Gary Provost - Video Novel Workshop

Gary Provost – Video Novel Workshop
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Gary Provost – Video Novel Workshop

Gary Provost - Video Novel Workshop

Gary Provost – Video Novel Workshop

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Mystery to mainstream … romance to crime … YA (young adult) to memoir-no matter what the genre of your novel or book of narrative nonfiction, Gary Provost’s VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP will provide you with the knowledge and tools you simply must acquire if you’re going to write what publishers want to publish.

If you’re writing at a level just below what publishers are looking for, or if rejection is threatening your confidence, whether you’re a beginner or an already published author, don’t despair. Thanks to the incomparable Gary Provost and this breakthrough, comprehensive video workshop, you can affordably learn what you need to know. You can learn it right now, rather than through trial-and-error over a much, much, much longer period of time.

With the VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP you’ll experience your book immediately begin to take shape as you put to work the extraordinarily valuable information Gary provides. In a clear, easy-to-follow style, he takes you step by entertaining step through 23 units, teaching you how to craft, perfect and then sell your novel or narrative nonfiction book.

The unique video format allows you to go at your own pace, review whenever necessary in the privacy of your own home, and learn, learn, learn through hands-on assignments that help you bring your novel to successful completion.

Topics Covered:

While Gary simplifies the complex with ease, humor, and lasting effect, here’s what you will learn:

* Hooks
* Ideas
* Genres
* 10 Plot Elements
* Writing in Scenes
* Goals
* Structure: the 7 Building Blocks
* Story Systems
* Conflict
* Theme
* Subplotting
* Tension and Subtext
* Characterization
* Viewpoint
* Pace: Transitions
* Stimulus, Response
* Dialogue
* Description
* Re-writing
* 14-Step Process
* Marketing
* Agents
* Contracts
* Inspiration

“If you ever thought about writing a novel, or ever wrote one and hid it in a drawer, or ever submitted one and had it rejected, or ever published one and wondered if you could do it again, this program is for you. In a style that is concise, lucid, and studded with vivid examples, Gary Provost makes sense of a seemingly incomprehensible process and teaches you the craft-and it is a craft-of writing fiction.”

– William Martin, Best-selling historical author


“Until his death in 1995, Gary Provost was one of the most beloved writing instructors in the United States. He taught tens of thousands of writers through his seminars, books, articles and videos.”
–Writer’s Digest.

The late Gary Provost (1944-1995) – one of America’s leading writing-for-publication instructors and author of 24 books in genres that include how-to instruction for writers (of course!); novels for mystery, romance and young adult readers; biography; true crime; sports how-to; and business. He doctored manuscripts, worked as a ghostwriter, and along the way published thousands of articles for magazines and newspapers–including columns, humorous pieces and celebrity profiles.

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