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Mystery Method Video Archive

Mystery Method Video Archive

Mystery Method Video Archive

Archive : Mystery Method Video Archive

The Mystery Method Video Archive

“My Complete Step-By-Step System For Approaching, Meeting,
And Seducing Beautiful Women – Revealed LIVE Over 5 DVD’s!”

Everything I taught about attracting and seducing women during my high-priced workshops (and then some!) is explained in great detail within these DVDs. In fact, this archive consists of …

  • 5 DVDs with hours of recordings pulled from my best workshops. A combination of…
  • 118 Video Clips (That’s right! A massive 118 video clips, revealing all of my best secrets and techniques for succeeding with women revealed in step-by-step detail).
  • Diagrams, charts and tables explaining my whole 9-step formula from beginning to end. Including blow-by-blow instruction of the entire Mystery Method in full detail.

These DVDs are jam-packed with over 5 hours of video content. But there’s no fluff or filler content. Each video clip explains and focuses on one particular tactic within the Mystery Method.

You’re going to learn the step-by-step “game plan” from finding attractive women, to meeting them, all the way through to having a sexual relationship (and every single step in between!).

Here’s What’s Revealed Within Each DVD…

Volume #1

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Things
You’ll Discover On DVD Volume One…

  • 5 “opening lines” I’ve used to successfully meet and pick up dozens of beautiful women. These are nothing like those sleazy “pick up lines” that most women have heard hundreds of times. (see 2:25)
  • Warning! If you’re not conveying these “tribal leader” characteristics within the first 3 minutes of meeting a woman, then she is NOT going to be attracted to you period! (see 0:52)
  • My latest and greatest “opening question” that has a 100% success rate for starting a conversation with a beautiful woman. You’d never guess what it is, but it’s never failed to start a conversation before (see 5:17)
  • How to approach a group of macho guys and one girl, and make the guys your friends within minutes, then extract the girl out of the group (so you can get her phone number) without the guys ever suspecting a thing (see 1:32)
  • 3 proven “phrases” you can use to approach a woman without her thinking you’re trying to pick her up. (Use these phrases to bypass her defences)
  • 2 questions you can ask any woman to get her to qualify herself to you
    and literally BEG for your attention (this technique will blow you away!)
  • How to use my “3 second rule” to eliminate your “approach anxiety” so that you easily approach beautiful women without ever feeling nervous (see 2:11)
  • Why “funny guys” never get laid but “playful guys” do. How to understand the critical difference so that you never get labelled the funny guy ever again.
  • The 2 simple “accessories” you MUST wear if you want attractive women to approach YOU and start up a conversation. You can wear these items anywhere and women will start talking to you! (See 1:31)
  • The 6 all-important characteristics of an ALPHA MALE. If you’re not displaying these traits to women, then you’re not getting LAID!
  • A unique way to approach any women so that you fly “under her radar”. You’ll attract her first and she won’t EVER think that you’re “hitting” on her.
  • Two sure-fire ways to improve your “social status” around women so that you appear as the “alpha male” to her and not some random guy (see 8:16)
  • The biggest mistake that 99% of guys make when talking to beautiful women that instantly blows their chances of ever winning her over. Plus how to make sure you never make this stupid mistake ever again.
  • Two primal sexual techniques that instantly get 95% of women “in the mood for sex” (see 2:45)

Plus much, much more…

Volume #2

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Things
You’ll Discover On DVD Volume Two…

  • The simple question you MUST ask after meeting any woman that reveals if she has a boyfriend or not (hint: its NOT “have you got a boyfriend” or anything else as stupid or obvious. See 1:53)
  • How to eliminate “approach anxiety” and create feelings of confidence in any situation you are in (You can use this “in field” to reduce the hesitation you feel when you see a hot woman you want to meet.)
  • My famous “boy band principal” that makes every woman in the room believe you’re attractive and socially valuable (this easy tactic will blow your mind!).
  • How to change the position of your body … to quickly “switch” roles from you attempting to pick her up … to her picking you up! (see 0:49).
  • The scientific experiment used on an impotent “male grouse” that made all the female grouses want to mate with him … and how you can use the same social trick to make every woman in the room interested in meeting you.
  • Where to find and use female “pivots” at bars and clubs and why doing so will actually make women approach YOU! I’m not kidding … (see 1:11).
  • AMAZING TRUE STORY: How an ugly stripper (who I was trying to ignore) was able to grab my attention and make me feel incredibly attracted to her within just 3 minutes. I’ve since used this method to attract dozens of women. You can too!
  • The one thing you must do to stop other guys from hitting on your girl
    (Learn this only if you want to protect your girl from other guys. 1:53)
  • How to seduce strippers and exotic dancers by using my embarrassingly simple yet amazingly effective “A3 routine”.
  • Why you should NEVER compliment a woman on her looks or clothing items … discover the ONLY kind of compliments that women respond to.
  • Stories of mine you can “steal” and tell women, that will make you sound interesting, funny and confident … even if you’re shy and boring!
  • How to create and use a “cheat sheet” so that you never forget what you
    SHOULD be saying and doing to women to win them over.
  • How to avoid awkward silences and boring conversation. These 2 simple tactics guarantee that ALL your conversations are exciting!
  • What to say and do once a woman is over at your house to make her feel comfortable enough to go into your room … and jump into your bed!
  • My step-by-step formula for getting girls to come back to my house at the end of a date … into my bed … and then more! (See 4:26)
  • Plus much, much more…

Volume #3

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Things
You’ll Discover On DVD Volume Three…

  • How to project “alpha male” qualities within the first few minutes of meeting a woman so that she chooses you instead of another guy (see 1:38)
  • How to get two attractive women to agree to both interlock arms with you and walk around the club – so that you appear more popular and “in demand” to every other girl in the room (I’m not joking. This is easy to do. See 1:39)
  • TRUE STORY: What I said to a woman who knew I was a pick up artist to “turn the tables” and make her so attracted to me, that she wouldn’t leave me alone! (this story will blow you away. See 1:18)
  • The #1 reason why women put 95% of the guys they meet into the “just friends” basket – and the ONLY way to stop this from happening to you!
  • How to find out if she’s ready to be kissed and what to do if she’s not (it’s easy to turn this around once you know how. See 1:55)
  • How to stack routines and openers so you control the direction of the girls group you’re talking to.
  • My secret “kino escalation” technique you can use to build so much comfort with a woman that she accepts your “moves” instead of rejecting you (see 1:55)
  • Why telling a woman “hands off” after she touches you will make her want to touch you again and again … and how to do this without her thinking you’re an asshole (see 0:24)
  • 3 specific phrases you can use to demonstrate disinterest towards any beautiful woman. Listen up. Hot girls are so used to guys sucking up to them. Guess what happens when you do the opposite? They chase YOU.
  • Want to impress the girl you’re talking to without bragging? My “wing man” technique will have her believe that you’re the most valuable guy around, without ever talking about yourself (see 6:20)
  • How to stop her friends from dragging her away while you’re talking to her. This “mind challenge” will get her to refuse them so she can stay with you.
  • How to use “chick bait” to make women approach YOU and start talking
    (hint: its a specific piece of clothing you wear. See 0:43)
  • Why women do NOT judge us by our looks, but rather by our “survival value”. Plus how to appear to be the “king of her jungle” (see 1:38)
  • My proven step-by-step “kino and release” system you can use during any conversation to change her mood from “ice queen” to “hot and ready” (see 11:01)
  • How to “make out” with a hot girl within the first 10 minutes of meeting her (and why this is a lot easier to do than you think. See 5:25)
  • Plus much, much more…

Volume #4

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Things
You’ll Discover On DVD Volume Four…

  • My entire “game plan” explained in step-by-step detail. You won’t just walk away with one piece of the puzzle. No way. You’re going to learn my entire tried-and tested-system, every single step from start to finish (see 1:53)
  • Why it makes so much more sense to approach a group that contains both girls and guys … than to approach a group that contains only girls (see 1:01)
  • My “multiple thread” exercise that makes starting a conversation with a beautiful woman (and keeping it going all night) EASY (see 4:14)
  • Why asking a woman for her phone number within the first 25 minutes of meeting her is a BIG mistake. And why doing so decreases your chances of seeing her dramatically. Here’s what you should do instead (see 1:02)
  • Sneaky (but fun for her) way to make a woman you’ve just met … feel compelled to hang out with you all night long (see 0:51)
  • The famous “lint neg” tactic that gets women so curious and excited about meeting you … while making you sound funny and interesting too (see 1:32)
  • The secret technique that instantly “disarms” any other person (i.e. one of her jealous girlfriends) who may try and prevent you from being with her (you won’t believe how easy this is!)
  • The right way to “warm up” before you start approaching women (approaching is like exercising. It’s much less painful if you warm up before hand)
  • How to handle the “bitchy” girl you meet. There’s a right way and a wrong way to handle these “ice queens” and you better be prepared (see 3:20)
  • How to quickly and easily create a real connection with a woman you’ve
    just met … so she feels like she’s known you her entire life.
  • How my “time bridge” tactic works and why its far superior to getting a woman’s phone number and trying to set up a date for later on.
  • Plus much, much more…

Volume #5

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of Things
You’ll Discover On DVD Volume Five…

  • How to get a woman to help “prepare the seduction scenario” and why doing so lowers her inhibitions and quickly “triggers” her mind into the mood for sex!
  • The #1 reason women say “we should stop” during make out sessions and how to make you BOTH feel comfortable enough to continue.
  • How to tell stories in a way that captivates a woman and makes her curious about you (you’ll even get samples of my stories to use!)
  • How to use my “Power of Ritual” method to guide a woman from your front door and into your bed … quickly, comfortably and with zero resistance!
  • The right way to let a woman know you’re interested in her. Most guys blow it because they come across as needy or desperate without even realizing it. Don’t make this common and fatal mistake (see 5:52).
  • How to use my “Freeze Out” technique to blow past the “resistance” women put up right before having sex. If you don’t know what to do during this critical moment, then you will NOT be having sex with her (see 6:19)
  • How long should you wait before having sex with a woman? If you try too soon then you may not see her again. But if you wait even one hour too long, then she’ll put you into her “just friends” basket forever (go to 4:16 for the answer).
  • My 5-minute “travel bag story” you can tell any woman to generate immediate feelings of attraction and interest for you (see 2:37).
  • The deadly mistake that guys make when trying to sleep with a woman that almost guarantees they NEVER will!
  • 2 special things you must do immediately after having sex with a woman that guarantees you’ll have sex with her again. (see 1:29).
  • Plus much, much more…


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