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Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind
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Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind

Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind

Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind

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How to Rank Page 1 in Amazon?
Building Your Audience?
How to maximize your ROI and have consistent results?
Don’t know whether it’s time to scale your ads or how to scale your ads?
Not Sure How Instagram Can Benefit Your Brand?
How to Convert from Trial to Straight Sale?
Don’t Have An AC? How does that Tie Into Your Value Ladder?

Understanding the Psychology of Your Ad in the Sales Funnel?
What Analytics Do You Need to Know to be Profitable?
How to Adapt to the New FB Algorithm?
How Can FB Messenger Be Your Most Profitable Channel?
Unsure of the Most Important Variables in a Winning Funnel?

Casey Amundson
Co-founder ModernMasterminds, Onyx Media, FitKloud, & TouchPoint3

TouchPoint Three: Co-founder; Lead Retargeting, AI Automation
FitKloud: Co-founder of #1 Customizable Nutritional Tracking Platform – Digital
Onyx Media: Marketing Agency, Working with Successful startups to some of the Largest Brands Worldwide

Sales Funnel Practitioner & Instagram Branding – April 12 & 13th

Casey is a serial entrepreneur who started his first online business in 2003 called Let’s Grab A Drink. Since then he as Co-Founded several successful online companies with sales exceeding $200 Million.
He has secured contracts with some of the largest brands, both domestically and internationally, generating hundreds of millions of revenue online.
Some of these brands include American Express, Jeunesse Global,, Smoke Away, Supreme Greens, and Dollar Shave Club.

Casey has become widely recognized for his ability to formulate winning strategies time and time again in the most highly competitive markets.

Casey & Zach have a passion for continuous improvement and helping others. The belief is that you rise by lifting others.

“Don’t Wish It Was Easier, Wish You Were Better” GC

Zach Schaefer
Co-founder ModernMasterminds, Onyx Media, FitKloud & TouchPoint3

TouchPoint Three: Co-founder; Lead Retargeting, AI Automation
FitKloud: Co-founder of #1 Customizable Nutritional Tracking Platform – Digital
Onyx Media: Marketing Agency, Working with Successful startups to some of the Largest Brands Worldwide

Sales Page Optimization & Instagram Branding – April 12 & 13th

Zach originally came from brick & mortar controlling the marketing strategy for a Fortune 100 franchise in the US. He transitioned 100% online in 2012. Over the last six years he has become the foremost authority in performance based marketing.

Managing online ad budgets exceeding $30 Million per year in CPA payouts.

He has a deep understanding in website optimization, sales funnels, value ladders, conversion paths, social media branding,

Zach believes understanding and controlling 5 key variables when launching a product online is the difference between making money or losing money.

Casey & Zach have a passion for continuous improvement and helping others. The belief is that you rise by lifting others.

“Remember Why You Grind.”
Russ Perry
Founder, Author and CEO; Design Pickle
and the Sober Entrepreneur

Keynote Speaker – April 12th

Russ Perry is the Founder of Design Pickle, the #1 unlimited and flat-rate graphic design service in the world. Launched in 2015,

Design Pickle has experienced unprecedented success helping small businesses get the creative content they need so their clients can focus on what they do best.

Russ is the author of The Sober Entrepreneur, a powerful book uncovering his journey from rock bottom and his commitment to the ultimate life hack: sobriety.

Additionally, Russ is a Certified Trainer with Wake Up Warrior, the #1 training program for men worldwide. He enjoys traveling with his wife – Mika – and their three beautiful daughters.

Akemie Sue Fisher
Founder and CEO; Amazon Millionaire, Author and Business Coach

Amazon Queen – April 13th

Akemi Sue Fisher, has helped thousands of Amazon sellers scale and grow their businesses to six, seven and eight figures. She has quickly become one of the most trusted and sought after E-commerce consultants in the world.

In only three years, her agency, Love & Launch, has helped her clients achieve over one billion dollars in sales through Amazon, Ebay and other e-commerce platforms. Her entrepreneurial spirit and direct approach continues to help elevate not only her success, but the success of her clients which range from startups to fortune 500 companies.

Since 2011, Akemi has been a trailblazer within the influencer and social media marketing niche. She continues to create new and innovative models and proprietary softwares to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. Akemi graduated from a top three nationally-ranked public relations program at the University of Florida with a concentration in Business Administration.
Maxwell Finn
Co-founder Unicorn IQ, Quantum Media and FB Ads Expert

Facebook Ads Expert – April 12th & 13th

Max has sold over $4.5M in less than 4 months with a single funnel.
Won ClickFunnels Two Comma Award for a master funnel.

Founder of Startup Drugz as well as many other ventures.
Headline Speaker at Shopify’s Info Ecom Mastermind in front of the Top 25 ecom marketers in the world including, Ezra Firestone and Chris Record.

First Affiliate to run paid traffic for Pat Flynn and turned $20k into over $200k in course sales.

Featured Guest at Ezra Firestone’s ECOM AllStars Event and spoke in front of 6, 7, and 8 figure business owners.
Creator of AD IQ Academy with over 2,000 monthly subscribers.

Jeremy Adams
Co-founder Unicorn IQ & Quantum Media

Customer Acquisition Practitioner – April 12th & 13th

Co-Founder; premium & exclusive digital marketing consulting firm, specializing in scaling customer acquisition through paid traffic sources such as Facebook, Google and Native.

As a founding partner of Quantum Media, with the original shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington and Maxwell Finn. Quantum helps businesses of all sizes increase their conversion rates and grow their bottom line by leveraging re-targeting and automation technology.

Quantum is known for producing Facebook ad campaigns that dramatically outperform previous client campaigns.

Being one of Forbes’ &’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30, Jeremy C. Adams is not timid to climb the ladder of ultimate success.
Drew Todd
CEO & Co-founder Entrant Media

Ad Copy and Funnel Practitioner – April 12th & 13th

Drew is an internet entrepreneur that has helped hundreds of companies acquire new customers through pay-for-performance online campaigns.
He previously served as Chief Operating Officer at an Inc. 5,000 digital marketing agency, overseeing a conversion optimization culture that drove over $400 Million in online sales.

Working with a range of clients from start-ups to the Fortune 500, Drew advocates using data-informed copywriting, design and consumer psychology to deliver high-value customers.

AMAZON QUEEN: Akemie Sue Fisher will present some of her Amazon strategies that helped her sell her Amazon store for 7 figures in less than 3 years.
MILLION DOLLAR FB FUNNEL: Learn how we start every ad campaign. Tens of thousands of hours on FB Ads has generated a systematic approach to how we begin a new campaign.
FB AD PIXEL & CUSTOM AUDIENCES: Max will dive into how to setup your FB ad pixel and manage custom audiences to drive ROI.
HOW TO PROPERLY TEST FB ADS: We will dig into the strategies we used to test, optimize, cut and scale ad sets to obtain massive profits.

BRANDING ECOSYSTEM: We will show you how to build a brand organically on social media giant Instagram and have it work in correlation with your Facebook strategy.
THE NEW FACEBOOK ALGORITHM: Max and the rest of the Masterminds will discuss the recent FB algorithm update, how it will affect your marketing strategy — and how to stay ahead of it!
MONEY FUNNELS: We will share with you our most profitable funnels, what we learned from them and what you can do to achieve the same success.

FACEBOOK MESSENGER: How does an entrepreneur or business owner use the most effective channel to reaching their audiences and automate the messages? Max will dive deep into his bulletproof methods.
INSTAGRAM STRATEGY: How important is it to include your social media in your marketing campaigns? How do you scale your brand using social media? This segment we discuss the myths, stats and strategy on how to become an authority in your space specific to Instagram.
FUNNEL SANDBOX: Day 2, Max and the MMU panel will review a students funnel. The team will strategize, optimize and introduce proven methods to enhance the funnel. This funnel will be available to all students who are enrolled in the monthly coaching with Unicorn IQ and Onyx Media.
BRAND STRATEGY: Casey and Zach will discuss the power of the value ladder and the importance it has in your overall business strategy. How does a value ladder effect sales, conversions, and backend monetization?
BONUS GUESTS: The online space is difficult to navigate without having close friends. We have brought more industry experts to share insight on what’s going on in the industry and what you can expect in 2018.

Salepage : Maxwell Finn – Modern Mastermind

About Author

Maxwell Finn

It helped that both my dad and grandfather are entrepreneurs as well. You could say it runs in my family.

During my freshman year at Emory University (2007), I started an event promotion company that achieved considerable success, primarily through search engine optimization and a new thing called social media marketing. Which, at the time, was primarily MySpace.

Even at this early stage of social media, I could see how powerful it could become for businesses. Most business professionals I worked with wrote it off as a fad. They would say, “My customers aren’t on social media, so why should I be?” considering that over 1.5B people are now on Facebook, that statement sounds absurd. But at that time, it was the defacto response from nearly all business professionals.

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