Shamanic Release by Laurie Handlers

Shamanic Release by Laurie Handlers

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Shamanic Release by Laurie Handlers

Shamanic Release by Laurie Handlers

Shamanic Release by Laurie Handlers

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Now you can do emotional release work followed by Latihan (moving in inner guidance meditation) in the privacy of your home. Laurie creates a very safe and sacred space in which you can do the powerful work she is known for in her Tantra courses. She sets you up with the proper position and breathing, and then guides you through each space and emotional state to the beat of tribal African rhythms. When you finish the clearing work, Laurie again guides you to move in the unknown to the very deep textures of Leonardo Ferraro´s Circle of Transformation. This is a meditation like no other! Try this CD as an easy way to do your personal clearing work on a regular basis and refresh yourself with these powerful Tantric techniques. You will be thrilled to be able to do this by yourself or with family members. The entire CD is just under an hour. You can do part or all of it depending upon your choice.

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