DaBen - Sanaya Roman - Orin - Awakening Your light Body Part 2: Opening by Duane Packer

DaBen – Sanaya Roman – Orin – Awakening Your light Body Part 2 Opening by Duane Packer
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DaBen – Sanaya Roman – Orin – Awakening Your light Body Part 2: Opening by Duane Packer

DaBen - Sanaya Roman - Orin - Awakening Your light Body Part 2: Opening by Duane Packer

DaBen – Sanaya Roman – Orin – Awakening Your light Body Part 2: Opening by Duane Packer


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DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course Part 2: Opening Your Heart Center (LB112E)64We would like your soul to bring into your mind the image of another person. Selecting for you the person that perhaps you are still carrying energy from, someone who would be important for you to work with right now at this soul-level, that would create a shift for both of you as you do. Let the image of this person come into your mind, as if he or she is standing in front of you.Greet this person once again. You are now meeting with the soul of this person. Start by saying, “I accept you for who you are. I acknowledge your wisdom and your strength, your ability to handle your own life.” Get very quiet within as you beam love to him or her. This person can feel your field of love. His or her soul is awake and responding to you. Ask, “What is the most compassionate or loving thing I can do for you at the soul-level?” If in any way you have been carrying this person’s burdens as your own, take these burdens off your shoulders and let go of them. Affirm that this person is strong enough, has the inner strength, and that his or her soul can assist more powerfully than you. Turn these burdens over to this person’s soul, knowing that this person’s soul is in charge of their life. You may even want to send light so that this person can make a stronger connection to his or her soul.Tell this person telepathically, “I accept and love you unconditionally. You are free, and I am free. We come together in the celebration of our mutual strength.” Feel how light you are becoming. You are the master. Often one of the highest gifts you give others is to link with their soul, and work with them just as we have done on the inner realms, telepathically.Sit right now as you would as the master, adjusting your posture. Starting with the first person, send this person energy. Notice how much energy this person can receive. As you send it to him or her, send just the right amount.Do the same now with the second person, making your energy as beautiful and clear as possible, including the second person in your awareness. If you want to directly send love, you may.The most important work you do with others is inner work, connecting soul-to-soul. Soul contact is how the masters work. As the master, is there any message you would like to give yourself about a current situation, or a relationship? Listen right now, for you are the wise master, giving yourself advice. Feel how much lighter you are as you put down the burdens that are not yours to carry, as you come from true compassion, as you affirm the strength and the wisdom within each person, talking to people’s souls and acknowledging their ability to solve their own problems, and loving them as wise and beautiful beings. You are acknowledging the master within them. Acknowledge right now the master within each of the people you worked with.And now, begin to come back into the room, remembering this state of love. You can create a field of love anytime you wish, and transform any situation with another person. Coming back now, feeling the softness and the love that you are. Beginning to open your eyes now, stretching your body, and feeling wide-awake, full of love and compassion at your highest level.

Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman LuminEssence Productions • www.orindaben.com65Program 10 DaBen and Orin Interdimensional Traveling Journey – Gas Beings Welcome. As you relax now, find that posture and relaxation that is most conducive to your being able to sense these subtle energies and to increase your awareness of all the energies about you.Good. And as you follow along with the energy shifts, using each one to enhance your own experience, let us explore what some of these energy realms have to offer as gifts for you as you travel there.Often as you explore these energies you will find places in which there are beings, entities that you can identify and indeed interact with. And in these realms all these entities are very highly organized and of very high energy. And often they will welcome you and show you how it is that they use these energies that you are beginning to explore. You have much to learn by traveling with these beings and spending a short while in this expanded state with them.Good. Following on these shifts. You might offer your services as well as you explore here, and also extend your reverence of all life force. For as you travel here, you will find that all these entities have the utmost of reverence for life force and will welcome you as you discover, as it were, ways to be in their energies, in their world.Good. And as we set a rhythm now, use them to enhance your own experience and follow on the energies and the shifts as we create them.Nuuu yah. Nuuu yah. Nuuu yah.Din nin eee ah. Din nin eee ah.Lengthening the wavelength and following it out as far as you can with your awareness. As far as you can, in all directions about you. Begin to include also the Leow in your awareness. Letting the balls start to spin slowly, but increasing rapidly.Leee ow. Leee ow.Letting the Mumin be transparent to all lifting energies, all lifting, following this shift now.Muuu min.Ran thee ah.Just observing the spin, the rotation of the Ranthia. Observing your own energy. Just adjusting the cone of the Nu’a to enhance your experience. Following on this shift.Ran thee ah. Ran thee ah.Good. Following on that shift, riding that experience now. And look about you, sense about you, finding the patterns that are moving, in all directions—moving, flowing, easily forming. Shift your vibration up just slightly now, opening the back of the head and neck.Ran thee ah.Good. Just looking about you. Good. Just experience now, becoming your experience and observing. Being with these energies, noticing the movements about you. Just be for a moment.Orin: DaBen will continue to hold the frequencies and the space, for he is working together with the gas beings right now, reaching you through time and space. Interdimensional traveling is learning how to change your frequency so that you can experience other dimensions and the beings in them. These beings have given us permission to visit them and are delighted to welcome you right now to their dimension.Transmission is telepathic. You may or may not receive images and sensations or even inner messages. Let the images flow. It may even feel as if you are making it up. Enjoy now as we begin to meet some of the beings in this dimension.

DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course Part 2: Opening Your Heart Center (LB112E)66A being is now coming over to you. We have called these beings the “gas beings” for they are very light. The rules of their universe are different. Their dimension you are in has no gravity. Feel this being coming to meet you, one who has agreed to sponsor you. Telepathically greet this being. Feel a sense of warmth and love radiating from this being to you, welcoming you to its dimension.These beings have a very special ceremony, a very special way of being together—a way that we will call a blending. They can teach you about joining your energy with another. This being is now allowing you to join consciousness with it, to look at its world through its eyes. So now as you join with this being you are looking out onto its world. There are many other gas beings around, floating and playing. There is such love in this world, such harmony and peace.This being is going to show you a blending. Another being approaches. There is a welcome, and then they begin to blend, joining energies at every level, sharing experiences, transmitting all that they know to each other. Let yourself join in a blending. Feel the unconditional love that each being has for the other, the acceptance of all experience, as you now participate in a blending.You might notice that some of the blending is beyond description, almost as if it was a transmission of music or sounds or colors, images, feelings, or sensations. As the beings complete their blending, notice how easily each being is willing to come out of the blending transformed by the connection, for these beings are very fluid. Their whole nature is fluidity. They know who they are, and who they are can change greatly as they grow and blend with others.This being who is sponsoring you is now going to blend with another so that you might sense the difference. Another being approaches and your being softens. The two begin to blend, a quick exchange of all within each other–the richness. There is a sense that “I am you” and “you are me,” and yet “I am I” as well. They are open to each other, so loving, so completely accepting of all that the other being is, and so fluid with their own being that they can blend and take in all this energy, and be willing to be transformed with each contact, enriched.This being is blending with you; delighted at all the new experiences you are bringing. This being is sharing with you the richness that this being has absorbed. Open to receive it now, for as you do, so will you gain new creativity, new ideas that will unfold at the perfect time.This being would like to take you to meet a great master of this dimension. You are approaching now. You can feel the light. This master is going to blend with you, sharing with you an enormous amount of light, of love, and receiving from you all of your experiences. The being who sponsored you is still with you. Begin now to blend with the master.The master is going to allow you to look out through his or her eyes, and feel what it is like to be a master in this dimension, blending with thousands at one time. Love is radiating from your being, and playfulness as well, for there is such joy in the blending. It is a very loving, joyful world. So experience now what it is like as a master to blend with many at once. How much love can you take in? How much richness and sharing? Feel the pure delight, the joy and the play that is here. Life is all about blending, love, and sharing.Now you are going to say good bye to the master, thanking the master for assisting you.

Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman LuminEssence Productions • www.orindaben.com67Feeling the being who is sponsoring you, thanking this being for being present with you. Ask this being if there is anything else you can do to assist, to thank him or her for sponsoring you, and do it.Now begin to come back into the room, remembering all you have seen, sensed, and felt. Say good bye to the beings of this dimension, knowing that you can return here, learning more about love and blending. As you come fully back now into the room, open your eyes, coming into this reality fully now, wide awake, stretching and fully aware of who you are.Program 11 DaBen and Orin Forgiveness Journey Welcome. Good. As you begin to experience these energies now, shift your posture to enhance your ability to experience. Good, and as your awareness of these subtle energies increases, let yourself expand the possible experiences. So that, it is as though you are having many experiences, many layers of experience at once as you expand your awareness now to include all of the frequencies of the Nu’a. You might begin with this rhythm. Nuuu eee yah. Nuuu yah. Nuuu eee yah. Nuuu yah. Nuuu eee yah. Nuuu yah.Just keep that rhythm now, alternating. Bring your awareness up to the Dinia. Din nin eee ah. Din nin eee ah. Din nin eee ah.Good. Following the waves out as far as you can now, being in your experience. Being your experience. Letting the wavelength lengthen, following the wave in all directions, front and back. Din nin eee ah. Din nin eee ah.Good. And bring your awareness now to the Leow. Notice the balls beginning to spin, faster and faster, about their own axis and about each other. Following it as long as you can, as it becomes more and more intricate, more and more involved, faster and faster. Leee ow. Leee ow. Good, and let the Mumin be transparent to all harmonious energies, all energies of oneness and compassion. Muuu min. Muuu min. Good, and bring your awareness to the Ranthia. Just noticing its rotation and rate. Just observing, experiencing now as you do. Ran thee ah. Ran thee ah.Good, and just follow that energy out now, being that energy. Enhance your own experience and follow and become the energy that Orin weaves for you on this journey. Orin: We are going to do a process of forgiveness; forgiveness of self and others. For the higher you go, the more it will assist you if you instantly forgive others, and release any of the energy you are holding that is their energy, so that you are free to go higher and higher. Again, feel your heart center, your Ranthia, opening even more. You are becoming the master. You might imagine that this great master is standing in front of you once again. Feel the light of this master, showing you how to make your heart center more beautiful, more flowing, sparkling, and radiant. You as the master are going to contact the soul of another person, reaching through time and space to connect with this other person—a person who right now will free you the most in forgiving. Let your soul locate this person and let an image of this person come into your mind.

DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course Part 2: Opening Your Heart Center (LB112E)68We would like you to find the light within this person, for you are looking at this person’s soul. Imagine that light growing brighter and brighter, until this person is a radiating light, and you can sense the beauty of this person’s light. You are now connecting with his or her soul and talking to this person telepathically. You say to this person, “I forgive you. I let go of anything I have held between us that is not love. I forgive myself.” Feel your energy growing more beautiful as you do this. You might say, “I release you to your higher path, and we are both free.” Release this person’s energy from your body, any place in your body you have been holding this person’s energy, release it now. Feel yourself growing lighter and freer. Say goodbye to this person now telepathically, letting his or her image fade, and letting the image of another person come into your awareness. Remember the master is assisting you, and you are the master as well. Let the image of a person come into your mind, one who would benefit you in forgiving. You may even be surprised at who comes into your mind. Remember you are both innocent. It is only an illusion that anyone can do anything wrong to you, for at the soul level, there is only love. You are seeing the truth that each person is perfect and beautiful. As you focus upon this second person, say to their soul, “I forgive you.” As you forgive this person, see the light within this person growing brighter and brighter. You are focusing upon his or her beauty. Feel that forgiveness freeing you.Forgive yourself right now. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Release any of this person’s energy you might have held in your body, filling up those places with light. See the other person forgiving you. Love is flowing freely from your heart to this person’s heart, feeling that release of forgiveness, that light of love.When you are ready, let the image of this person dissolve in the light. Now perhaps you would like to imagine a member of your family—your mother or your father. Bring the image of this person into your mind, as if you are standing in front of him or her. And say to this person, “I forgive you. I send you love, I acknowledge your light.” Feel your soul make contact with this person’s soul. “I see the truth that there is only love at this level.” Forgive yourself right now. Imagine the other person forgiving you as well, acknowledging your light. Feel the love flow more freely now between both of your hearts. Notice that your breathing is easier and freer. You are putting down any burdens you might have carried, forgiving yourself, loving yourself. Send that pure light of love to the other person. Release anywhere in your body you might have held his or her energy. Release any energy that is not love between you, and fill it with light. Now let the image of this person dissolve. We would like you to think of a past relationship, one in which the energy might be clearer. Let your soul show you a past relationship, perhaps an intimate one, that would be appropriate for you to release right now in the light of forgiveness and love even more, to clear even more the energy between the two of you. Say to this person, “I forgive you. I release anything that is not love between us. I send you my unconditional love soul to soul.” Imagine that you can see a light within this person growing brighter and brighter. This person is so happy that you have forgiven him or her. This person is forgiving you, so grateful for the opportunity to clear the energy between you. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” this person is saying. “Whether at a personality level or not, I am aware of our contact at a soul level, and you are freeing me. You are freeing me to grow.”

Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman LuminEssence Productions • www.orindaben.com69Let go of any energy you have taken from this person that may still be in your body, filling it with light. When you are ready, let the image of this person dissolve. See how beautiful your heart is growing, how much love you have within you, how much courage you have, how able you are to release and let go, how willing you are to accept love and to send love, for you truly are a loving being. See how the light within you is growing brighter now that you have released and forgiven, for you know it is only an illusion that you can be wronged. When you look for perfection, for the goodness of each person, you will find it. Now imagine that you are going into the cells of all of your body, and you are speaking to the DNA. You are growing smaller and smaller. The DNA is very real. It contains the life-force energy that circulates through your body. Imagine that you can telepathically link with your DNA, a spiraling, beautiful code of life. Going into this cellular code of your body. Ask your DNA to manifest for you the next level of your evolution, your accelerated growth, and to release from your life code, any patterns that no longer fit who you are.Feel your DNA as if they were a life force entity, agreeing to work with you. Gradually and easily letting go of old patterns and thoughts, patterns that are of a lower energy frequency, and accepting new patterns, new light, and new thoughts. You are bringing light into your DNA, just the right amount of light, filtering it through all of your systems, allowing your DNA to work with you now to bring you to your next level of evolution.Let your DNA broadcast light to every cell. For as you fill yourself with love, you change your vibration. You make a higher, finer frequency available to every cell in your body, from the smallest atom, all the way up. The cells and the atoms are alive in your body, and they too are working for their evolution, moving from simple to more complex forms. Send love now to your cells and your atoms. You are loving them unconditionally, sending them light. Feel your DNA becoming lighter and lighter, broadcasting a new pattern to every cell. The cells are taking on their next level of evolution, beginning to change. Broadcast that light to all the organs and muscles in your body. That light from within, permeating your skin, beginning to shine through your physical body into your emotional body, your inner light growing brighter and brighter. All the veils are lifting. The light is transforming your mind. You can say to yourself, “I now release anything that is not love in my life. And I accept love, unlimited love into my life. My vibration grows higher and higher as my heart opens. I accept love. I am love. I give and I receive love.” Feel your heart opening to receive and hold more love than you have ever known. Let your Ranthia expand now. The master is showing you the pattern of the expanded heart. You are generating a beautiful field of love all around you. You are cleansing and healing every cell in your body, until you are beginning to dissolve in the light, in the love of your heart, until that love is like a pink flame, or a mist all around you. Transformed, you send out pure love. Everyone around you is touched by your love, and love is life. You are nurturing and loving to everyone around you. Now, remembering that love, you may stay in this space if you would like and continue to work with releasing and forgiving others.Or, if you would like you may come back now, gently and easily, opening your eyes. Feeling comfortable, soft, gentle, and relaxed. Coming back fully now, stretching your body, feeling wonderful, and enjoying your day filled with love.

DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course Part 2: Opening Your Heart Center (LB112E)70Program 12 DaBen and Orin Temple of the Masters Welcome. Good, and as you relax now, finding your ability to sense these subtle energies, notice the frequencies as they shift. For as we talk, we are shifting frequencies, adding frequencies for you to follow on. And learn how to set your own frequencies at any time you choose. And so follow this rhythm now, use it to explore and to enhance your own sense of these wonderful spaces.Nuuu eee yah. Nuuu eee yah. Nuuu eee ah.Din nin eee ah. Din nin eee ah. Din nin eee ah. (longer release)Leee ow. Leee ow.Good. And letting the Mumin be transparent to all lifting energies, lifting and harmonizing energies. Muuu min. Muuu min.Good, and bringing your awareness to the Ranthia, just observing. Observing how the rate maintains constancy; always supportive. Ran thee ah. Ran thee ah.Good. Just floating on that energy now. Floating. Adjusting the Nu’a cone. Holding the Ranthia in your awareness and adjusting the Nu’a cone, changing its angle. Nuuu yah. Floating. Ran thee ah. Good. Letting yourself expand now, being more and more layers of that floating sensation. Good. And follow on Orin’s tapestry as he weaves for you an energy journey. Good. Orin: Surround yourself with light right now, calling light to you, for we are going to journey to the Temple of the Masters. As you surround yourself with light, you are in a bubble of light; and all the higher frequencies can reach you, and any of the lower frequencies cannot. You are being lifted upward now, into that high, fine vibration of the Temple of the Masters, until you are traveling to the Temple of the Masters.You arrive at the temple. You can feel the beauty, the sounds of harmony, the love and peace here. You know that this place is like home, your true home, the home where you exist as your Higher Self, where you exist in the higher energy realms. A master comes out to greet you; the master that has been working with you on your world service and your life’s work. This master greets you and invites you in, where you come into a courtyard. In this courtyard, you are going to be joined by many high beings. You are sitting in the center of a circle, and many high beings are coming to assist you right now, to hold light around you while you open to see more of your life purpose. The master will guide you in this in just a moment. But just imagine you can feel the courtyard filling up with many high beings who are there just to honor you and to assist you.Feel the love of these beings for you. You count. Your path is important. These beings are here to acknowledge you, to recognize you; to empower your work in getting out to the world. For you are a healer, and a teacher, and a leader. You have much to offer the world.Imagine now that this master is standing in front of you. This master is lifting the veils so that you may see more clearly what you are here to do. You may know it now, or the information may come into your mind at just the right time, in just the right way. The Master asks you, “Are you ready for more world service? Are you ready to carry out your life purpose in a greater way?” Go into your heart, and when you are ready, say, “Yes, I am ready.”

Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman LuminEssence Productions • www.orindaben.com71All of the beings present and the master are sending you energy right now, powerful energy. Energy to awaken you to your greater vision of who you are, to help you remember more what you came to do. Receive that powerful transmission right now.Layer after layer of unknowingness dropping away. These beings are here just for you. Open your mind and receive an inner message. Ask if there is any information about your life purpose, about what you can do right now to carry it out. Open now to receive that message. The master and the beings who are present would like to assist you in seeing yourself as a healer and teacher. They are going to send you mental images to enhance the images that you have, to show you what you might be, who you are. Receive some of those images. Picture yourself teaching and healing in a broader way, in whatever form you choose. Acknowledge to yourself that you indeed are a teacher and a healer. You add life-force energy to everyone around you. You care. You are sensitive. Acknowledge who you are now, and picture yourself opening and embracing the image of yourself as a teacher, a healer, a leader. Bring that sense into your body. How does it feel to acknowledge this greater level of power in your body? The master is with you. You will only take on as much as you can easily handle in helping other people, in carrying out your work.How does it feel emotionally? The master is going to show you how to sound your note. Take a few deep breaths in, and as you breathe in, bringing your breath all the way down to your abdomen, imagine that you can hear a note, a feeling, a sense, a frequency, that is your soul’s note, your own special combination of frequencies and energies. Now imagine that note growing stronger. You may or may not sense that note. All you need do is imagine it.Imagine that it is growing stronger, beginning to vibrate your entire body. It is growing stronger and stronger as if you are a tuning fork, setting that note, sending that note outward and outward, into the universe. You are sending out light with your note. All of the beings present are sending you light so that that light may go out with your note. Your energy is going outward, beginning to send your radiance outward; the radiance and light you are gaining as you work with your light body.Send it out into the universe. Call to you now your students, anyone you might help. For this is what the masters do in their inner work. They work with the souls of those who are calling for help. Feel that stability, that light, that love that is you going out into a larger and larger area. Call to you all those you can teach and help who are aligned with what you are teaching, who are aligned with who you are. These are people who can shift and who can use the light you are sending out. Feel that light growing stronger. Your note reaching out even more. Call to yourself greater world service.Asking now. Ask if you would like more world service, ask again. Say, “I am open, I am ready.”Now all of the beings are sending you light to assist you in opening your channel upward. Imagine that your guide is now coming forward, a guide who has worked with you before. You may or may not know this guide. What does your guide look like? Use your imagination if you would like. Your guide may appear as shimmering light, or take on a recognizable human form. Feel the love your guide has for you.

DaBen and Orin’s Awakening Your Light Body Course Part 2: Opening Your Heart Center (LB112E)7Your guide who is with you as you journey into these higher realms, whether you are aware of him or her or not, your guide has been with you in your journeys upward, is your best friend, loves you unconditionally, and always has your higher good as his or her goal. Greet your guide. Your guide would like to transmit energy to you right now to awaken your ability to know and channel your Higher Self or your guide, whatever is appropriate. If you already channel, this transmission will be to make the channel clearer or stronger, or whatever you would like. All you need do is fully receive your guide’s transmission. Let your guide transmit now to you energy to open and strengthen your channel upward.Feel your guide aligning and balancing your energy, helping you bring perfect harmony in your vibrational energy bodies, allowing that greater spiritual shimmer to shine through, allowing greater light to come into your open channel. So that you are a channel of light, so that you are a radiant being. Feel your channel growing open and strong, your channel to the higher dimensions and to your guide, to your Higher Self, and to the masters. It is as if your mind is like a flower that is opening up. The sun is above your head and light is all around you. Light is pouring down from the higher realms, lifting you upward. You are building your channel upward now into the higher dimensions so that your mind receives the messages and impressions of your Higher Self. From moment to moment the guidance and the light of the higher dimensions is registered in your brain, received, and acknowledged by your mind, then acted upon by your personality.Your guide and the master are holding a focus of light all around you. You are drinking in light as your channel is opening. You are becoming the master, becoming wiser and wiser. You are filling with light, opening your seventh chakra at the top of your head, feeling this center open. You realize that the outer world of form is the illusion and that the inner world is where true reality is created. As you you become a master, you focus inward and upward. You receive your inspiration from above, from the higher levels of your being. You use these higher levels of wisdom to transform your personality. Let light flow evenly and freely from above, down into your body, into your emotions, into your mind, calming your emotions. Put light into every cell. Feel your guide with you, loving you, and celebrating with you this opening of your channel. Ask your guide if he or she has a message for you right now. You may feel as if you are making it up. It may be a sense or an impression, or simply an energy transmission. Open to receive that right now. All right, thank your guide. Know that each time you come to this place your channel will

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