John Reese - Money Mindset & Creating Internet Wealth 2.0

John Reese – Money Mindset & Creating Internet Wealth 2.0
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John Reese – Money Mindset & Creating Internet Wealth 2.0

John Reese - Money Mindset & Creating Internet Wealth 2.0

John Reese – Money Mindset & Creating Internet Wealth 2.0

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How Much is Information Overload Costing Your Business?

Information overload made me ‘Mentally Paralyzed’ leaving me sitting in front of the computer for hours but not actually doing any real work.

It seemed like everyday I’d learn even more stuff and make less money!

For most people, the simple fact is, even if they knew every possible traffic-generating secret, affiliate marketing trick, conversion tactic, and someone even handed them every profitable infoproduct market…

Without 6 essential “Money Mindset Factors” 99.8% of them will sadly stay programmed for mediocrity.

I finally started experiencing breakthroughs as an entrepreneur once I started to adopt what I call “Money Mindset Factors.”

These are concepts and methods that not only helped me get passed the information overload, but helped me re-program my own mind to think about, plan, and move forward with making money in an entirely different way…

# Extreme Clarity About My Desires — figuring out exactly what I wanted in my life that I wanted my own business to provide for me.
# Maximum Focus On My Objectives — I had to remove a lot of negativity and other distractions that were robbing my focus.
# Apply Strategic Thinking – in order to successfully figure out what to do next I had to think strategically about my resources and what I had to work with.
# Take Effective Action – it wasn’t enough to just ‘take action’ and it came down to making the best moves.
# Reward My Progress – no matter how big or small, it became critical to use a rewards system to remind my brain that my life was changing as a result of my actions.
# Analyze Results & Proceed – regardless of the results (positive or negative) I had to learn to look at every result as an asset and figure out a systematic way to know what to do next.

John Reese – Creating Internet Wealth 2.0
REESE RULE # 1: Always do more than is expected of you.

*hire experts, found in specialized forums

*successfully marketed toy dinosaurs when he was young

REESE RULE # 2: If you don’t take chances you won’t receive
the biggest rewards.

*16 years old…photo

REESE RULE # 3: Being late to the game doesn’t necessarily
count you out.

*he applied for several credit cards at the same day

REESE RULE # 4: Never rely on somebody else’s data.

*$107,642.32 debt John Reese had before he was 23 years old

REESE RULE # 5: Every result is an asset.

*Ask why it did not work

*Entrepreneurs always buy hope —buying courses without taking action

REESE RULE # 6: The more action you take the more money you make.

*he had to take a job

*visualization…circling Porsches he would like to buy

*reads ENTREPRENEUR magazine

REESE RULE # 7: Never let anyone tell you “It can’t be done.”

*Brainwash yourself that you’ll be extremely wealthy.
If you die before that happens, there won’t be a difference.

*”The anticipation of death is worse than death itself.”

*law of attraction

REESE RULE # 8: The only way to change your reality is to face reality.

REESE RULE # 9: If you want to succeed on the Internet you
must structure your marketing to mimic the
nature of the Internet.

*The Internet is evolving.

REESE RULE # 10: Dedicate at least 80% of your time and resources
to your primary web site.

REESE RULE # 11: The stronger your content
the stronger your exposure.

*Great content makes you rich in the Internet.

*Emulate success.

*It takes 6 hours for John to write his emails in order to fine tune them.
*If it’s good, they’ll keep reading. If it sucks, they’ll stop.

REESE RULE # 12: On the Internet the rich get richer –
high exposure sites get more attention,
partners, links, and content syndication.

REESE RULE # 13: Observe. React. Improve.

*The gold is in the data that are freely available.

REESE RULE # 14: Sell what’s already selling.

*Almost every possible Internet business model has already been tried.

REESE RULE # 15: Start marketing that way ‘it’ is already
being successfully marketed.

*Buy from competitors and figure out their business model.

REESE RULE # 16: Don’t clone someone else’s business. Improve it.

*If an ebook is selling well, make a physical product version of it.

REESE RULE # 17: In every marketplace there are two sides…
play them both for maximum success.


*You might as well get paid, when visitors to your site
buy from your competitors.

*Monetize traffic.

REESE RULE # 18: Constantly monitor the activity in your market to find where the money and traffic is going.

REESE RULE # 19: Build a business not a moneymaker.

REESE RULE # 20: Leverage the networks and data of others for massive results.

REESE RULE # 21: Test the market before producing anything.

REESE RULE # 22: Eliminate decision making…spend Monday making decisions for the rest of the week…then just execute.

REESE RULE # 23: Sacrifice early profits to accelerate growth.

REESE RULE # 24: Test with the lowest price first.

REESE RULE # 25: You can’t sell to someone if they can’t see your marketing message.

REESE RULE # 26: Gradual improvement is the key to huge profits.

REESE RULE # 27: In order to improve your marketing you must frequently experience what your prospect experiences.

REESE RULE # 28: To improve each point of response you must ask your prospects to help you.

REESE RULE # 29: Pay attention to your data…Your data is the treasure map.

G * P(x) * SEO * C(x) * CS * EM * ME * VV * TM * VS * B(x)

G := lead generation

P(x) := [quality] partners

SEO := search engine optimization

C(x) := [quality] content

CS := content syndication

EM := email marketing

ME := marketing exposute

VV := visitor value

TM := traffic monetization

VS := viral systems

NLP online course

So what is NLP?
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology;
Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions.
In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!

NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself, and with others.
It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients.
NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but it is so much more than that.
It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results

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