Life Strategy Masterpiece from Jaret Grossman

Life Strategy Masterpiece from Jaret Grossman
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Life Strategy Masterpiece from Jaret Grossman

Life Strategy Masterpiece from Jaret Grossman

Life Strategy Masterpiece from Jaret Grossman

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“If you follow my speeches on iTunes and YouTube, you know that all I talk about is a life of progression in multiple arenas, not just fitness or finances. We are here to grow and thrive, not just survive. I feel it in my core/gut/intuition/heart (whatever you want to call it) that we are supposed to build our bodies up to be as strong and lean as they can be naturally, but more importantly we are supposed to grow our mind to be mentally tough to innovate and be happy in our internal state no matter the situation. My ideal is to help you and millions of people so you can become super soldiers through a concept of:
Strength of Body. Strength of Mind.

The quickest way to change your mind is to change your body first. I started out creating workout programs ( with incredible detail to make it easy to follow but to quickly change your body, mind, and spirit right away. Our biochemistry actually changes when we go through vigorous workouts. When we push past a certain threshold when struggling on a rep, the body, mind, and spirit aligns to become a stronger person instantly. That’s because your body has no idea that it is lifting barbells and dumbbells or what that weight is in terms of a numerical value. All it can recognize is that it is faced with a stimulus and stress. It communicates that stress as a form of survival. The only time you’d be placed under that much stress in a traditional sense is if you were hunting for food or being placed in danger where you had to escape from being hunted. When you are placed in an environment where it took struggle to survive, the brain and central nervous system work together to send hormonal responses and electrical signals that it needs to produce a physiological change because it never wants to be faced with so much danger again. It grows stronger in the periods of rest to supercompensate so it is better equipped to handle that stress in the future. Not only does it respond with bigger muscles, less body fat, improved VO2 max, increased stamina and endurance, but you also grow emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. You can do the research on your own about how athletes become smarter from their training if you don’t believe me. Your body is massively intelligent, and much more intelligent than your head brain. Your head is 1/10 to 1/20 the size of your body. Your body beats your heart, divides and grows your cells, grows your hair, heals your wounds, and forms a baby inside a woman without any thought required. 99% of your daily functions take place without any thought. When you work out, you grow that connection with your body, which is the same place that anxiety and fears exist – they are both a neuromuscular response that you feel in either your throat, chest, or stomach. Not only does exercise break up this tension, but being active is simply creating something called motion. A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays in rest. Active people tend to have much more energy for this simple reason. Motion creates something called emotion, and the greater that activity, the greater the emotional response. If you were to walk slowly you will feel an entirely different energy than if you walk really fast with your shoulders back, chest up, and head up. New Yorkers move very fast and it should be of no surprise to you why it is the capital of the world. when the body moves, the mind tells itself it has to catch up. An intense workout ramps up that emotional fitness. When you have emotion, you gain feelings. These feelings provide for greater purpose, which produces reasons for why you do what you do. Reasons are more important than action plans, because reasons will allow you to draw up new action plans regardless of the landscape. I know you understand what I am saying here since you went through MP45. You have greatness and deep meaning inside you that you have yet to articulate and unleash, but now that you have gotten into your body it slowly becomes more activated. We are slowly peeling that onion, layer by layer. I can guarantee you that you feel differently in terms of your mindset of what you are capable of from before you started MP45 to now. It’s a different self-concept of who you are and seeing visible results in your body, gives your brain a clear association that a vision, hard work, consistency, and a compelling future can change anything you want in your life including finances, relationships, emotional happiness, and a more fulfilling life. Like I said, I am trying to turn millions of people into super soldiers. I have a mindset of what I want to achieve on a very deep level because I have unleashed my purpose. I want to teach you how to unleash that purpose as well and how to move with deliberation and focus throughout every day to get everything you’ve ever wanted.

As you probably already know, I am an Expert Life Strategist for Millionaires and Athletes, or simply put, a life coach that is hired to produce a change right away. I offer a video series that downloads all this information to you in a way that makes you take practical application steps so you can improve your finances and happiness immediately called Life Strategy Masterpiece.

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