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Russell Brunson – Funnel Hacks

Russell Brunson - Funnel Hacks

Russell Brunson – Funnel Hacks

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We’ve Uncovered A ‘New Secret Funnel Strategy’ That Almost Nobody Knows About…
(That Has Helped Businesses Grow From ‘Startup’ To Two Comma Club Winner Insanely Fast…)

From Russell Brunson

Boise Idaho
Dear Friend,

On May 6th, 1965, something incredible happened…

For decades and decades prior to that date, humans believed that it was physically impossible to break the Four-Minute Mile.
But on that day, May 6th, 1965, Roger Bannister did it.
May 6th, 1965 – Roger Banister break the Four-Minute-Mile

Here’s what’s interesting…

For decades and centuries prior to that, nobody believed it was possible. But as soon as Roger Bannister did it, people thought it was possible.

In fact, another professional runner named John Landy saw what Roger Bannister did, and he thought, “If he can do it, I can do it”.

And just 46 days later, he did it, and he broke the Four-Minute Mile, as well.
Since then, dozens and dozens of people have done it, but it wasn’t until one person did it that everyone else believed it was possible.
August 17th, 2004 Was The Day The Entrepreneurial “Four-Minute Mile” Was Broken For Me.

At the time, I was a young kid, still learning how this whole internet thing worked.


I was geeking out…
I was making about $1,000 a month…(which was HUGE for me at the time)
I thought I was the smartest guy in the world…

I watched a man named John Reese (an Entrepreneur I admire) set out to do something that nobody thought was possible.

He said,
 “I’m Going To Make A Million Dollars In ONE Day.” 
John Reese

After several MONTHS of strategizing, and a ton of hard work putting together his internet campaign, he was finally ready…


He put a really cool funnel together, and launched it…and in just 18 hours, John Reese passed the million dollar mark over a 1-day period. Now, as a 24 year old kid watching John Reese make history, I had a major lightbulb moment…I thought,
“If John Reese, This Guy Who’s Just Like Me, Can Make A Million Dollars In A Day…
I Wonder If I Can Make A Million Dollars In A YEAR?

It was the first time that thought had ever crossed my mind.


And right in that moment, “$1 Million In One Year” became my new goal.
I started on January 1st, 2005.
I said, “This is the year I’m going to make $1 Million in a calendar year,” and I launched a ton of different products online.
12 months later, I missed my goal…
I didn’t hit the $1 Million dollars in sales that I wanted.
But… I got close.
On January 1st, 2006, I tried again…
I was going to do a million dollars in the next 12 months.
I launched a bunch of products again. And I didn’t quite make it…again.
January 2007, I tried again (third time’s a charm, right?)…
and by October 16th..
 I Crossed The Million-Dollar Mark
 In A Calendar Year. 
October 16th, 2007, When I Officially Joined the “Two Comma Club”

Because John Reese had broken that Entrepreneurial 4-Minute Mile, I knew that I could do it. Since then, I’ve gone on and I’ve had multiple million dollar years, and million dollar months, and even million dollar days.

That’s when I knew I wanted to create the same light-bulb moment for my audience that I had…
So We Did…
Last year, we created something called the Two Comma Club Award.
(Two comma means there’s two commas in your paycheck…meaning, you made at least a million dollars inside of a funnel.)
I figured maybe we had a dozen or so people inside ClickFunnels that was eligible for the Two Comma Club Award.
I Was SHOCKED When 93 People Walked Across My Stage In 2017 To Receive Their Award For Making It Into The Two Comma Club!   
93 People!
But something even bigger happened that day…
At that event, there was a whole room of other entrepreneurs, looking around at all the millionaires, thinking: “That guy next to me made a million dollars? If he can do it, so can I…
Suddenly, it became not only real…but maybe even achievable for everybody.
Now, We Have A New Millionaire Enter The Two Comma Club Almost EVERY SINGLE DAY Inside Of ClickFunnels!
But naturally, that led me to wonder:  “What’s the next Four-Minute Mile for my audience?” 
So, this year, at our live event, we launched something new called the Two Comma Club ‘X’ award…which means you made at least 10 million dollars inside of a funnel.
But the BEST part is that, by the time we launched this, we already had 15 entrepreneurs who are currently making over 10 Million dollars inside ClickFunnels!
Pretty amazing…right?
Here’s my goal for you…
My goal is for everyone to see this and say:
“Ok Russell…One Million Dollars Is My Four Minute Mile. That’s Doable.”
And once you hit it, then shoot for $10M…
And then $100M…
Alex And Leila Hermosi Transformed Their Collapsing Business Into A $10+ Million Dollar EMPIRE

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