Mindfulness Certificate Course from Terry Fralich

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Mindfulness Certificate Course from Terry Fralich


Mindfulness Certificate Course 2-Day Intensive Training from Terry Fralich

Faculty:Terry Fralich

Duration:11 Hours 32 Minutes | Format:Audio and Video

Archive : Mindfulness Certificate Course from Terry Fralich



  • Treatment Concepts
    • Introduction of mindfulness to clients
    • Mindfulness as self-directed neuroplasticity
    • Mindfulness as a skill-based path
    • Reconsolidation of neural networks through mindfulness practice
    • Experiential exercise: self-regulation techniques
  • Strengthening Therapeutic Presence
    • Benefits of therapeutic presence: presence, attunement, resonance, trust
    • Stabilize the mind: the foundation of focus
    • Self-regulation: the foundation of settledness
    • Spaciousness: the foundation of openness
  • Five Core Skills of Mindfulness
    • Clarify, set and re-affirm intention
    • Cultivate witnessing awareness: metacognition
    • Stabilize attention
    • Strengthen self-regulation
    • Practice loving-kindness for self and others
    • Experiential exercise: stability of attention and awareness
  • Neuroscience and Mindfulness
    • Effective drivers of neuroplasticity
    • Interpersonal neurobiology: importance of early experiences
    • Formation of mental models: core negative beliefs
    • Neuroception and the operation of the brain’s survival mechanisms
    • Explicit and implicit memories
    • Adaptive safety strategies: negative side effects
    • Experiential exercise: cultivate an inner refuge
  • Mindfulness Practices that Change the Brain
    • Themes in beginning mindfulness practice
      • Am I focused or distracted?
      • Am I settled/grounded or tight/churning?
    • Mindful transitions: a practice for new clients
    • Stop-breathe-reflect-choose practice
    • Development of client self-talk, scripts and mantras
    • Positive visualization practice
    • Cultivate a new vision of self: transform core negative beliefs


  • Mindfulness for Trauma
    • Cultivate safety and groundedness
    • Retrain the dysregulated nervous system
    • Experiential exercise: positive visualization
  • Mindfulness for Anxiety
    • Witness the anxious mind
    • Get unstuck from anxious rumination
    • Experiential exercise: self-regulation practices for anxiety
  • Mindfulness for Depression
    • Transform core negative beliefs that power depression
    • Cultivate motivation and action
    • Experiential exercise: develop behavioral plans with the client
  • Mindfulness for Relationships
    • Clarify intentions that work in relationships
    • Transform unhealthy patterns
    • Experiential exercise: cultivate positive experiences/ exchanges
  • Mindfulness for Anger
    • Understand the source of anger energy
    • Identify the anger storm
    • Clarify the practice when anger arises
    • Experiential exercise: rehearsal of the Stop-Breathe-Reflect-Choose practice
  • Mindfulness for Stress
    • Educate the client about the impact of stress
    • Change the stress reaction through practice
    • Experiential exercise: strengthen awareness of stress response, shifting to relaxation response
  • Mindfulness for Sex
    • Create conditions for healthy and mutually satisfying sex
    • Open to the full power of sexual intimacy
  • Research, Limitations and the Potential Risks of Mindfulness in Treatment
    • Current state of research on mindfulness
    • Limits of the current research
    • Mindfulness-based treatments – potential risks and limitations
    • The importance of client evaluation
    • Practices beyond your training and experience


​Get the direction you’re seeking with the in-depth training that only an intensive multi-day recording can provide!

  • Master the core skills of clinical mindfulness
  • Mindfulness for trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, sex and more!
  • “Go-to” techniques immediately applicable to your clinical practice
  • Address toxic anger and reduce the body’s anger response
  • Guidance and interactive demonstrations
  • Step-by-step instruction on specific mindfulness interventions and exercises

This recording is an in-depth Mindfulness Certificate Course to develop a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to help your clients incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily routine.

Learn to utilize concrete strategies that will help you provide greater healing for your clients who suffer from:

  • Trauma
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Relationship challenges
  • Toxic habits or beliefs

You will learn effective clinical techniques from Terry Fralich, LCPC, who has utilized mindfulness in his clinical practice for over two decades and trained mental health professionals on mindfulness both nationally and internationally. From his experience with the Dali Lama and Jon Kabat-Zinn he will teach you how to master the art of applying mindfulness insights, skills and techniques to a variety of clinical populations. Watch him for this transformational experience as he reveals the latest advances in mindfulness and neuroscience to get you the skills you need to succeed!

Full of structured and experiential exercises, interactive discussions, and case studies, you will take away practical mindfulness strategies you can immediately integrate into your practice. And the included reproducible handouts are instantly usable upon your return to the office.

Leave this certificate course armed with tools you can use in your very next session.

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