Harmony and Chord Progressions

Harmony and Chord Progressions
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Harmony and Chord Progressions

Harmony and Chord Progressions

Harmony and Chord Progressions

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  • Do you have problems coming up with good sounding chords and progressions?
  • Then this Step by Step guide is for you!
  • ✓ Write chords. Starting with basics of harmony & chord progressions, you’ll learn how to write awesome chord progressions for your own music.
  • ✓ Practical. This course is made for electronic music producers, offering many practial examples and writing sessions for different styles.
  • ✓ Detailed. It’s like being together in the studio. We are commenting and explaining every step in detail, so you can follow along.

What you are getting

  • ✓ A complete beginner friendly online course, learn how to write your own chord progressions✓ 50+ video tutorials✓ 6h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
  • ✓ PDF Slide Set with overviews and explanations

Who is it made for?

This course is designed for electronic music producers who want to write better chords & chord progressions. We are going to take the perspective of someone working inside a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – like Logic, Ableton Live, FL Studio.

The course is for beginners but its also suitable for advanced producers, since we go into great detail after our first “basics” block is covered.

  • This Online Course brings you up to speed in Music Theory.

What you will learn

Part 1: You are going to learn the basics of harmony and chord progressions.

  • Part 2: You will learn how to come up with great sounding harmonies and chord progressions and how to find voicings “that work” in your own compositions and make them sound more interesting.
  • Part 3: You will find practical writing sessions for different styles such as Deep House, Melodic Deep, Future Bass, EDM, Summer Vibes, Progressive House and Techno.
  • Along the way, we are going through many nice sound examples and sharing a lot of our specific composition knowledge and experience.

Free Previews: Take A Look Inside

I – Transposing

In chapter 10, we are taking a look at the basic concept of transposing. Check out this free preview to get a feeling for the vibe of this course.

II – What Makes A “Good” Chord Progression?

In chapter 23, we are taking a look at chord progressions that “simply work” and how we can make them sound even better.

III – Writing EDM Melody with the A-Minor Scale

In chapter 37, a practical session, we are writing a melody within the A-Minor scale – with the goal of making it work within an EDM track.

Salepage : Harmony and Chord Progressions

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