Smart Group Training - Building a Foundation

Smart Group Training – Building a Foundation
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Smart Group Training – Building a Foundation

Smart Group Training - Building a Foundation

Smart Group Training – Building a Foundation

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This is Program is ONLY Trainers Who Want to Be Considered the BEST in Their Area. This Program is NOT for Rookies, Part-Time Trainers Between Careers, or Coaches Who Just Want to Get By Wih Basic Routines…

“Who Else Wants to Be Revered as The BEST Personal Trainer in Their Town, Be Flooded With Personal AND Medical Referrals, and Be Famous for Helping People Feel & Perform Better Then Ever Before?”

It’s Your Turn Discover How To Build THe Foundation For Your Personal Training Success…

Dear Trainer/Coach,

We’re not going to pull any punches here. We’ve worked tirelessly to become part of an elite group of personal trainers that gets results and transforms our clients’ lives like nobody else can…

And, now we’ve dedicated our lives to helping YOU do the same.

Take a moment and answer this question…

Are you the BEST trainer in your area for your niche? Really, the very BEST?

If you answered, “YES!”that’s fantastic! Hang tight for a minute…
If you answered, “no :-(” that’s OK, so long as you can answer to this next question…

Do you want to be?

If you answered, “YES!” to that question then stick with us.
If you answered, “no” than don’t waste your time. The rest of this information just isn’t for you.

OK, back to our “YES!” trainers & coaches.

Like you, we’re always working to become better at our craft. In fact, in the last year we’ve attended over 30 (yes THIRTY) conferences to learn from and mastermind with the best educators and fellow trainers in our field. Some would say that’s excessive; we’d say it’s absolutely necessary, and we’ll probably attend more in the next year…

Anyway, if you answered YES to one of the questions above, YOU GET IT. You’re always looking for tools and resources that will take your training skills to the next level, right?

Well, today I’m going to tell you, we’ve put together a training system that you’re just going to LOVE!

Introducing SGT Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation is a multi-faceted resource, which can be used in many situations. Not only is this a resource used to “re-build” your clients movements, but Building a Foundation is also a program to help “build” better athletes as well.

Essentially it is rebuilding the human body by rebuilding the patterns that we naturally developed as babies. Smart Group Training, along with many others, have had great success by building a solid foundation from which our clients can perform from the ground up, just like we developed in the first place.

Lets look at a few of the ways that this program will be useful in your training program.

Clients with all 1′s on the FMS or Issues on a Movement Screen:

This program is amazing when you find yourself with a client that has all 1′s on the FMS or someone with multiple movement compensations or dysfunction. The Building a Foundation Program walks you step by step through the FMS Hierarchy, which is based on developmental positions.

Simply put, while we take you through developmental positions such as supine, prone, rolling, crawling, kneeling, and standing, we are also taking you through Active Straight Leg Raise, Shoulder Mobility, Rotary Stability, Trunk Stability Push up, and so on.

The key is to make sure that your client has proper posture and breathing in each position. This is better explained in the in services include in this resource.

Just start at the top of the list and program the movements that your clients can do in good posture with good breathing. You may be surprised at the compensations that you see when put your clients in perfect form and ask them to take a breath in certain positions during that movement. If they can’t control a movement in this program while exhaling, they are not ready to move on.
To Build Your Corrective Exercise Toolbox:
When You Have No Screen at All:
Clients that are in Pain:
Elderly Clients:
Movement Prep for Athletes or High Level Fitness Clients:
Elderly Clients:
SGT Building a Foundation
WILL Give You the Knowledge & Resources You Need to Be the Best Trainer in Your Area – Without Question!

SGT Building a Foundation is hands down a training resource every top-level personal trainer or coach must have in their library, and because we’re so dedicated to helping good trainers become great trainers we’re NOT going to charge they typical $299.95 or $199.95 fee a program like this sells for online…

Instead, we’re going to give you SGT Building a Foundation for only $99.95 – about the price of 1-2 private training sessions, 2-4 semi-private training sessions, or a ½ month of a typical group training membership. In other words, recouping your investment is a non-issue, right?

Take a look at everything you get with SGT Building a Foundation:

48 specific exercises designed to build the foundation necessary for optimal performance
Two 30 minute in-services teaching you how to apply this product with a variety of clients
An action plan to make implementation a breeze

And, as if that price wasn’t already low enough, to celebrate the release of SGT Foundations, we’re cutting the price in HALF this week…

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