Shark Alliance - Lead Factory OTO2 - Build 6 FIGURES Digital Agency

Shark Alliance – Lead Factory OTO2 – Build 6 FIGURES Digital Agency
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Shark Alliance – Lead Factory OTO2 – Build 6 FIGURES Digital Agency

Shark Alliance - Lead Factory OTO2 - Build 6 FIGURES Digital Agency

Shark Alliance – Lead Factory OTO2 – Build 6 FIGURES Digital Agency

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The OTO1: Pro Version

The Marketing and Sales Power Pack that’s loaded with DFY material to help shortcut your success with the Front End product. We’re also including 3 bonus training modules ($197 Value) and additional nich email sequences that help support the front end product.

The OTO2: Shark Alliance Lead Factory 1 Trial

The Monthly mentorship on building a Six figure digital marketing agency, includes exclusive software, weekly training, done-for-you materials, and much more.

Lead Factory OTO

What is The Lead Factory ?

-How much have you spent on other courses and methods that never ended up making you anything?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a client-getting system that actually works?

Something that you can use today, next week, and for months and even years to come to get clients ON DEMAND…

That’s exactly what Lead Factory gives you, & you’ll be able to make your investment in your system back with your very first client.

  • You get more than just training – The Lead Factory includes ‘done for you’ emails and landing pages that make it fast and easy to turn cold leads into paying clients
  • This entire Lead Factory system was created by 7 figure local agency owners that actually get clients and make money DOING this… not just teaching it
  • This system is responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales from COLD leads in our own agencies
  • The Lead Factory system is easy to use so it’s perfect for you if you’re a local newbie or you struggle with the technical stuff
  • Inside, we’ll show you how to automate most of this so you convert cold leads around the clock
  • This works fast! When you use the Lead Factory client-getting system, you’ll have a paying client THIS WEEK
  • You don’t need a local website of your own or even a service in mind to sell – When you get Lead Factory today, we’ll give you a special bonus that shows you the Top 4 services we offer with this client-getting system and how to fulfill them

Text from this video

The other day I told you a couple of product that used to be certainly trying to rip you off good at present i’m back to review lead manufacturing facility and we’re gonna see how they do are they a stud or a dud let’s discover with the aid of taking a appear on the inside of it right now very well so right here we’re within lead manufacturing unit and this can be a really

Rather good program that I believe can particularly help anyone to start getting extra earnings from local firms by way of offering the products and offerings that you simply promote through the lead manufacturing facility process and you will discover here it is actually a sexy long path i have been through the entire thing I’ve watched each single video in right here and you know it gives you everything that you need and i’m now not joking once I say that like

You are taking a seem at this here at the very top that is all of your introductory stuff so introduction your comply with up failure and that talks about how individuals do not follow up adequate and they lose income effectively by way of not following up goes via some information you’ll have heard before about how you recognize

People do not buy unless the fifth contact however most persons quit on after two and it goes by means of a number of that there now the next factor here is what they call filling up your factory and this is where they’re going to exhibit you find out how to get leads without needing to spend a ton of

Cash now most of you recognize i use lead kahuna to get my leads and a few persons use packages like hot lead finder I mean there is a bunch of them out there in this section here you’re gonna gain knowledge of if you are just starting out and also you can not manage to pay for to spend three hundred you realize five hundred thousand greenbacks anything it expenditures to get this sort of softwares you can do it with out it the purpose of lead factory

is to check out and get you to reach out to a smaller number of extra distinct men and women and that is going to show you how you’ll find these precise humans so to established your lead manufacturing unit for them to get them on board and so in here you’re gonna learn a few product that is going to support you to get emails from people you are gonna study set that up you’re

Gonna be taught the right way to to find those emails gonna be taught the way to find the clients that you wish to have to work with within the first place so as to then attain out to them and confidently with what you do in here you are going to see a big develop in the response price despite the fact that you is probably not sending out countless numbers or countless numbers of emails each month you are

Gonna be working with a smaller quantity but you are gonna have a larger shut fee and that’s the whole cause of this so this part right here goes to inform you to find those persons in an effort to begin reaching out constructing your e-mail machine ok this is the place they are going to show you all about the way to set it up with the intention to begin emailing out you do not have got to have an autoresponder you can do this for free utilizing something like Gmail or anything e mail system that you just

Use this is gonna show you precisely set that up and ensure that you’re capable to send out a couple of emails mechanically without having to spend cash and that’s rather the cool factor about that is you’re gonna be taught how one can do these matters without spending money now there are possibilities you

be aware of to automate some things later that you are able to do that however you wish to have to off free make some money and then make your life less difficult however by means of automation and that is gonna support you to try this down here developing your appointment desktop that is going to exhibit you how you can hooked up the

Appointments with these companies to show them what you want so you’re gonna be setting up you understand a little 15 minute meetings to exhibit them and to promote them show them and sell them exhibit them and promote them and down right here you’re gonna learn the systems that you’re gonna use for securing the deal and this goes into gift in your call you get them on that 15-minute name what are you going to assert to them how you are gonna say it to

Them how you gonna reply their objections and how will you shut that deal that’s what that is going to coach you so that’s a very principal part of that after which down right here they’re going to speak about some of the extra moneymaking products that they promote so you will see right here you understand net design lead new release search engine optimisation messenger advertising we do numerous social media we do a variety of video we do a lot of fame with the intention to add that into that record here however they are gonna speak all about provide a few of those so again it’s a sexy lengthy session in

Here and inside you’re going to get more than simply the lesson so if we go all the way down to for instance the email part here you are gonna download these electronic mail templates and you are going to use those to ship them out and you are gonna use what you realized in constructing the computing device right here to ship out these emails okay so you are gonna get those that is a huge significant part of all of this and so what I to do now is to without a doubt go in and set a few of this up and i’m gonna try to ship some of these out do what they said in right here and

We’re gonna see if we get outcome now it is Wednesday this opens Friday so I’ve best acquired two days to get some of these out and see if I get any outcome out of it and expectantly I do however i’m gonna set that up now and we’re gonna pause this video and i’m gonna come again and style of exhibit you what I’ve established after which i’m gonna exhibit you the outcome that we received out of that so we’ll pause the video right here okay

So breaking back in here for only a second I need to show you the way we’re gonna set this up simply so which you could get an thought of what we’re doing and so I’ve brought the plugin that they mentioned here that turns Gmail into a follow-up sequence and i’m gonna are available in right here and i’ve already created a CSV of HVAC providers within the discipline so i am gonna snatch that and i’m gonna make sure I received the CSV for that which is that this one i’m gonna hit open and that’s gonna carry them in here and you can see I’ve received the e-mail the name first name

Final title and then the enterprise and there’s about 50 of them in there which is best that’s we want is we wish 50 or so in view that we do not wish to go overboard considering the fact that you only get so much a month at no cost now you could go extra if you want to pay for this but that is free correct now so we’re gonna do with that so I’ve added that in here and so now we’ve obtained to create our emails down right here so what i’m gonna do subsequent is i’m going to seize the e-mail sequence and i’m gonna paste it in here now i’m going to pause the video once more considering you guys don’t want

To watch me as I try this so we will see once I’m accomplished with that we’ll come again okay so I’ve brought in the first e mail and i’ve made some adjustments like placing first identify and including my business identify in my individual identify actually nonetheless have got to do this here so i’m genuinely gonna try this right now and act now and we will put my telephone number just like so and so now the other factor that is on this first email right here is the capacity to have them click here to

Agenda a private name so i’m absolutely gonna put mine in right here so that is my hyperlink for doing live calls with folks so we are going to come in here we’ll hit this will likely pop that URL in there and we’ll hit ok and there we go so now they are able to click on that to make a personal name or to schedule a name with me in order that you know i am utilising this here this is a component

of the lead conversion approach so that is the one i am using they’re gonna exhibit you some free ones that you should use but this is a high-quality person who i exploit the place humans can are available in here and if they need to ebook an appointment to start with they may be able to watch a video with me they may be able to opt for a date choose a time fill within the appointment and growth they’re in a position to head it’s gonna let me recognize that there is meeting i will meet with them and then i’m going to sell to them utilizing the

Ways which can be taught inside lead factory so now what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna finish striking the equal thing into all the follow-up emails and then we are going to go from there okay so i have brought the relaxation of the emails you will discover I’ve delivered the click to schedule a individual call on every of these as we go through them here too and there’s the three follow-u.S.Along with the primary fashioned one so now we’re equipped to ship this out and we will see if we get better outcome than we traditionally do which I believe we can just by way of virtue of the fact that we’re sending out a couple of emails and the truth that these are installed and created

by using men and women that have used these earlier than and you know and we’ve got used some templatized matters before however these are absolutely quite good-written so must do relatively good i am gonna give this a new title i’ll name it loganville HVAC and so now i’m gonna time table the emails and then we will be able to follow up and see what happens k it is now Thursday morning so it’s been ooh trade shrewd less than 24 hours considering the fact that

I typically despatched out my electronic mail someplace around 12:00 12:30 the day gone by and it can be now simply the begin of the trade day on Thursday and i will be able to take a appear here and you can see we have now obtained 5 leads generated it says today however that’s in the last 24 hours so you will discover them here this one right here this can be a under no circumstances Lesson one so this isn’t a kind of that is a person who most of the time bought a product and obtained

Entry to their bonuses but these four right here with the double hot leads here these are new consumers probably or you already know individuals with a view to be accomplishing out to for getting them to buy our products so let’s hop on over to the genuine inside of right here and one can find we bought these one two three four of them here all on the 19th and in these days is the twentieth double hot leads there you’ll find and mmm we had one the day earlier than so the fact that we acquired 4 in you know let’s see so if we did this about

12:30 they typically acquired about one two three four or five so most commonly in in the span of you realize five business hours this was once been out to get 4 leads off of emails to simply 50 men and women that’s fairly fairly just right and i will inform you that due to the fact that we normally send you recognize 150 leads or 150 emails to corporations and we could get again one or two so the fact that we no longer best received again 4 but four that ended up in the approach not just you already know emailing back and

Going howdy I bought your message Thanks these are humans that definitely clicked and went into the method right here so we now have got four new leads in there that we are going to comply with up with and particularly truthfully for you know less than a day that is particularly rather just right that is shockingly just right that we’re ready to get that many individuals in there so evidently it is a very superb product with regards to getting folks to open and reply to these leads considering we get opens you already know customarily if I send out a hundred leads to plumbers

in you realize an discipline we would get you understand 5 to eight men and women that open it but only might be one to two that might definitely respond to the point the place we can comply with up with them per se so the truth that we acquired four which can be truly in the system now that to me is surely extremely good and you work if even simply one of these simply this kind of turns into a low degree patron we’re speaking about you understand traditionally three to 4 thousand bucks now if if they purchase more than that now we’re talking about $12,000 but if they are paying $1,000 a month

it simply depends upon what they purchase but the backside line is you know for a product you could get proper now for I consider it is like $28 or whatever like that to get four leads back in one day just by way of altering the email that is wonderful so tremendously advise this satisfactory stuff in there certainly the emails work relatively good the free systems that they offer you all of that very superb stuff so i am really impressed by means of this and i’m hoping that you just assess it out comes out day after today it can be Thursday when you are once I’m making this it comes out the following day at 11:00 so be sure to verify it out additional be sure to look at our

Interview and you already know take action when eleven o’clock rolls around okay so there it is that’s the lead manufacturing unit you’ve got visible the inside you’ve gotten seen what it does how concerning the results well i am proud to say that this does give the results it is not a dud it is surely a stud of a product and one that you just need to get your hands on actually

While you do correct now you are gonna get a ton of high-quality bonuses which might be going to support you even additional with your neighborhood advertising and marketing so be sure to scroll down this page investigate out those bonuses let me recognize what you think of the product let me comprehend what you feel of the bonuses and be sure to reach out with any questions you could constantly name me on the cell textual content me facebook message me send me an electronic mail smoke indicators anything it is that you have got to do to contact me with questions or with understanding about this product please consider free to do and we’ll see you guys in the next video

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and services online. This includes a variety of methods and platforms for communicating with customers, such as website, email, social media, and online advertising.

Learn more about internet marketing, its role and importance in business, and how to use it to your benefit.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing refers to the strategies used to market products and services online and through other digital means. These can include a variety of online platforms, tools, and content delivery systems, such as:

Website content and design
Email marketing
Social media
Online ads
Sponsorships and paid promotions
While internet marketing’s apparent purpose is to sell goods and services, or advertising over the internet, it’s not the only reason a business will do it.

A company may be marketing online to communicate a message about itself (building its brand) or to conduct research. Online marketing can also be an effective way to identify a target market, discover a marketing segment’s wants and needs, build long-term relationships with customers, or establish authority and expertise within an industry.

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