Chris Martins - Ninja Self Defense for Peaceful People

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Chris Martins – Ninja Self Defense for Peaceful People


Chris Martins – Ninja Self Defense for Peaceful People

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Join over 1000 happy students ! 

In this course, I will teach you how to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones from any empty-handed aggression.

If you feel insecure in any way, are not a martial artist ( and are not trying to become one ), would consider yourself at a disadvantage should you need to engage in physical combat with a larger or hostile opponent, this is THE self-defense course for you. It is especially well-suited for women and kids, as strength is not a primary tool is this course, nor are speed or flexibility. I use easy to follow instructions to make everything very clear.

Today’s society does not go easy on us, so we need to be ready for those times when fighting back is the only option, and this is exactly what this course shows you how to do, especially if you have never trained as everything is shown in a logical sequence.

Learning materials include videos and quizzes.

The course should take about 2-6 months to complete. The course is structured in progressive topic-centered lessons at first, then moves into more complex situations to offer more advanced options. Everything is laid out very simply and clearly to maximize information retention and lesson effectiveness.

By the end of the course, you will be able to dodge any incoming punch or kick, free yourself from various grabs, target weak areas of the human body, and apply control techniques on larger and faster opponents, as well as punch, kick, apply basic locks and joint reversals, and get your opponent into submission if you have to. You will also have a strong knowledge of how to ensure maximum awareness at all times and never be taken off-guard. You will also learn to use everyday, commonly available items to improve your odds in a tricky situation.

I have been teaching self-defense and martial-arts for over 25 years, and practicing for over 40 years. I rank 4th Dan black belt and above in 9 styles of combat-oriented martial arts schools, and currently teach non-professional, everyday folks from all walks of life, as well as police, personal security and army people at all levels of proficiency. I give seminars on self-defense for communities and cities as an official expert for up to 50 people per event, and my work on this topic has been in the news for its effectiveness and impact. In this course you get the same pro-level teaching I give during those seminars in a super simple, fit-for-self learning format.

The content of this course, although easy to grasp for beginners, is the foundation to a system used by extremely result-oriented professionals all around the world. It’s not about learning 1000 ways to punch or kick, and it’s not designed to teach you “that perfect movement”. It’s designed to teach you how to react, do what’s necessary and stay in one piece in case of problem. This is the very same content I teach to hundreds of people every year to help make them as safe as possible. 

The course is 27 video lectures for close to 3 hours of video content and is constantly updated with new and revised lectures for maximum learning efficiency, so this course will never be outdated.

Who this course is for:
  • People looking for a very simple, very effective self-defense system, fit for any age, size, type, or fitness level should definitely take a good look at this course.
  • This course is especially well suited for women or younger people looking to be safe on the streets with a system that actually works, but of course men can benefit from the content just as much.

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