Focused EMDR Course from Laurel Parnells Attachment

Focused EMDR Course from Laurel Parnells Attachment
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Focused EMDR Course from Laurel Parnells Attachment

Focused EMDR Course from Laurel Parnells Attachment

Focused EMDR Course from Laurel Parnells Attachment

Help your clients move beyond the tyranny of their traumatic histories

Dr. Laurel Parnell, world-renowned leader and innovator in the field of Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), offers us a way to embrace two often separate worlds of knowing: the science of early attachment relationships and the practice of healing within an EMDR framework.

In this masterfully presented intensive online course, Dr. Parnell combines attachment theory (one of the most dynamic theoretical areas in psychotherapy today) with EMDR to teach you a groundbreaking way to heal your clients struggling with relational trauma and attachment deficits.

Your clients no longer have to be overwhelmed by the uncontrollable intensity of past trauma…


For many traumatized clients, attachment repair is a critically important component of successful treatment. Over the last two decades, Attachment-Focused EMDR has emerged as one of the most powerful clinical tools available to effectively and efficiently help trauma therapists improve their therapeutic outcomes.

Through 7 powerful sessions, Dr. Parnell will teach you how to modify traditional EMDR protocols to use with your most difficult and challenging clients.

Centered around videos of actual client sessions conducted by Dr. Parnell, you’ll be able to see, not just hear, how to apply Attachment-Focused EMDR to your trauma treatment approach.


Dr. Laurel Parnell will guide you step-by-step through 7 intensive sessions:


Session 1: The 5 Basic Principles of Attachment-Focused EMDRSession 1 lays the groundwork for Attachment-Focused EMDR and details what is needed from you, the EMDR therapist, to repair your client’s attachment wounds.

Session 2: Tapping in ResourcesIn this session, Dr. Parnell outlines the steps to effectively install the 4 most important resources a client must have to process their traumatic memories. You’ll watch Dr. Parnell uses these steps in an in-session video demonstration with a client.

Session 3: Utilizing Love Resources and Other Attachment Repair ResourcesBuilding on your new resource installation skills and understanding of the four most important attachment repair resources, session 3 covers alternative resources that clients may develop, including creating new parents, utilizing love resources and the right way to use the therapist as a resource.

Session 4: Preparing Clients for EMDRWith resources installed, you and your client are ready to begin EMDR treatment. In this session, you’ll explore the three phases of Attachment-Focused EMDR treatment: assessment and preparation; processing and integration; and creativity, spirituality and integration. You’ll also get valuable techniques to help prepare your clients for treatment.

Session 5: The Modified ProtocolHow does an EMDR therapist manage challenging clinical situations? This session gets into strategies and steps to modify the standard EMDR protocol. Through demonstration videos and discussion, you’ll learn the 5 benefits of the modified EMDR protocol and explore how and why you should adapt the standard EMDR protocol for clients with attachment wounds.

Session 6: Successful Target DevelopmentIn this session, you’ll master techniques to get through the most challenging parts of EMDR therapy. You’ll get 4 ways to integrate an Attachment-Focus into the desensitization, installation, closure and re-evaluation phases of EMDR, plus you’ll gain valuable strategies to successfully use the bridging technique.


Session 7: Helping Clients with Processing Difficulties and Using Interweaves

Processing difficulties can quickly derail an EMDR session if you aren’t prepared for them. In this session, Dr. Parnell teaches you techniques to help your ‘stuck’ client work through their processing difficulties by:

  • Working with abreactions
  • Helping clients who dissociate during EMDR
  • Working with numbness, sleepiness and memory changing

Through in-session video demonstrations and discussion, Dr. Parnell will teach interweave strategies and show you the right way to close an EMDR session so your clients can fully process their memories and leave the session at peace.

Attachment-focused EMDR for an Eating DisorderIn this in-session video, Dr. Parnell demonstrates how to use Attachment-Focused EMDR with a client struggling with binge eating. You’ll watch the client transform before your eyes as Dr. Parnell guides her through installing a positive cognition during their EMDR session.

Attachment-focused EMDR to Heal a Relationship TraumaTriggered by a recent situation that activated a strong emotional response, the client in this in-session video describes how he had been emotionally harmed by the actions of a previous therapist. Watch and learn the Attachment-Focused EMDR techniques Dr. Parnell uses to help the client feel grounded and at peace.

Attachment-focused EMDR for the Repair of Early Childhood Separation and LossDuring this in-session video, Dr. Parnell demonstrates how to use Attachment-Focused EMDR with trauma from early childhood separation and loss. Overwhelmed by anxiety, trouble sleeping and irritability related to a future move, the client presents distressed and tearful as she describes her fears and concerns about leaving her friends and family to move to a new city.

Attachment-Focused EMDR for Early Child Sexual Abuse by a StrangerDuring this session, Dr. Parnell works with a client with a history of sexual assaults and childhood physical abuse. The client reports symptoms of dissociation and present-day triggers that are troubling to her. This session demonstrates the use of resources and the modified EMDR protocol that allow the client to feel safe enough to enter and process her traumatic memories.

Attachment-focused EMDR for Panic and AnxietyDuring this session, Dr. Parnell works with a woman struggling with a life-limiting and debilitating phobia. Upon seeing or hearing young mothers with small children in distress, the client becomes so overwhelmed with anxiety and panic that she attempts to intervene or flee from the situation. Watch as Dr. Parnell uses Attachment-Focused EMDR to help the client feel grounded and at peace.

EMDR for PTSD from a Natural DisasterIn this in-session video, you’ll watch Dr. Parnell use the three-part protocol to bring the client to a single-session breakthrough where he feels solid, relaxed and confident that he can manage future events. Watch as Dr. Parnell uses bilateral stimulation to help the client:

  • Process the pain and memories associated with past trauma
  • Identify and process the present stress
  • Imagine a future scenario of security and serenity

EMDR for a Sleep Issue Related to Medical TraumaFor the client in this demonstration video, the trauma associated with a medical procedure keeps her from being able to sleep well and wake rested. By integrating bilateral stimulation into therapy, Dr. Parnell guides the client through processing her memories and emotional triggers. As the session progresses, the client begins to view her bed as a safe and welcoming space, and is no longer afraid of falling asleep.

EMDR for Panic and Anxiety in an Overwhelmed Single MotherIn this session, the client, a single mother of four children, presents with a terror that her children will get sick. This case is complicated, multifaceted and contains multiple contributors linked to her stress and anxiety. You’ll watch as Dr. Parnell successfully uses EMDR to provide same day relief and a significant diminishment of her anxiety by the end of the session.

EMDR for Fear of Public SpeakingIn this session, the client’s severe anticipatory anxiety is causing sleepless nights and preventing her from advancing her career. Watch as Dr. Parnell uses EMDR to address the client reach her goal of being a more confident presenter.


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