RiskIllustrator by Charles Cottle (The Risk Doctor)

RiskIllustrator by Charles Cottle (The Risk Doctor)
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RiskIllustrator by Charles Cottle (The Risk Doctor)

RiskIllustrator by Charles Cottle (The Risk Doctor)

RiskIllustrator by Charles Cottle (The Risk Doctor)

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Risk Illustrator takes stock options risk management and position dissection to the next level.  Expose more of the hidden reality within any options trading position. The new functionality provides a quantum leap toward a critical options consciousness and increased awareness of your exposure and opportunities.
The new version of RiskIllustrator builds upon the macros created in the prior versions to enable more transparent Dissection.  What many Options Brokerage Firms’ Trading Platforms are missing today, the RiskDoctor Delivers Now, using Excel 2007 for PCs. You must have Excel 2007 for PC or later. RiskIllustrator is not currently supported for MAC users.

RiskIllustrator gives you the power to:

Dissect out Butterflies or any Single Month Spread Combination

Uncover Valuable Risk Management Information Regarding Skew/Kurtosis

Analyze P&L Graphs, Raw Position and Dissected Position Overlaid

See Option Chain Pricing Model and Baby Butterfly Pricing

Use Several Pages of Valuable Risk Management Information

Record all trades from initiation through adjustments and final closing trades or

expiration with Trade Tracker.

“TrackBack” to perform Post Mortems on previous trades.

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