Burton Richardson - Silat for the Street - Level 1

Burton Richardson – Silat for the Street – Level 1
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Burton Richardson – Silat for the Street – Level 1

Burton Richardson - Silat for the Street - Level 1

Burton Richardson – Silat for the Street – Level 1

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Silat For The Street blends the most brutally efficient Silat techniques with the training methods and tactics of elite-level MMA.

  • Highly structured for fast skill development, and the drills are efficient, safe, and fun.
  • Learn how to defend yourself against larger, stronger, trained attackers, including those with an MMA background.
  • Organized curriculum and teaching outline that takes the guesswork out of teaching others. An effective teaching system translates to more satisfied students and greater income.

Want to train in person? Find a Silat For The Street teacher near you. (this feature coming later)

You can purchase Silat For The Street Series 1 and Silat For The Street Series 2 individually or buy the Combo right away if you prefer.
Our modules are suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced martial artists.

Health and Medical course

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About Author

Burton Richardson

Burton Richardson started training martial arts in 1979 and he has never stopped. He was lucky to take his first lessons at the original Kali Academy, home of martial arts greats Sifu Richard Bustillo and Guro Dan Inosanto.

Burton traveled the world extensively to pursue his passion. He trained in Manila under Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo, Master Tony Diego, and Master Christopher Ricketts. He’s visited Brazil to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has trained extensively with many top BJJ exponents, including the Machado Brothers, Carlson Gracie, Baret Yoshida, Charuto Verissimo, and Marcelo Garcia. Burton has even journeyed to South Africa several times to train with Zulu warriors in their method of stick fighting.

This broad spectrum of experience gives Burton a unique perspective on the arts. Civilians as well as Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) seek his training courses.

Burton is the author of 4 books. He wrote for Inside Kung Fu magazine for eleven years. He has been published in Budo Magazine, an international publication as well as other national publications such as Ultimate MMA. He was elected self defense instructor of the year by Black Belt Magazine and inducted into their hall of fame.

Burton currently lives in Hawaii with his wife, business and training partner Sarah Badat-Richardson and their daughter Talina-Queen. All three are passionate about realistic self defense training. They travel as a family to teach seminars worldwide.

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