Steve Cotter, Nate Morrison, Steve Maxwell & Mike Mahler - The Boys Are Back in Town

Steve Cotter, Nate Morrison, Steve Maxwell & Mike Mahler – The Boys Are Back in Town
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Steve Cotter, Nate Morrison, Steve Maxwell & Mike Mahler – The Boys Are Back in Town

Steve Cotter Nate Morrison Steve Maxwell & Mike Mahler - The Boys Are Back in Town

Steve Cotter, Nate Morrison, Steve Maxwell & Mike Mahler – The Boys Are Back in Town

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Mahler’s Kettlebell Workshop – The Boys Are Back In Town.

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Mike Mahler
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The Boys are Back in Town Kettle Bell Workshop

Mike Mahler decided to invite Nate Morrison, Steve Maxwell, and Steve Cotter to join him in Las Vegas for a weekend seminar and a chance to share their knowledge.

In the four part download, you will learn from kettle bell experts as they teach you various workouts, techniques, and vital training tools to enhance your strength and overall health.

If you want to learn the most efficient way to use kettle bells for endurance and work capacity, then you need to know how Russian professionals use kettle bells. Steve Cotter went all the way to Russia to learn from the best in the world and his section on the clean, swing, snatch, and jerk is the best out there. In addition to Cotter’s exceptional kettle bell instruction, he took it one step further with his chi-kung section. This is exactly what you need to add to your training regimen. It is not enough just to work the muscles; you need to work your internal organs for real health and longevity. Fortunately, it only requires a few minutes per day when you know what you are doing and you will know what you are doing after viewing Cotter’s section.

If you want to train with heavy kettle bells in the most efficient manner possible, then you will benefit greatly from Mike Mahler’s section on power kettle bell training. Learn how to ramp up your kettle bell military press numbers dramatically. If you are stuck at three reps now with a 70lb bell, you will get to six reps or more after you master these non-tension techniques. You will also learn how to use the one-arm snatch to master the double snatch, an extremely effective alternative to the kettle bell front squat for blasting the quads, glutes, and much more. In addition to Mahler’s kettle bell section, you will get his section on optimizing sex hormones, which is one of the most important things that you can do to maximize your training regimen. More importantly, it is a critical factor in your health, sex drive, and overall well-being.

After you watch Steve Maxwell’s section you will understand clearly why you must add joint mobility exercises to your routine. Maxwell refers to joint mobility drills as the fountain of youth and he has the results to back it up. A crucial part of his anti-aging regimen is his joint mobility routine and no one teaches joint mobility better than him. If you have any physical pain at all, or you want to recover from your workouts more efficiently, then you will benefit immensely from Maxwell’s joint mobility section..

You will never take breathing for granted ever again after checking out Nate Morrison’s detailed section on performance breathing. More important than what Nate is teaching is where he has tested what he has learned. Nate Morrison has been a member of USAF Para-rescue and Special Tactics teams for the last thirteen years. Nate covers in detail how to use breathing to boost your endurance big time and how to use breathing to cut your recovery time. You need to master breathing in order to master any exercise or form of exercise. You will never be the best you can be with mediocre breathing skills. After watching Nate’s section you will know exactly what breathing method to use to enhance whatever exercise program you are on.

Salepage : Steve Cotter, Nate Morrison, Steve Maxwell & Mike Mahler – The Boys Are Back in Town

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