John Alanis DeluxeBundle (2016)

John Alanis DeluxeBundle (2016)
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John Alanis DeluxeBundle (2016)

John Alanis DeluxeBundle (2016)

John Alanis DeluxeBundle (2016)

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John Alanis – Secrets of Natural Attraction Download | Secrets of Natural Attraction: How to Get Desirable Women To Chase You
“Secrets of Natural Attraction: How to Get Desirable Women To Chase You” system aims to teach men on how to naturally attract every women. It also shows you how to get women to approach you first for a date regardless of your looks, age, race, or income.

John Alanis Secrets of Personal Authority
“Secrets of Personal Authority: How to Get Other People-Especially Sexy Women-to Want to Do What You Want Them to Do”

Dear Friend.

Do you know why most men fail miserably with women. even those who diligently study and understand the process of attraction?

It’s because they fail to master the ONE crucial part of the attraction process, the “attraction linchpin” that holds everything together. Remove this linchpin, and the whole process fails, no matter how strong the other parts are.

No matter how much you know about creating attraction with women, no matter how much you read, study and take action, you will fail if this one critical part of the “attraction formula” is missing.

John Alanis – Female Attraction Signals and Body Language
Secrets to Reading Female “Attraction Signals”: How to Know for Sure She’s Attracted to You. Have you ever been frustrated by trying to “read” a woman, to find out if she’s interested or if she “likes you?” The truth of the matter is this: women do give off subtle “attraction signals,” (which to them are blatantly obvious) and if you know what to look for, you’ll know exactly when she’s giving you the “green light.” This neat little report reveals (in great detail) exactly what to look for, as well as the remarkable strategy of creating these signals for her. Hey, recognizing “attraction signals” is great, but what if you could create them, at will? Well, you can, and in this Free Report I’ll show you exactly how to do this. You’ll never be frustrated by wondering “does she like me?” again!

About Author:

John Alanis has created a variety of different dating and seduction products that can help you get women to approach you. Is he for real? You are going to have to read some of his articles and make that decision for yourself..

John Alanis knows women. “In some circles,” he writes on his completely insane website, “I’m known as the The King of Let ’em Come to You.” Well guess what, John? Now we’re comin’ to you. Buckle up!

How do I even begin to explain the wonder that is John Alanis? Perhaps it’s best to start with his life story, which he lays out in great detail on his site, using yellow highlighted passages AND bolded lettering to make sure that you get the picture. Young John Alanis was, as these stories often begin, a geek as a youth, terribly overlooked by the beautiful ones. Like so many before him, he could not understand why the popular girls dated the asshole jocks instead of the “nice” guys. As is standard in these tales, John Alanis then went through a physical transformation after high school and was able to score the very same hot girls who passed him by as a youth. But as soon as he was nice to them, they bolted! Because women love jerks, that’s why.

Anyway, the story goes on for about 900 more paragraphs, with anecdotes about a girlfriend named Sin who “loved to Sin!” and a trip to see “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” thrown in for good measure, until we get to the point: all of the heartache and rejection that John Alanis has suffered has made him an expert on relationships, and he wants to help you score the lady of your dreams.

Alanis claims his system is built around the concept of “biological attractiveness.” His site reads like a Dog Whisperer for women, which is fitting, as he tends to portray women as easily manipulated, trainable creatures that will fall at your feet as soon as you unlock the secrets of making a woman feel “it,” which Alanis describes as “the one, almost indescribable feeling, that beautiful, desirable women spend their lives looking for in a man, yet rarely experience.” The whole thing reeks of a scam, with the site broken down into separate pieces that don’t really link up, and hyperbolic statements on Alanis’ behalf like “WARNING: When you use these secrets, you have to be careful not to attract too many women at once, or your life can quickly become a “living hell!” I made that mistake once, and I’ll never do it again. you must be careful to use these secrets in moderation, and not abuse them.” Riiiiight.

Salepage : John Alanis DeluxeBundle (2016)

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