’s Of Low Breakers
Low Breaker Shorts
B.E.W. 2.5 TSS Swings
B.E.W. – A.R.M. Trade Setup And Scan
B.E.W. – Stock Surfing Swings
Candlesticks Swings (Part One)
Candlesticks Swings (Part Two)
2-Day Hi-Lo Reversal Setup
Trading High BMI Hi-Liquid Momentum Stocks
Gatekeeper Maxx
Top Three B.E.W. Swing Strategies


Spotting New Super-Cycles
B.E.W. Bottoming Signals (Part One)
B.E.W. Bottoming Signals (Part Two)
B.E.W. Frilled Dragon Trade
B.E.W. Base-Riser Catch-All
TNT Trade Setup
Base Cobra Trading
Playing The Hammers



Stock trading course: Learn about Stock trading

A stock trader or equity trader or share trader is a person or company involved in trading equity securities.
Stock traders may be an agent, hedger, arbitrageur, speculator, stockbroker.
Such equity trading in large publicly traded companies may be through a stock exchange.
Stock shares in smaller public companies may be bought and sold in over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

Stock traders can trade on their own account, called proprietary trading, or through an agent authorized to buy and sell on the owner’s behalf.
Trading through an agent is usually through a stockbroker. Agents are paid a commission for performing the trade.

Major stock exchanges have market makers who help limit price variation (volatility) by buying and selling a particular company’s shares on their own behalf and also on behalf of other clients.

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