Modern Siren by Rori Raye

Modern Siren by Rori Raye
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Modern Siren by Rori Raye

Modern Siren by Rori Raye

Modern Siren by Rori Raye

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It’s funny how men buy training programs on how to get women from other MEN.

Guess what? If you want to learn what does it take to get a woman, you have to learn from WOMEN trainers.

This program is designed for women, to get their Mr. Right. However, you can learn the “nature of women” when you watch stuff like this. I guarantee you that you are going to see some things that ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY SENSE to you.

How many times you’ve been with a woman and they just do not make sense at all?
Right… so this training can be also for MEN who want to understand more about women, what women want and what games they play so that you can get around their shields and masks.

I personally, find this course fascinating. It is fun to watch!

People got it all wrong, if you want to learn how to get women, you have to learn from women who teach other women to get men. If a woman wants to know how to get a man, she needs to learn from men who teach other men to pickup women.

We learn backwards, at least most of us. So give it a shot!

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About Author

Rori Raye

Not only am I not among the “new crop” of love and relationship “coaches” out there – I’ve personally trained a great many of the ones you’ve heard of, including Helena Hart, Adrienne Everheart, Sami Wunder, Andrada Dan, Jeanine Staples, Shahrzad, Leigha Lake, Michelle Manley…

I’ve been around, reaching literally millions of women every day, since 2003, when I graduated from Coaches Training Institute (CTI.)

When I started, there was barely anything on the “internet.” If you googled “relationship” you got maybe three names.

When I graduated CTI, I thought of all kinds of coaching, and within a year it became obvious that what I’d done in my own marriage (literally turned it around…) and in my own head (I’d gone from doormat, crumb-taking-people-pleaser to a woman who realized she had needs that weren’t being met) would work for every woman.

I saw out there words like “confidence” and “self-love” and “feminine and masculine” being thrown around – yet, not ONE single thing I read (and I read everything I could find) told me HOW to GET that confidence, femininity and self-love.

So I started cataloging and writing down everything I’d done to bring my husband closer in every way. What I’d done to finally start feeling happy.

I included everything I’d ever read that was helpful, and added my personal, step-by-step “How” to the generalized concepts and psychology I saw.

I printed it up, did a free workshop for my friends, and found myself developing new “Hows” as I taught from what I’d written.

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