Ecom Incubator from Audrey Kerwood

Ecom Incubator from Audrey Kerwood
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Ecom Incubator from Audrey Kerwood


Ecom Incubator from Audrey Kerwood

Ecom Incubator from Audrey Kerwood

You. A Market Leading eCommerce Store Owner…An expert in your niche… You profitably attract waves of loyal customers who adore your store and buy from you over and over… …even while you’re off the clock enjoying your freedom

Get a brand new store up and running profitably from scratch – even if you have ZERO experience with ecommerce or setting up online shopping carts…

Transform an underperforming online store into a register-ringing profit maker – I’ll show you exactly how to identify any problems… and how to fix ‘em FAST…

Open a 2nd or 3rd online store and begin building your ecommerce portfolio – Generate more profits… create more leverage… experience more FREEDOM!

Dear Motivated Online Entrepreneur,

I have a little secret I need to share with you…

Despite all the gloom and doom in the news these days, my eCommerce business is BOOMING.

But talking about it always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable because I hear from so many folks that tell me they’re having a hard time getting their online stores off the ground… especially in this wobbly economy…

And that makes me SO frustrated… because I’ve been running profitable ecommerce sites for nearly a decade – which is sort of like a LIFETIME in Internet years…

Having been at this so long, I’ve perfected an ecommerce success formula that I use for all my online stores – a formula that works reliably, consistently, and profitably – time and time again for me… and for thousands of online store owners just like you that I’ve taught how to do it for themselves…

My formula has worked so well… for so long… for so many… it just really bugs me to know that you may be struggling and not getting the results you want with your online stores!

Audrey Kerwood’s proven eCommerce Success Formula that ANYONE can use to multiply their online store profits… starting RIGHT NOW!

eCom Incubator™

eCom Incubator™ eCommerce Home Study Course

eCom Incubator Week 1 Training

* eCom Incubator™ Orientation – Some not-so-common sense talk about the business of ecommerce and why this course will be so different from anything else you’ve ever bought or tried before…
* The eCommerce Tortoise vs. The Hare – The surprising reason why most new online merchants fail… and why you will side-step those mistakes completely…
* Exactly what you need to sell online – and what you DON’T need to waste your time or money on. Get the market research tools & resources that work best for eCommerce sites…
* Considerations before diving into a market – it’s not just about crunching numbers! I reveal the ideal criterion I look for when I consider creating a new online store in any market…

eCom Incubator Week 2 Training

* Finding and vetting vendors – What to look for in a vendor and the specific questions you must ALWAYS ask before doing business with a new vendor…
* Where to find Wholesale & Drop-Ship vendors – How to avoid getting ripped off by unscrupulous “middlemen” posing as legitimate drop-shippers and wholesalers…
* Vendor Checklist – This dead-simple 8-Point Vendor Checklist ensures that you’re choosing a good vendor or supply partner…
* How to set up a legal business entity fast and easy – You cannot obtain wholesale goods without one… Here’s how to take care of your legal work without breaking a sweat (or the bank!)

eCom Incubator Week 3 Training

* Product & Market Testing – How to turn eBay, cheap advertising, blogs & social media into your own personal market research laboratory leaves nothing to chance…
* eCommerce Platforms – What you absolutely MUST HAVE in your eCommerce store platform and what you can easily live without!

BONUS: The complete breakdown of my 4 “Best Of Class” Online Shopping Carts… who they are, what makes ‘em great and what’s MISSING (this one will save you TON of time!)
* Stock store templates – Are they good enough to use and where to go to get high-performance, custom “skins” for your online stores.
* Beginner’s Conversion – Quick, simple little tweaks you can make to your store to make it easier for visitors to use and BUY from… including the proven product display formula the huge “Big Box Retailers” rely on each week to sell millions in merchandise…

eCom Incubator Week 4 Training

* Building your store – Simple tips and ideas for getting your store up and going faster including my exact system for creating a new site from scratch… Just do what *I* do – it works!
* Winning the Price War – How to price your products to sell within your marketplace and why you should NEVER participate in foolish price wars with clueless competitors….
* eCommerce SEO. How to effortlessly use your _______ ______ to get better rankings and more eyeballs on your offers…
* Slaying the “Copywriting Monster” – Anyone can conquer their fear of copywriting with this eye-opening section. Swipe ideas and phrases that will kick-start your creativity!

eCom Incubator Week 5 Training

* Advanced Conversion Strategies – The battle tactics I use day in and day out to fine-tune my stores for maximum sales power…
and the best part is some of these tweaks are SO SIMPLE!

BONUS: Conversion Checklist – 11 Golden Rules to follow to make sure your online store converts sales like a champ…
* Optimized eCommerce Flow: Create easy to follow pathways that lead your customers through your store to checkout… and through the buying process smoothly…
* Differentiation – Making yourself stand out in your marketplace and how to set yourself apart in a crowded market…
* The Power of Product Images – Discover how easy it is to improve your product images to boost sales and generate traffic to product pages, as well as the rest of your online store.

eCom Incubator Week 6 Training

* eCommerce & AdWords – Get on the fast track with paid advertising using Google AdWords – the largest and most powerful Pay-Per-Click advertising program on the web…
* Rapid Roll-out. You don’t need to wait until your store is completely built before you begin your marketing and SEO.
Use this straightforward approach and get to market faster…
* Outsourcing. How and what to outsource is key to not getting overwhelmed by your business. Let me show you the simple path to getting the help you need at ridiculously low cost…

eCom Incubator Week 7 Training

* Your First Sale & Beyond – How to make sure you are “All Systems Go” once customers begin buying from your ecommerce site…
* Product Delivery tips and tricks – what you need to deliver to your customers each and every time you get an order.
* “When Returns Go Wrong” – Here’s what to do when you inevitably deal with issues like damaged items, returns, chargebacks, etc.
* After The Sale – The most overlooked part of the sales cycle that can make you… or COST you… a fortune!

eCom Incubator Week 8 Training

* eCommerce blogging and newsletters – Staying in touch with your customers means REPEAT SALES… and it’s easy as heck to do!
* How to get your blog going on your site – Turbo-charge your online store with the power of a FREE WordPress blog…
* Blog Creativity Boosters – Pick and choose from a bunch of clever blogging ideas you can use to promote your store and keep your readers reading…
* Effective eCommerce newsletter design – Follow this blueprint for a professional, engaging newsletter that makes money every time you send it out!

eCom Incubator Week 9 Training

* Loss leaders. The surprising facts about breaking even or even LOSING a little money on items for promotional purposes…
* Using eBay to drive traffic – Get the inside scoop on how to drive tons of targeted traffic into your online store using eBay…
* Running sales and on-site promotions. The weird reason why visitors will spend MORE with you… in order to get a discount.
* Leveraging Shopping Networks – Discover which ones give you the best results: Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Nextag, etc.

eCom Incubator Week 10 Training

* Getting your affiliate program going – You’ll know exactly what to do and what to offer to recruit super affiliates and learn the best methods for promoting your affiliate program.
* Back-end business automation – Get the low-down on powerful pro-level business automation tools like InfusionSoft, Stone Edge, etc. Learn how to automate and why it will help your business….
* Affiliate Marketing as Deep Market Research – I break down examples of affiliate sites I’ve built in order to investigate building out my own ecommerce site in the market…
* More on Diversification – A re-examination of diversifying your ecommerce business and preparing to seize new opportunities…

eCom Incubator Week 11 Training

* eCommerce and Social Networking – Learn the basics for putting Twitter, Facebook, etc. to work and making money with “Web 2.0″.
* Being part of a community – It won’t happen if all you do is pitch your products… I show you how to engage and build your social audience naturally and in ways that are FUN!
* Competing with yourself – A strategy that is so simple, yet so powerful, it will amaze you that so few people are doing it… It’s like fertilizing your online stores and watching them grow!
* Time Management (AKA – “Get a Life”) – Here’s my “secret recipe” for leading the kind of lifestyle I want… while still getting all the things done that need doing daily… You CAN do BOTH!

eCom Incubator Week 12 Training

“Branding Yourself Two Stores Ahead” with Ben Mack

Course co-creator and legendary branding expert Ben Mack delivers a powerful Brand Strategy session the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced!

* What Branding IS and IS NOT – Get Ben’s fascinating take on what a brand really is… versus what many mistakenly think it is…
* What Audrey’s Customers See… – Ben reveals the inner dynamics of the customer’s point of view – this one is an EYE-OPENER!
* Making Your Customer The Hero Of Your Story – Climb inside the mind of your customers and help them see themselves in a way that makes them want to buy from you…
* Branding As A Strategy Cycle – Ben gives you a short, yet revealing questionnaire which leads you directly to your own winning brand strategy…

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and services online. This includes a variety of methods and platforms for communicating with customers, such as website, email, social media, and online advertising.

Learn more about internet marketing, its role and importance in business, and how to use it to your benefit.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing refers to the strategies used to market products and services online and through other digital means. These can include a variety of online platforms, tools, and content delivery systems, such as:

Website content and design
Email marketing
Social media
Online ads
Sponsorships and paid promotions
While internet marketing’s apparent purpose is to sell goods and services, or advertising over the internet, it’s not the only reason a business will do it.

A company may be marketing online to communicate a message about itself (building its brand) or to conduct research. Online marketing can also be an effective way to identify a target market, discover a marketing segment’s wants and needs, build long-term relationships with customers, or establish authority and expertise within an industry.

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