FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course from David Young

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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course from David Young

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course from David Young

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course from David Young

Archive :  FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course from David Young

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course

Pass the FAA’s Commercial Drone Exam on Your First Try. Guaranteed or Your Money Back. (We’ll ALSO Give You $150 to Retake.)

What People Are Saying…

“Having had no prior airmen training, I went into the test the first time only reviewing the study material that the FAA provided. I thought to myself, “I’m a good test taker, I scored high on my SAT. How hard could this be?” Needless to say I was in for a rude awakening, and promptly failed the test.

Frustrated, I went home and began to study the same material, the same way again. I was the very definition of insanity. My father suggested that I enroll in a course and said that I did not need one. But finally age and wisdom won out, and I enrolled in Drone Launch Academy.

So, I signed up and per my personality (impulsive and determined), competed the entire course in 1 day. When I say the entire course, I mean the entire course; videos, documents, quizzes, tests and all! I went from a 58% on my first part 107 test, to an average of 90% or better on all the quizzes and test provided by DLA!

But, I am a sceptic at heart. I decided to find other practice tests online and see if I could pass them…and I did with an average of 86%!

This morning, I took the part 107 again feeling prepared and confident because of the material covered in this course. I want to say thank you because I passed with an 87%! Thank you so much for providing and excellent training at an affordable price.”

Billy Mulligan
29 Second Video

“Drone Launch Academy helped me go from no prior knowledge about FAA regulations for UAS operations to passing the Part 107 UAS certification exam on my very first attempt!

I enjoyed the content of the course, which provided guided videos, easy-to-understand text, and plenty of practice questions that utilized actual materials from the FAA exam itself. I felt confident after completing the course that I would be able to pass the exam.

The convenience and format of the course was exactly what I was looking for in training and test prep material! Thank you for creating this wonderful resource!”

Kristen Suarez
Keller Williams

“Thanks Drone Launch Academy for helping me pass the certification exam. I just returned from the testing center and it was a breeze! Great content and well taught! For anyone thinking about whether or not you need this training – YOU DO! I never would have been able to pass this without you guys.

Thanks again!

Drone on!”

Mark LaBelle
DroneShotz, LLC

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
  •  PreviewStart Here! (6:00)
  •  StartFAA Charts Download
  •  PreviewIntroduction and Background (1:40)
  •  PreviewPart 107 Eligibility and Requirements (1:47)
  •  PreviewDrone Registration and Remote Pilot in Command (1:50)
  •  PreviewHazardous Operations (0:53)
  •  PreviewRegulatory Deviation and Accident Reporting (2:07)
  •  StartOperating Limitations (4:28)
  •  StartVisual Line of Sight (2:35)
  •  StartAirspace Restrictions and Requirements (1:41)
  •  StartPreflight Requirements (1:20)
  •  StartWaivers and Compliance (1:53)
Radio Communications
  •  StartCommunication Procedures
  •  StartUNICOM and ATIS
  •  StartPhonetic Alphabet and Aircraft Call Signs
  •  StartRadio Phraseology
  •  StartIntroduction to the National Airspace
  •  StartUnderstanding Above Ground Level (AGL) vs. Mean Sea Level (MSL) (2:48)
  •  StartClass A Airspace
  •  StartClass B Airspace
  •  StartClass C Airspace
  •  StartClass D Airspace
  •  StartClass E Airspace

    Class G Airspace

  •  StartSpecial Use Airspace
Reading Sectional Charts
  •  StartIntro and Legend (3:53)
  •  StartLatitude and Longitude (9:04)
  •  StartVFR Checkpoints
  •  StartVictor Airways
  •  StartClass D and E Airspace, Obstructions, MOAs, Airport Elevations (4:17)
  •  StartClass C Airspace and Military Training Routes (5:17)
  •  StartClass B Airspace (4:39)
  •  StartMagnetic Variation (0:50)
Effects of Weather
  •  StartIntroduction to Weather (1:53)
  •  StartAir Masses and Fronts (2:31)
  •  StartAtmospheric Stability (2:17)
  •  StartTemperature Inversions (2:18)
  •  StartTemperature and Dew Point (3:47)
  •  StartClouds and Icing (3:49)
  •  StartThunderstorms (3:44)
  •  StartDensity Altitude (2:57)
  •  StartAtmospheric Pressure (2:39)
  •  StartWind (1:32)
  •  StartLow-Level Windshear and Microbursts (2:40)
Sources of Weather Information
  •  StartInternet Sources of Weather (1:21)
  •  StartMETARs (7:18)
  •  StartTerminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) (6:52)
  •  StartMETAR and TAF Glossary
  •  StartConvective SIGMETs (1:31)
Loading and Performance
  •  StartIntroduction and The Four Forces (1:09)
  •  StartLift (1:09)
  •  StartStalls (2:21)
  •  StartCenter of Gravity and Stability (3:18)
  •  StartWeight and Loading (1:25)
  •  StartBank Angle Effect on Load Factor (3:09)
Airport Operations

Course Content

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