Shawn Trautman - Two Step Basics Vol 1.

Shawn Trautman – Two Step Basics Vol 1.
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Shawn Trautman – Two Step Basics Vol 1.

Shawn Trautman - Two Step Basics Vol 1.

Shawn Trautman – Two Step Basics Vol 1.

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2-Step Basics is a one-of-a-kind starting point that allows you to get deep into the best country 2-step dance lessons you’ll find anywhere. Not only will you learn the tricks of leading & following so you can dance w/anyone, you’ll learn the most popular beginner 2-step moves that you’ll be proud of on the country dance floor & that others will compliment you on over & over again. You’ll start out by learning the basics themselves & then you’ll get tons of tips, tricks, drills, & everything else you need for success & practicing through more than 4 hours of instruction.

Best 2-Step Dance Lessons
Multiple camera angles
Created for beginners
Easy to follow 2-Step Video
Great Exercise
Go at your own pace
Costs much less than private lessons

I wanted to wait until I’d spoken with at least 10 customers who’ve gone through their pre-release versions of the 2-Step Basics. Well, yesterday, I spoke with #10 and I cannot be more pleased with what came of it all.

Jim H. from Texas said “If you can’t dance the 2-step after these lessons, you don’t belong on the dance floor!”, while James B. from Oklahoma stated “These DVDs should be mandatory for everyone, whether you think you know how to 2-step or not!”

Truthfully, 9 out of 10 people were absolutely thrilled with the instruction. What about the other person? Well, I’m glad you asked: the person who didn’t like it said “I had no idea it would be this detailed on the basics. I guess if you didn’t know anything about 2-step it would be perfect, but we’re already dancers. Even though we were bored for a lot of it, we also picked up a number of things we’d never heard before and really liked the practice drills.” So, not a fan, but still one I guess? 🙂 The better news for this guy is that we’re about to release the next set of DVDs, one geared towards people who know how to 2-step and want to take it up a notch.
if you want to be the best 2-step dancer out there, invest a few hours of your time into this series..

Now, my take: I just finished watching the final versions (again) and I’m absolutely satisfied! This is the 3rd time we’ve done a beginner 2-Step Dance video and this time we nailed it. What’s different about this set is that we taught the lessons as though it was the ONLY 2-step dance lessons you’d ever take. That said, we made sure to cover all the ‘little’ things and give you all the practice time that you’d need (we now know that telling someone to practice & practicing with them are two VERY different things – in these DVDs, we make sure you get it!

We start out assuming you know nothing about 2-step and teach you how to dance, step-by-step, literally, until it’s completely in your head. I’m not talking about doing the same thing over and over and over in a boring, monotonous way, I’m talking about mixing things up, coming back to the concepts you just went through, reviewing, adding new stuff, practicing, giving examples, drills, etc., etc. If you’ve never danced the 2-step before or even if you still call yourself a beginner, you’re gonna’ love these DVDs!

In this 3 DVD set on 2-Step, you’ll get over 4 hours of fun, interactive well-thought out lessons that’ll force you to have fun. Truly, once you “GET” this dance, there’s no stopping how much fun you’ll have. Now, that ONLY happens if you really understand what the leader’s roles are and what the followers are supposed to do. It’s absolutely critical & once you’ve seen these DVDs, you’ll understand & insist every dancer you know go through them as well. We even emphasize etiquette, both with your partner & with others on the dance floor (don’t you wish everyone followed the rules?).

My take wouldn’t be complete without saying that if you want to be the best 2-step dancer out there, invest a few hours of your time into this series. It’ll be a prerequisite to the next series that’ll blow you away when it comes to learning moves & patterns. Hope you all enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed making it.

These are 2-Step Dance lessons with an all-American feel! 2-Step BASICS gives you the hottest new style with a fresh look at a classic Country favorite.

Now, you can learn how to 2-Step with Shawn Trautman’s All New 3 DVD set that’ll give you hours of fun 2-step lessons sure to give you the look of a confident dancer.

Teamed with former dance champion Nicole Frye, Shawn unveils a new teaching format, tons of tips & tricks, bonus sections, practice music, & much more! Whether you have street shoes, custom boots or a ten gallon hat, Shawn & Nicole will have you 2-Steppin’ with ease just minutes into your first lesson.

Lessons set the way these are make an instant impact on your look, style, & overall grasp of the 2-Step and the skill-set you develop will blow your mind! These 2-step lessons give you the look of a champion and you’ll be a true pleasure to dance with. You’ll hone your navigation skills, build a full range of 2-Step moves, and get amped by the driving 2-Step Dance rhythm as you effortlessly join in on Country Music’s most popular dance.

2-Step BASICS is chock full of fun & easy practice drills you won’t find anywhere else and guarantees to deliver success! In no time flat you’ll be up, dancing, & jamming to your favorite Two-Step music. This all-in-one 3 DVD set teaches everything you need to have complete 2-step dance success!

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