Get Stuff Done Like a Boss presented by Tiago Forte

Get Stuff Done Like a Boss presented by Tiago Forte
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Get Stuff Done Like a Boss presented by Tiago Forte

Get Stuff Done Like a Boss presented by Tiago Forte

Get Stuff Done Like a Boss presented by Tiago Forte

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Productivity is one of the most fundamental forces in your life – every 2% increase frees up a whole extra week per year.

In this online class, I will show you how to set up and use digital productivity tools to manage all the incoming information in your life, and give you the habits and routines you need to use them together in a systematic, sustainable way.

With such an automatic system in place, you’ll experience reduced stress and information overload, more clarity in prioritization and decision making, and ultimately better performancein the work you do.

I’ve conducted this workshop for over 25,000 participants, including online at (15,000 enrollments, 97% approval rating) and in person at leading companies around the world. I’m now bringing my classes to a new platform to provide a better experience, offer new forms of support, and expand the class lineup.


To equip students with a personalized workflow based on digital tools. This project is a great way to put a larger, more organized structure around your stack of tasks. By creating this workflow, you will not only do your work with greater efficiency, you’ll also have a sustainable practice.


  • Systematically capturing and clarifying commitments and responsibilities at all levels
  • Organizing important information across mobile, online, and physical tools
  • Habits and routines for reviewing and updating priorities, while maintaining long-term focus
  • Decision-making and execution in a demanding, rapidly changing workplace


  • Condensed overview of Getting Things Done (GTD)*, Workflow Design, and Systems Thinking principles
  • Interactive exercises and quizzes to understand key concepts
  • step-by-step walkthrough of setting up your own workflow – an integrated system of habits, routines, tools, and strategies to manage your responsibilities and priorities at all levels
  • Recommendations on the best productivity programs compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms
  • A list of highly curated resources for going deeper
  • FAQs and access to paid 1-on-1 coaching support via Clarity

*GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of The David Allen Company, and this course is not endorsed by or affiliated with them in any way


  • Reduced stress and reactivity from having an organized, trusted system for managing information
  • Improved prioritization and planning through methodical collection, sorting, and reviewing
  • Better balance between short-term tasks and long-term focus
  • Understanding of how to leverage psychological principles using systems and tools
  • concrete digital workflow that is ready to go on Day 1


This class can only be described in one word: revolutionary… I know that I am 100% not forgetting anything, because my task manager has it all captured for me. This course is worth the time commitment and learning curve. It changes everything.”

— Amanda Farough, Founder & Creative Director, violetminded Media

“I feel so much better now that my life is separated into projects and areas. This is probably the best investment of time and money I will do this year.”

— Tyler Muse, CEO & Founder, LingoLive

This class is pretty remarkable… [Tiago] breaks it down for you in very accessible chunks that you can accomplish and you can see how much work he has put into building a really useful class. This is not fluff. It’s actually useful…”

— Bruce Hartford, Senior Art Director, Bozell

This class changed the way I ordered my life. Now I have more time and energy because I am focused and I am not constantly spinning through the mental to do list in my head.”

— Kandy Christensen, Owner, Meandering Design

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