Kalev Jaaguste & Sam Omidi - Secrets of the Ripped Man

Kalev Jaaguste & Sam Omidi – Secrets of the Ripped Man

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Kalev Jaaguste & Sam Omidi – Secrets of the Ripped Man

Kalev Jaaguste & Sam Omidi - Secrets of the Ripped Man

Kalev Jaaguste & Sam Omidi – Secrets of the Ripped Man

Turn 10lbs of fat into 10lbs of ATTENTION grabbing toned muscle. These are ALL the SECRETS of the ripped man revealed to finally give you the body that turns heads on the beach and has people wanting to know how you did it!
Inside Secrets of The Ripped Man eBook you will find out how to…
# Build motivation and feel pumped to get into the gym or go for a run.
# Lose that stubborn belly fat once and for all.
# Get noticed when you walk into a room.
# Boost your self esteem and feel confident at the gym.
# Excel in every sport by following our exercise variation principles.
# Become a hottie magnet!
# Find time to get into the gym especially when you think it is impossible to do so.
# Sleep better and have more energy throughout your day.
# Know when it’s best to do your cardio and when it’s best to do strength training.
# Eat the right foods to build muscle and lose fat.
When these techniques are put together you will see that muffin top body fat disappear and those muscles begin to really show through your shirt.# See clothes fit you better. This will be one of the most rewarding gifts you can ever give yourself. As you follow the strategies provided to you, you will see major changes in the way clothes hang on your body. It’s like someone gave you a whole new set of clothes!
# Eat more! Yes, in fact you will learn what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, and best of all you will never be hungry!
# Lose fat permanently. This is not a fad diet or a plan that you can only follow for a few months. This is a manual which will allow you enjoy what you eat, exercise smart and be rid of the fat you’ve always wanted to get rid of.
# Get incredible muscle tone. There is an entire chapter devoted to muscle tone because you can get big but if you’re not toned, it just doesn’t show all the effort you’ve put into training!
# Attract more attention. A more ripped physique will not only get you noticed sexually, but also in any business relationship you encounter. You will get more RESPECTSo what do you get in the Secrets of the Ripped Man eBook?Chapter 1: You agree that good skin makes your muscles look more attractive right? Well without a doubt it definitely is one of the biggest secrets in looking Ripped. In the first chapter we look at ways to get your skin looking so good you will have a definite boost in your attractiveness level. For the first time you’ll hear people commenting on the tone of your skin!

Chapter 2: To get Ripped you need to optimize your testosterone levels naturally. In this chapter you’ll be introduced to training techniques that increase your testosterone levels naturally and maximize the growth of your muscle. You’ll also get strategies on the most important part of making those muscles look sexy – the tone of your muscles. A special section is devoted to you guys who avoid high impact activity because pain gets in your way.

Chapter 3: Another part of being Rippedis having proper form when you train and also when you’re resting between your training sessions. This one chapter will make a drastic change in how much you get noticed when you walk into a room, and best of all, it will also allow you to maximize your results when training at the gym.

Chapter 4: This chapter is all about the most important part of getting Ripped – your diet. In fact, your diet is absolutely one of the most important factors in allowing you to produce muscle quickly and efficiently. We’ll discuss spacing your meals so that you’re eating almost every 2 hours, but also in this chapter we give you details of exactly what you should be eating to get Ripped. We have some very easy to follow advice so you don’t get confused like you do when you read all those magazines and muscle books.

Chapter 5: Many guys today are over-training and never getting the Ripped body they should be getting. We bring to light the importance of balance when it comes to your training. Besides, who the heck can be perfect all the time right? Find out how to balance your: diet, exercise and flexibility training to maximize your results and still enjoy your life by being the healthiest you’ve ever been!

Chapter 6: This is one of the most information-rich chapters on getting Ripped and you will learn all the different variation styles of training. Variation keeps you from getting bored or getting stuck in frustrating plateaus. You will even get insight into what celebrities like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds do to get so damn ripped. You’ll want to reference this chapter often so you never get bored with your workouts again!

Chapter 7: Time to really focus on getting RIPPED! You may be going to the gym and doing your own thing but never seeing the results you should be getting. Well this chapter will dramatically boost your results so you’re no longer that guy in the gym who is frustrated with his gains. You’ll learn what and how to measure to get you on the right track for getting Ripped, as well as how to pick the right plan for you. Even more impressive is that you will discover the best way to prevent injuries when working out. So many guys get injured in the gym because they don’t follow these simple steps.

Chapter 8: Traveling can throw a real wrench into your training schedule and cause a major set-back in you getting Ripped. But in this chapter you will learn ways to maintain your muscle growth no matter where you are! Find out how to make a solid plan that will keep Ripped and turn heads on the beach. Can you imagine how good this will feel?

Let’s take a look at the complete package:

Secrets of the Ripped Man eBook
BONUS 1: Jump Start Your metabolism
BONUS 2: Self Esteem Booster 101
BONUS 3: The Secrets to a Good Night’s Rest
BONUS 4: Your Food Score
BONUS 5: Muscle Foods You Should Be Eating
BONUS 6: Diet Log
BONUS 7: Hotel Room Workout Cheat Sheet
BONUS 8:Get Ripped! Stability Ball Video Package

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