David Risley - Blog Masters Club Training Program

David Risley – Blog Masters Club Training Program
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David Risley – Blog Masters Club Training Program

David Risley - Blog Masters Club Training Program

David Risley – Blog Masters Club Training Program

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David Risley – Blog Masters Club

The whole course is packed with 16 modules of in-depth stuff.

The ‘Dude’, as I’ve recently been calling him, over delivers EVERYTIME.

The course is a complete brain dump of how he’s currently making a 6-figure income from his blogs. (PCMech and Davidrisley.com)

You’ll be getting well over 30 hours of high quality training videos.

In fact, I have studied his videos so much, I think I may have picked up some of his American lingo

In addition to the 16 modules, the club consists of an active forum and wealth of basic and useful [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] information.

[Module 1] ProBlogger Orientation
[Module 2] Selecting The Right Market
[Module 3] Setting Up And Optimizing Your Blog
[Module 4] Becoming a Master (Creating Compelling Content)
[Module 5] Strategy – Becoming the Guru
[Module 6] Pure Getting Tactics
[Module 7] Search Engine for Bloggers
[Module 8] Making Videos For the Web – How To
[Module 9] Top Blog Monetization Strategies Explained
[Module 10] Creating Your Product Line and Sales Funnel
[Module 11] Building Your List, From Zero to Thousands
[Module 12] Creating a Membership Site
[Module 13] Persuasion Tactics Every ProBlogger Should Know
[Module 14] Creating Your Storyline
[Module 15] Using The Power of Your [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Empire To Build Massive Profits
[Module 16] Creating Powerful (and profitable) business relationships
[Bonus Module] Automation and Outsourcing

Teaching Style

Majority of the materials are delivered on video, although, David
also takes into account different learning styles. So, expect to find:

– Audio MP3′s

– Transcripts

– Action guides check-list

– One to one coaching calls.

Course Prerequisite

Be prepared to put in some hardwork, as David would put it ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’

In a nushell, you need the following:

To be self-motivated
Enjoy writing
Enjoy interacting with people

Who is David Risley?

David Risley is Problogger who earns a full-time income online, and has been in this business for the past 6 years.

I really can’t really pinpoint how I bumped into this fella, but he has been a great discovery.

He’s a cool, easy going, down to earth guy whose work ethic is admirable.

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