Erotic Hypnosis by Nikki Fatale

Erotic Hypnosis by Nikki Fatale
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Erotic Hypnosis by Nikki Fatale

Erotic Hypnosis by Nikki Fatale

Erotic Hypnosis by Nikki Fatale

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Erotic Images
If you enjoy viewing erotic images, you will want to add this session to your collection of erotic hypnosis. Nikki’s voice will lead you on a very pleasant journey to a place where she will help train your mind to see these images in 3-dimensions of great detail, with more vivid colors, shadows, and textures. With repeated listening, you will find that erotic images almost take on a life of their own as they lift from the page or computer screen and you find yourself wanting to reach out to touch them. This session is a very nice compliment to the Erotic Dreams session because once your perception has been altered by Nikki’s erotic training, your dream images will also become more vivid and graphic as well. This session will be enjoyable for both women and men, and is not D/s related.


Full_N_BisexualAdventure(for women)
NOTE: This session uses a candle induction so please make sure the candle is positioned in a very safe place away from any fire hazard.

Imagine for me now, a dream where you are drawn to a cabin in the woods, and as you enter you are intoxicated by a sexual musky scent and mesmerized by soft erotic music with a hypnotic beat.

Feel how the sensual combination heightens your arousal and your inhibitions completely melt away as your eyes adjust to the candle light. Now you can see the vision of two beautiful, seductive women in a sensual embrace with their hands exploring each other’s bodies. It is clear that these women are experienced in the erotic pleasures that only female lovers can provide for you, and they are so happy that you have come to visit. They welcome you into their world where you are eagerly seduced as they introduce you to the pleasures reserved for bisexual lovers.

This session helps to generate accept ace of the natural desires for women to have female lovers, and will create a strong desire to develop healthy bisexual relationships. (Intended for women who wish to explore their bisexual desires – very graphic- men may also find this entertaining from a voyeuristic standpoint)

The Contest
Imagine that you have entered a contest… not just ANY contest, but one where the prize is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Hypno-Witch Shiri. Obviously, lots of people are going to enter and the chances that you will win will be small, but isn’t it worth taking a chance? You can begin to imagine what it would be like to visit her, in her house. What kinds of things happen there? What kind of things would happen to you?? Shiri is offering this chance to meet her, to spend time with her – you have no choice but to enter and take your chances with the outcome. All who enter are winners and will be awarded the intense erotic, hypnotic pleasures that can only be provided by the amazing teamwork of Shiri and Nikki. Some D/s content; very graphic erotic content.

Erotic Crystal
This is a perfect session for either men or women who want help in the training of their subconscious to go quickly and deeply into euphoric hypnotic trance. What could be more irresistible than a sexy woman seducing you with her voice, and using a beautiful crystal pendant to mesmerize you? Nikki uses her abilities to help you condition your mind to focus and let go in order to enjoy more intense and enjoyable hypnotic experiences. You will come to crave the wonderful feeling of relaxing to Nikki’s seductive voice… and submitting to hypnosis with Nikki. Training with this session will prepare you to have more profound experiences with any other hypnosis sessions that you might listen to. D/s and graphic erotic content.

Powerful Erections (Nikki)
Subliminal suggestions include longer, harder erections, easier for you to have better erections, being comfortable with your ability to have erections whenever you desire.

Erotic Dreams
Many of us would love to have very graphic, vivid erotic dreams where we can experience our sexual desires in a safe, secret setting, but we can’t make that happen often enough for our liking. Also, many of us share the frustration of not recalling details of our erotic dreams – the seductive words, the sexy images and sounds, all becoming lost in a misty fog upon awakening from sleep. This session will help you in both of these areas as your mind learns to treat you to sexy erotic dreams on a regular basis, and to have improved recall when you wake. The content of the dreams is up to your subconscious mind, because only you know what you find to be erotic and exciting. Consider experiencing this session in combination with “3D vision” because you will find that they complement each other very nicely.  This session will benefit both women and men who want to experience and recall erotic dreams. It is not D/s related, although D/s can certainly be incorporated into your dreams. Trigger “how did you sleep last night?”

Erotic Journey Into Submission Double Pack

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY in this gift pack you will get a copy of my remake of this session and the origional version for only $5 additional.  The new version is updated sound quality and there is NO TOUCHING ALLOWED.  (The first version encourages masturbation during the session.)  This session takes you VERY DEEP while creating erotic energy that will stay with you until the final release.  Whenever that may be

Created to allow a male to gradually begin to understand his true submissive nature and hidden desires.  I will personally guide you along the path to accepting your submissive nature, and embracing your fantasies.   You will find D/s and graphic erotic content in this file but it is NOT an extream fetish file.  It is about sweet surrender to a Dominant woman – ME.  I will not “claim” you in this session but I will allow you to get a taste of what it may be like for you to truly surrender.

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