LL- Write Your Own Rock Songs

LL- Write Your Own Rock Songs

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LL- Write Your Own Rock Songs

LL- Write Your Own Rock Songs

LL- Write Your Own Rock Songs

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Decide on the themes of your song. Rock is edgy, angry, and anti-authoritarian.The most common themes in rock music are rebellion, liberation, sex, and drug use. Romantic love is also a huge theme in the genre. Use your own experiences as an inspiration. If you want your rock song to sound authentic, you’ll need to know how it feels to go through the things you’re writing about.


  • John Lennon’s song “Cold Turkey,” for example, is about his experience quitting heroin.
Come up with a title for your song. Listen for catchy phrases in real life, look for them in books, and watch out for them on TV shows and in movies. Write down anything that sticks out to you in a notebook or on your phone. These phrases can become the title of your song, and that title can be the foundation of your lyrics in the chorus and verses.

Think of a hook based on your title. Play around with your title ideas and various melodies to see if you can come up with anything particularly catchy. Once you do, that can serve as your hook, the part of the song that sticks in your listeners’ heads and stays there because it’s pithy and memorable.


  • A quick rule of thumb for determining a hook’s catchiness: if a lyrical or melodic phrase sticks in your head, it will probably stick in other people’s heads.
  • A variation of the title of the Rolling Stones’ song “Paint It Black,” for instance, serves as part of the hook: “I see a red door and I want it painted black.”

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