Jack Canfield – Train The Trainer Online 2018

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Jack Canfield – Train The Trainer Online 2018

Jack Canfield – Train The Trainer Online 2018

Jack Canfield – Train The Trainer Online 2018

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Jack Canfield’s Online Certification Program
Transform Your Career & Life While Helping Others Achieve Their Biggest Goals

Empower Others to Unlock Their Greatest Potential  With My Proven Transformational Training Methodology

Become a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and learn to master the proven success system that has helped millions of people create the life of their dreams.

Whether you desire to:

  • Deliver your own Success Principles-style workshops and trainings
  • Become more confident teaching, speaking or training audiences of any size
  • Elevate your game – personally and professionally by incorporating these concepts into your daily life
  • Train your managers or employees – and boost productivity and job satisfaction
  • Incorporate experiential exercises and holistic training methods to other programs you already teach
  • Start a new career as a professional trainer, speaker or coach

My Train the Trainer Online Certification Program will show you how to teach my proven curriculum and training methods and give you
everything you need to hold workshops, seminars, and live training
events that gets results.

Are you…

  • Feeling “stuck” in your career or life and can’t figure out a way to take it to the next level?
  • Looking to transform yourself into a higher level of being BEFORE you transform others?
  • A business owner or corporate manager struggling to inspire your team to reach their highest potential?
  • An experienced trainer, or simply looking to get started training others?
  • Secretly afraid you don’t have the best content and tools to be an effective trainer or coach?
  • A coach having trouble filling a room or getting clients?

I’ve spent the last 40 years teaching and training others and have experienced many challenges in the process. I’m here to help you become an experienced, confident teacher and trainer in whatever field you’re in.

Use My Success Principles to Create Game-Changing Personal and Professional Transformation for Anyone in Any Situation

In 2005, I wrote The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be (published in 108 countries in 30 languages) and introduced the world to the exact principles the world’s top achievers use to excel in business, finances, relationships, career and more.

Now, I’m taking The Success Principles to newfound heights, by training others in these human-potential fundamentals.

As a Train the Trainer Online participant, you’ll have the opportunity to advance the message of The Success Principles and become fully immersed – and trained in – my core Success Principles curriculum and powerful teaching methodologies.

Suddenly you’ll have the confidence to take on exciting opportunities that will move you forward in your career. You’ll be more focused, more centered, more connected to others, and experience more joy as you find yourself living an enlightened, success-oriented lifestyle filled with ease and grace.

In the process of learning to change other people’s lives with these 64 powerful Success Principles, be prepared to experience your own life-changing transformation!

Transform the Lives of Your
Students, Employees, Clients and MORE

This online training program will allow you to transform the lives of your students, employees, clients – groups of any type or size, in any training setting imaginable – using my proven, step-by-step, experiential teaching process.

Not only will this powerful program fulfill your desire to help others deal with any challenge and get more from their lives – you’ll create amazing positive changes in your own life, career, and income levels as well.

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to my complete library of transformational teaching materials so you can watch and review them at your own pace, anytime, anywhere – and implement them in your work with others starting today if you want!

And I’ll be there every step of the way.

Perfect for Teaching, Training, Speaking or Consulting in Any Field

If you lead, teach or manage people in any capacity, introducing personal-development training to your work will help them become successful on the job, in their careers, and at home. These principles are applicable to:

  • Corporate clients
  • Seniors and their caregivers
  • Business support and logistics
  • Grief counseling
  • Teens and young adults
  • Service-based entrepreneurs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Women
  • Health coaching
  • Alternative healthcare providers
  • Families with children
  • Career Coaching

Now It’s Your Turn…

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll in Train the Trainer Online

Whether your audience is in the hundreds or thousands, in small group settings or even one-on-one — you’ll have all the techniques, training, tools, resources and ability to transform lives like never before.

Success Principles Core Content Modules

I will personally instruct you on how to use my core Success Principles and powerful experiential exercises to help others overcome blocks and create real change in their lives – faster than you thought possible.

  • You’ll be guided step by step on exactly how to teach the core body of my work. The lessons are all self paced and focus on how to teach my Success Principles in live, experiential, interactive trainings. This will get you more than prepared to confidently and successfully begin using this content live and in person
  • You’ll see how to facilitate my experiential exercises, and how to guide your clients or audience through massive life-changing breakthroughs. I’ll show you how to teach, train, and coach others to new levels of emotional freedom, happiness, and success, by using the tools I give you
  • You’ll see how to integrate these principles into any other training curriculum you’re already teaching. So if you have an existing coaching practice, want to start a new coaching or training business, or want to become a better corporate manager or trainer – you’ll discover how to weave this material into literally any field or niche
  • You’ll discover how to incorporate my Success Principles and habits into your own life for stunning advancement in every goal you may have. It doesn’t matter if it’s your career, finances, health, relationships, well-being, or anything else – you can use these principles to experience rapid and profound transformation in yourself, from the inside out
  • Customized Success Plans to help you stay on track, complete the program, and become Certified based on a timeline of your choosing. Each Success Path gives you a detailed week-by-week schedule and additional resources to manage your time so virtually guaranteed to successfully finish the program.
  • Plus much, much more!

Sign up today as my newest Canfield Certified Trainer so you can instantly access the video modules— and begin mastering these concepts by putting them to work immediately in your personal and professional life.

You’ll Also Get Comprehensive Written Training Modules, Worksheets and Handouts

You’ll receive organized, easy-to-follow instructions detailing how to facilitate each one of my exercises, principles and processes in any training setting.

These resources include student handouts, scripts to follow, engaging stories, plus tons of other reference materials to use in any live training or speaking engagement.

So if someone calls you TODAY and tells you they want you to hold a session, workshop or presentation TOMORROW, you’ll be armed and ready to pull the trigger. You’ll never have to scramble to prepare a presentation, or say NO to an offer again!

Detailed Blueprints for Successful Hour-long, Half-day, and Full-day Trainings

Successfully conducting your first several trainings is the key to long-term success. Because the more you can effectively help and transform others, the more credibility you’ll get. And the more credibility you get, the more people will want to hire you or book you for their next event – allowing you to develop a full-time business with a lifetime of eager clients!

Start off your training or speaking career the right way by using my powerful training outlines for different workshop formats – including all the core Success Principles content modules, stories, activities, and exercises I personally use to conduct my signature 60-minute keynote, half-day, and full-day workshops.

Fully Customizable Slide Decks You Can Start Using Today

It’s easy to get started with the PowerPoint templates I’ll provide you.

Each slide deck can be fully customized for use in your own workshops and presentations—with your own images and branding. You’ll receive complete turnkey presentations for a 60-minute keynote, half-day workshops and full-day trainings – which you can customize or use right out of the box to deliver a successful workshop, speech or message.

Formats include both Powerpoint (for PC) and Keynote (for Mac).

Additional “Canfield Methodology” Tools to Enhance Your Presentations and Transform Your Audience Members

Learn how to guide and manage your audience’s energy like a pro.

You’ll get the list of processes you need to incorporate my holistic “whole body” training methodology into your own trainings, so you can rapidly change lives with powerful confidence-building activities, bonding exercises, transformation techniques, guided meditations, energizer moments, games, and so much more.

Access to Our Private Worldwide Training Community and Support System

Join other Train The Trainer graduates worldwide to collaborate, share ideas, compare audience impact, and leverage joint-training opportunities in the online training community for certified trainers only.

This is a powerful opportunity to connect and learn from fellow students, trainers and alumni in a robust and active online community.

Become a Certified Success Principles Trainer

Once you’ve successfully completed my online certification program, you’ll become a Canfield Certified Trainer in The Success Principles, and enjoy these professional benefits:

  • Coach, speak, train, or consult in any market, anywhere in the world
  • A personalized certificate and official seal for use in your marketing materials and website, landing you instant credibility, authority, and exposure by leveraging the Canfield name and methodology
  • Featured listing in the Canfield Trainer Directory to give more exposure to you and your business, and to help you land more clients and gigs faster and easier
  • Elevated status when attending my hosted events and workshops
  • Done-for-you coaching curriculum plus an arsenal of proven exercises, processes, and concepts to use to transform others from the inside out
  • Higher levels of admiration and love from others as they genuinely open their hearts to you throughout the transformational experience
  • Instant boosts to your career, status, and income, or simply get everything you need to launch a new career from scratch
  • Higher levels of self-confidence in yourself and in your ability to effect lasting, life-changing results to anyone you come in contact with
  • Access to me as your “online coach,” anywhere, 24/7, through my robust online curriculum and training modules
  • Upgrades to your training with special offers and opportunities exclusive to my online students
  • Lifetime Access to the private community and online course— including future training modules—as your program will never expire, so each time we update something, you’ll be the first to know
  • And TONS more!

BONUS: I’m Also Including 11 Resources
(Totaling Over $1200 in Value) To Take Your Transformational Training To The Next Level

A comprehensive marketing module on 7 Steps to Becoming a Successful Speaker, Coach or Trainer so you can turn yourself into a cash-producing training machine and build your empire from the ground up

A LIVE kick-off and Q&A session with me in our private Facebook group, to connect with others in the community and get your most pressing questions answered immediately

NEW: Customized Success Plans to help you stay on track, complete the program, and become Certified based on a timeline of your choosing. Each Success Path gives you a detailed week-by-week schedule and additional resources to manage your time so virtually guaranteed to successfully finish the program.

How to Find Your Niche as a Trainer PDF guide from marketing expert Janet Switzer, which will help you create a rock-solid brand for yourself, reach your ideal target market, and so much more

A copy of one of my actual speaking contracts PLUS a done-for-you template to save you from all the headache and confusion from trying to figure this out yourself. You can even take this plug-and-play worksheet to be begin booking speaking engagements the next day after completing the certification training

Janet Switzer’s 52 Revenue Streams for Trainers PDF to help you immediately tap into all the ways you can monetize your content and explore which of these proven methods work best for you

The Success Principles 30-Day Journey Audio Course will give you a clear, step-by-step blueprint that will help you change your life in a big way in just one month. This program will teach you my 30 most powerful success principles on how to achieve any goal – and create a joyful, abundant, meaning-filled life.

Aladdin Factor: How to ask for and get everything you want which addresses this perplexing yet universal condition – What is it that keeps us from asking for what we want? This audio guide will expose these roadblocks, and teach you solid, proven techniques for blasting through them to reach rewards that lie beyond.

Maximum Confidence Audio Course gives you a practical, 10-step process for maximum personal growth and goal achievement. Jack Canfield’s best seller, Maximum Confidence is the ideal first step for anyone starting to build self-esteem in one’s self or in others.

Self Esteem in the Classroom Curriculum PDF based on the fundamental notion that the two core aspects of positive self-esteem are the belief and the experience that one is loveable and capable. The activities contained in the curriculum are all designed to bring about these two objectives.

A personalized announcement on my social media channels acknowledging when you join the program AND when you are certified – to give you the support, encouragement, and exposure you need to guarantee your success!


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