PullBack Alert Indicator for NinjaTrader

PullBack Alert Indicator for NinjaTrader
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PullBack Alert Indicator for NinjaTrader

PullBack Alert Indicator for NinjaTrader

PullBack Alert Indicator for NinjaTrader

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Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) is a form of technical analysis which attempts to look into price action in relation to volume. VSA is the study of the market forces of supply and demand, and the manipulation of those forces through the psychology of crowd behavior, through examining the relationship between the quantity of volume on a price bar, the spread of the price or range of the bar, and the closing price on the height of that bar. Studying these variables establishes the equilibrium of demand and supply as well as the likely near term direction of the market.

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  • Add to any chart or time frame
  • Based on Volume Spread Analysis (VSA)
  • User defined lookback period
  • User defined range
  • Sound Alert
  • User select draw object, colors and sizes
  • 5 different VSA levels calculated

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is a means of examining and predicting price movements in the financial markets, by using historical price charts and market statistics. It is based on the idea that if a trader can identify previous market patterns, they can form a fairly accurate prediction of future price trajectories.

It is one of the two major schools of market analysis, the other being fundamental analysis. Whereas fundamental analysis focuses on an asset’s ‘true value’, with the meaning of external factors and intrinsic value both considered, technical analysis is based purely on the price charts of an asset. It is solely the identification of patterns on a chart that is used to predict future movements.

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