Hans Christian King - Modern Abundance

Hans Christian King – Modern Abundance
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Hans Christian King – Modern Abundance

Hans Christian King - Modern Abundance

Hans Christian King – Modern Abundance

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Item 1. Modern Abundance

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This item contains streaming video and downloadable MP3 audio files that are immediately available by logging into your personal Aware Show account.

This video class will guide you toward a new understanding of prosperity, as Hans teaches you that we each have a right to abundance. All that you need is already here waiting for you, even if the appearance seems otherwise.

This Product Contains:

Four 1-hour videos of live classes
Five separate MP3 Audio guided meditations

What You Will Learn:

Hans King will gently and compassionately guide you to abundance, over the multiple obstacles that have been keeping you back so far. These classes have been transformative for many people by:

Showing you the ways you sabotage the things you want to have in your life.
Recognizing the symptoms that tell you you’re off your path in life.
Practicing exercises that will make you available to receive abundance.
Discovering simple ways to connect to the power of Spirit to help Them provide prosperity – for your highest good.

“Wanted to tell you that for the first time I really experienced the energy of Spirit while meditating and doing the 3-door exercise. Felt lots of energy going into my body… yeah! Thanks for putting together these courses!”
~ Beatrice

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$1,367.00 $142.00

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