NewMind Academy - Basic qEEG for Neurofeedback

NewMind Academy – Basic qEEG for Neurofeedback
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NewMind Academy – Basic qEEG for Neurofeedback

NewMind Academy - Basic qEEG for Neurofeedback

NewMind Academy – Basic qEEG for Neurofeedback

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Features online written material, an on-line syllabus, an easy to follow format to complete each session. Includes: internet-based instruction and access to important resources, and one-on-one and group support.

Study from home on your time

Avoid lengthy workshops

No CDs or books to lug around

Study at your own pace

Pass the BCIA Certification.
qEEG for Neurofeedback

18hrs Psychologists (APA)

Basic theory behind qEEG and how to practically apply it in a clinical setting. The emphasis is on application, emphasizing how to interpret qEEG and derive protocols for the purposes of neurofeedback training rather than on advanced theory and medical applications. Basics of recording, artifacting, and montage application are covered as well the fundamental theory behind database construction from an applications perspective. Perfect for those wishing to understand the basic theory behind map interpretation.

Includes full pdfs of critical cited research as well as a growing map library with examples of various disorders and interpretive comments. The course with its resources will continue to evolve as research emerges. And will provide an up to date resource that is cutting edge as well as clinically relevant.

Neurofeedback Certification

36hrs BCIA Didactic
36hrs Psychologists (APA)

Earn BCIA didactic hours and APA CE credits on-line! This webcourse does not cover just one approach to neurofeedback, like many workshops do, but reviews many different perspectives on neurofeedback and provides a balanced view of the entire field.

As an added bounus gain access to New Mind “Lunch and Learn” sessions free during the first year of enrollment. Lunch and learns are held twice a week between noon and 1 pm EST live on the internet. Watch the presentation and join in the conversation. Ask the questions you really need answered in a friendly environment with people who want to learn.

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