Marlenea Johnson - Instant Luck

Marlenea Johnson – Instant Luck
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Marlenea Johnson – Instant Luck

Marlenea Johnson - Instant Luck

Marlenea Johnson – Instant Luck

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  • Are you dealing with bad luck karma?
  • What part of this did your mom, dad and ancestors pass on to you and your children?
  • Are you seeing certain negative patterns being played out in your life or the lives of your family members?
  • Are you living in fear that you will get a certain illness when you reach a certain age like everyone else has in your family?
  • Are you dealing with a family curse? This can effect every area in your life. Emotions, thoughts, actions, health, relationships, finances, realestate, business, job, just to name a few

Would you be willing to make a decision right now and say,
“Enough’s Enough!” Then be the one to actually take action and
do something that would benefit you and your entire family line?

Once you do a rebirthing process and face to face activation, you will be receiving the hidden information being brought to the light.
From there no matter what bad karma has been playing out in your life and family, you will the catalyist. You will be the one that stops it’s evil cycle once and for all.
Each issue will be addressed individually and cleared until you see results!

You can expect a great change in each area that you clear using these karma clearing techniques.

For example:

  • You’ll feel Empowered! KNOWLEDGEABLE-You will no longer fear getting some dreaded disease, or having to struggle through life.
  • That which was bad karma playing out, will end and the Good Luck Switch can be Instantly turned on
  • Plus I am going to join you in a 3 Day Instant Luck Retreat

Together we make an Amazing difference in our lives and the lives of others!

Many Magical Blessings,

Are you being called to heal your ancestral karma now?

Choose for yourself Make a Decision that will change your entire family lineage.

  • You must take a stand for yourself now and say, “Enough’s Enough!”
  • Once you direct your thoughts into their proper perspective, your entire life will turn you toward the Power Source within and align you for Greatness and Success!

Are you longing for a change? You know this is not your issue.And you have questioned why it continues hanging out with you, stealing your very joy, your zest for life itself. Taking you down it’s negative path again and again. You can see an evil pattern that runs through your family line. Has it sucked you into it’s grips as well? Or are you afraid that it might?

The bad karma cycle ends with you, my friend. As long as you are willing to face it and all it’s ugly fear, face to face. Are you willing to look deep into the Eyes of evil, see it for what it really is and feel it, embrase it, and allow it to be-the very powerful energy that causes you to awaken and become strong! Nothing changes Until we change!
Your family line has a unique story to tell. And as you can see, it is playing out daily in their lives and in yours. All the good, the bad, the beauty and it’s ugliness, are all flowing freely, effortlessly, continuously, in search of more members willing to join it’s cast.

What role are you playing? Think about it.
What role would you rather play? It is all a choice.
This decision must be made by you and you alone. Choose wisely.


Yes, I have decided to open my Spiritual Tool Box and gift you with this Amazing Healing AND Life Transforming Package. For a very limited group of elite beings.

The price is drastically reduced exclusively for you!

Magical Marlenea.

Item 1 : Your Rebirthing Process Video

  • Take a deep journey back to your very creation. Into the new chosen womb.
  • Where your Rebirthing Team meets with you in your Amazing Bubble.
  • “Who you be” now….A Life Changing Process…You must engage in today!
  • Plus I’d like to gift you now from my heart. This precious 4-leaf clover I created is sending you a natural flow of Luck!

Item 2 : Module 1 – Face to Face

Going on a deep guided journey with yourself, your parents and ancestors. This meditation will answer some of your most pressing questions and bring about quick resolvement to the issues that plague you. Helping to shift the bad karma and turning it into Instant Luck for you.

Item 3 : Module 2 – Maintaining Your Luck

Receive the Power Boost that you require to maintain your Instant Luck. With this Lucky Magnet Module downloaded in you, there’s no fear of going backwards. Each time you listen the energy increases it’s magnitude.

Lucky You, I slashed the price! Grab it now and may you
receive INSTANT LUCK 3X “that’s thrice!”

Lucky Bonus Module : Mantra Music to remove Bad Karma

Use this Bonus track daily or as desired to remove any and all Bad Karma Energy, in on or around you. You can keep the energy clear in your home, car, office, vacation spaces, and it’s great to have on hand when company arrives and after they leave. Use your inner knowledge and listen to your guidance.

“Lucky You, I slashed the price! Grab it now and may you receive INSTANT LUCK 3X “that’s thrice!”

Salepage : Marlenea Johnson – Instant Luck

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