One's profitable years by Qiao Ciao Kitchen

One’s profitable years by Qiao Ciao Kitchen
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One’s profitable years by Qiao Ciao Kitchen

One's profitable years by Qiao Ciao Kitchen

One’s profitable years by Qiao Ciao Kitchen

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Starting a blog is one of my best decisions! Blogging was just an interest from the beginning, and now it is a full-time job that I love.

I no longer have to set the alarm clock at 6:30 in the morning, commute to work for more than an hour every day to a company I am not particularly enthusiastic about, worry about some chores that have nothing to do with work, and work hard to just let someone decide me each Where is my monthly income and my value? Now my work is not easier than before, but I enjoy a lot of freedom. I decide when to work, the content direction of the work, and can take care of my family and balance work / life.

If you are trying to make a new try for your life and want to change the situation, I am very happy for you.

Whether you want to make a career change, or how to market your own products, or even just want to show your creativity through the creation of a blog, then you will get a clear method and guide on how to share this time.

Running a blog has opened many doors and many opportunities for me. It is a harvest that I have not thought about before I even stepped into this field. I could n’t even imagine that blogger blogger can really be a career? But after many practical attempts, the answer to this question is definitely yes!

Now is the best time to run self-media

Social media has grown by leaps and bounds in the past five years, and there is no better time to enter online media than “now”! In the past, only TV stations, radio, newspapers and magazines were regarded as media, spreading information and exerting influence through their own channels, but now everyone can become a content producer and propagandist, and creating their own channels has become a one-stop process The “self-media” style has even exerted a more in-depth influence in a certain area. The best things that can not be done by traditional media require very little capital and manpower.

Welcome to the age when one is profitable.

Based on my own experience, I will not talk much about theory in this Mini course, and I will focus on my practical sharing in recent years.

One’s profitable years — how to build a personal brand through self-media & pursue your dreams

You will learn:

How Part A begins: positioning and overview

  • Journey from nine to five office worker to full-time blogger
  • Why do you need to run a blog?
  • How to start a blog
  • How to choose the best blog theme & niche for you

Part B How to continue business & marketing

  • What are the ways to blog profit?
  • How to find the most profitable way for you?
  • What is content marketing? Thinking about one’s profit model
  • The cost of running a blog: the cost of Qiaoer Zaojia is public
  • Subvert your thoughts, the most important but most often overlooked thing about running your own media !!

Step out of your comfort zone, and advance your dreams in small steps.

Don’t wait for “one day” to happen, make up your mind and start now!

Course Outline

One’s profitable years: how to build a personal brand through self-media & practice your dream

    How Part A begins: positioning and overview (69:52)


    How Part B continues to operate & market (79:55)


    Complete briefing file for a person’s profitable years

Course teacher

Qiao Ciao Kitchen

Ciao! I am Qiaoer, creator of Qiaoer Zaojia website ( ), fan group and Youtube channel . I am a cooking and baking teacher. After becoming a recipe blogger, I love to develop cooking and baking recipes and interact with readers. Pass it out! If you like hand-made cooking, welcome to use different community platforms to communicate with me, can’t wait to meet you!

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