Jerry Banfield with EDUfyre - 10 Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course Online

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Jerry Banfield with EDUfyre – 10 Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course Online


Jerry Banfield with EDUfyre – 10 Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course Online

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10 Step Startup: The Complete Entrepreneurship Course Online

You will not believe what you are capable of as an entrepreneur online after you complete the 10 steps in this course!

Building a successful business online is challenging and you can use this course to make it a little easier for you today! After reading every book I could find on entrepreneurship, I still needed to make my own system for growing a business online complete with both motivational and practical steps. I built this course to provide a concrete system you can use specifically to be successful as an entrepreneur online based on what works for me every day.

A year after building this course, I am still practicing all 10 steps as explained in the course and shown below. Where most books on entrepreneurship I read gave general guidelines, this course gives you clear objectives you can aim at to accomplish during your journey as an entrepreneur online. What most people before you have loved is the combination of both motivational steps and practical steps.

Here are the 10 steps I share in this course with you during 8+ hours of HD video lectures.

<ol “=”><li “=”>Begin and sustain a vision of what you want to work for that is bigger than you.<li “=”>Create, update, and build impressive social media accounts.<li “=”>Buy a custom domain name, find a WordPress theme you love, and maintain a professional looking website.<li “=”>Define the basics for your business system.<li “=”>Be a part of conversations about the products or services you offer.<li “=”>Cultivate positive relationships without assuming you know which is most valuable.<li “=”>Test and improve your business system with an emphasis on steady, consistent growth.<li “=”>Use Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and online ads to invest in your future.<li “=”>Accept the repeated failures you will suffer and aim for even bigger successes.<li “=”>Love what you do and continue to make plans to grow!<hr “=”>

Discover your deep inner power through 3 motivational steps that build a strong foundation for successful entrepreneurship online! Use the 7 practical steps and the skills you already have to focus your entrepreneurial energy on building trust, relationships, and revenue online.

<p “=”>Enjoy an honest course that shares both my successes and failures with you including how I have made over $595,000 as an entrepreneur online, built a company valued at over $3 million dollars, and how I borrowed over $123,000 since I became an entrepreneur online to fund the growth of my business.<p “=”>Act on your feelings of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH to enroll in this course now!<ul “=”><li “=”>Get lifetime access to the 10 steps that given me success online!<li “=”>100% satisfaction guarantee backed with a 30 day money back guarantee!<hr “=”>

Got My Butt MOTIVATED” a student review by Darren Waters.

“I didn’t realize that I was just running in circles a lot before, not just online but when it came to any business opportunity. I believe Jerry’s drive to help others is wonderful, and the fact that he shares his story is what really helps me to connect with him, because I feel that I have had a similar story, but without the success he has experienced yet. I feel more determined than ever and am finally taking action. I am setting up my own website now (easier than I thought it would be) and investing in advertising, even if only a little to start. There were questions that I had, but after I looked through the other comments people made I feel that my questions have been answered (such as CPC cost issues) There was a lot to take in from this course but Jerry clearly has the heart of a teacher, so when I am ready to take the next step and start communicating with my first clients, I know Jerry will be here for not just me but all the other students of his course as well. A lot of people talk and never do things. I used to be one of those people. Not anymore. Thank you so much Jerry!”

<hr “=”>

Thank you Darren for leaving this incredibly kind review on my course which clearly communicates exactly what I hope you can gain from this course!

<hr “=”>

Thank you for learning more about my course and I hope what I share with you when you are enrolled in the course will prove helpful! The steps in this course are founded on loving yourself, discovering your passion, and empowering your growth. You get both inspirational and practical information by following these ten steps every day. Inspiration comes from discovering what your definition of a meaningful life is. For me, a meaningful life means a life of purpose working for you, for humanity, and for the God of my understanding. Your definition might be different from mine and empowers you to be successful as an entrepreneur online. Step one, step nine, and step ten are all inspirational.

Step one focuses on discovering what will motivate you to work through the remaining steps. Step nine focuses on surviving the repeated failures you must endure to be successful. Step ten focuses on embracing the love you have for what you do and brings you full circle to step one.

The middle seven steps are all practical because they discuss the details of what you should do to build a powerful presence online. Step two explains the value of beginning with your social media profiles. Step three explains why having a custom domain name and your own website is critical for focusing everything you do. Step five explains the value of participating in conversations related to what you do.

When you practice all of the steps each day, you will maximize your chances for success online. I appreciate the chance to share these steps with you and hope to share more with you again soon!

<ol “=”><li “=”>Why does it seem so easy to make a ton of money as an entrepreneur online until you start trying to actually do it?<li “=”>How can you find your personal path to success starting right now?<li “=”>What activities are worth spending your time on and what should you avoid doing?

I appreciate the chance to share these steps with you and hope to share more with you again soon!

<ul “=”><li “=”>100% of this course is from my experience using the 10 steps I work every day to deliver true value and earn money online! I AM GRATEFUL for the chance to serve you by sharing how I do this for your benefit!<li “=”>In 2011, I started my business without these steps in place. By 2012, I had lost my savings plus found $25,000+ in credit card debt. In 2013, I built these steps out desperation based on working for a higher power and serving others online. By the end of 2013, PayPal showed $121,448.16 in sales activity received through my company website. In 2014, I sold my company website, changed my business model to focus on passive income, and exceeded my 2013 income.<li “=”>You get everything you need in this course to build a program of action to get you from $0/month to $10,000/month online including 6+ hours of screen capture HD video. You can do ANYTHING I have done and anything you want to do using this course which has both PRACTICAL and INSPIRATIONAL lectures!

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Jerry Banfield with EDUfyre

Jerry Banfield with EDUfyre

In 2005 while I was in college at the University of South Carolina, I tried to start working online. I signed up for an MLM program and a survey website. A month later, I had refunds from both and figured working online was not possible because everything was a scam. The truth was I was afraid to fail again.

In 2011, I moved in with my wife and launched an online business focusing on video game addiction in an attempt to avoid dealing with any of my other problems. In a few months, I changed my business to selling shirts because I realized there was no money in video game addiction. A year after starting my business, I dropped out of my criminology PHD program at the University of South Florida to run my business full time which by then had changed to helping clients with Facebook and Google ads based on my experience failing to do them successfully for myself.

In 2013, I starting sharing everything I knew for free on YouTube because I hoped it would help me get more clients. By April 2014, I was nearly bankrupt after failing at 15+ different business models. I was also nearly dead from trying to drink the pain away and fortunately the fear of death motivated me to get into recovery. Being in recovery motivated me to focus more on being of true service to others and less on what I would get out of it. I started making courses online with Udemy which soon turned into my first real business. I partnered with as many talented instructors as I could and learned from top instructors how to get my courses the most sales.

In 2015, I tried making some inspirational videos sharing what I learned in recovery and got an amazing response on YouTube. To make the background on my videos more interesting, I started making the inspirational videos while playing video games. To make a more helpful website, I hired a freelancer to convert the videos into blog posts including this about page originally.

Course Curriculum

A vision for you: step one and course introduction.
  •  PreviewWhat you get out of this course and why you might love it! (7:45)
  •  PreviewWhat can you do today that will matter at the end of your life? (6:06)
  •  Start25 books that helped me as an entrepreneur online!
  •  StartQuestions? See how to get the most value out of this course and get more help!
Create impressive social media accounts.
  •  PreviewWhere to get started on social media? Where is the biggest opportunity? (8:34)
  •  PreviewTrust starts with great social media profiles (7:28)
  •  StartSetting up your Facebook marketing for success! (19:50)
  •  StartCreating your Facebook page (3:43)
  •  StartBuilding free Twitter followers (19:57)
  •  StartCopromote: using your Facebook and Twitter audience to expand your following (19:59)
  •  StartOverview of my successful YouTube channel and starting on YouTube (10:17)
  •  StartYouTube setup and growth questions and answers (12:54)
  •  StartYouTube Secrets of Success (14:46)
  •  StartLinkedIn Profile Headline and Use in Search Optimization part 1 (10:13)
  •  StartLinkedIn Profile Summary Optimization Part 2 (19:59)
Maintain an awesome website.
  •  StartMake a personal website with your name as the URL to begin. (5:29)

    What system do I use to build and maintain my website? (14:15)

  •  StartWhat Google, Facebook, YouTube, and bitcoin do right that you can too. (10:34)
Build your business system.
  •  StartBusiness system basics and getting started (8:21)
  •  StartHow to start and improve your business system online (4:59)
  •  StartUsing Patreon to monetize your videos, blog posts, and podcasts (18:43)
Start and join relevant conversations online.
  •  StartWhere to start looking for conversations (8:36)
  •  StartHow to join relevant conversations on Facebook plus do you need Facebook? (5:49)
Invest in positive mutually beneficial relationships.
  •  StartThe power of positive mutually beneficial relationships (8:34)
  •  StartHonesty and gratitude are the foundations for positive relationships. (6:39)
Aim for steady and consistent business growth.
  •  StartSlow and steady beats rapid growth (15:09)
  •  StartHow will doing daily work make you more productive? (8:47)
  •  StartThe power of focus in your productivity and business approach (15:10)
  •  StartThe power of focus in your productivity part 2 (13:05)
Use online advertising to invest in your future.
  •  StartOverview of the big 3: Google, Facebook, and YouTube (8:19)
  •  StartFacebook ads manager introduction (2:41)
  •  StartHow to create Facebook ads (4:50)
  •  StartHow to get high Facebook page engagement with ads (6:23)

    Ranking a YouTube video with Google AdWords minutes watched (5:48)

Accept the repeated failures you will suffer and aim for even bigger success!
  •  StartEntrepreneurship Startup Failure: 7 Painful Mistakes I Made and Grew From. (10:49)
  •  StartWith accepting failure comes the need to overcome pain and frustration. (10:06)

    The financial challenges of being an entrepreneur online. (9:35)

Love What You Do: step ten and course summary.
  •  StartThe power of gratitude = love for what you have and do (8:32)
  •  StartLoving what you do leads to reinvestment in what you are doing! (6:03)
  •  StartHow to find your passion in life and make it profitable (7:10)
  •  StartI hope my story of getting started is inspiring and useful for you. (17:19)
  •  StartCourse summary: what return do you get?
  •  StartWhat are the 10 steps shared in this course for online entrepreneurship?
Bonus Materials: My Story, More About the 10 Steps, and Retired Lectures!
  •  StartThe 10 steps I live in this course

    Twitter: How to build and get past the 2000 follower limit

  •  Start7 Painful Failures I Suffered as an Entrepreneur Online Text Version
  • StartFacebook vs YouTube: which is better for growth?
  •  StartSecrets to overcoming pain and frustration today
  •  StartHow to get your course completion certificate and add to LinkedIn profile!
  •  StartBonus Lecture: 25 books that helped me as an entrepreneur online!

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Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services).
[need quotation to verify] Simply put, it is “any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.
It does not mean it is a company, a corporation, partnership, or have any such formal organization, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors.”

Having a business name does not separate the business entity from the owner, which means that the owner of the business is responsible and liable for debts incurred by the business.
If the business acquires debts, the creditors can go after the owner’s personal possessions.
A business structure does not allow for corporate tax rates. The proprietor is personally taxed on all income from the business.

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