Tap INTO Money WORLD SUMMIT - Natalie Hill

Tap INTO Money WORLD SUMMIT – Natalie Hill
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Tap INTO Money WORLD SUMMIT – Natalie Hill

Tap INTO Money WORLD SUMMIT - Natalie Hill

Tap INTO Money WORLD SUMMIT – Natalie Hill

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Tap INTO Money WORLD SUMMIT with Natalie Hill

Master Making More, Keeping More, Giving More… for Spiritually Based Entrepreneurs

Transform your unconscious financial programming so you

can be richly rewarded in a business you love!

Calling all entrepreneurs – coaches, authors, healers,

mentors, visionaries and “wannabes”!

Is your inspiration overflowing, but your income a trickle?

Do you KNOW your vision and your work have the potential to change lives, but you’re not sure how to turn that vision into a lucrative career?

Do you suspect that there’s some hidden unconscious programming stopping you from charging more money, accumulating wealth and having the money to give more generously?

In this Tap Into Money World Summit, you’ll be inspired, taught and transformed by 13 luminaries in the field of money and business.

During this summit, you have the opportunity to get trained by 13 SPIRITUAL and SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs, who have each cracked the inner money code and the outer business and marketing code.

What makes this summit different?

• The interviews are LIVE, on Google Hangouts
• Each expert will take you through a transformational exercise
• You’ll be given a Business Action Step you can take in the next 24 hours to GROW YOUR BUSINESS
• 5% of the proceeds generated by this summit will be donated to the Tapping Solution Foundation, promoting the
healing effects and results of EFT/Tapping to those in need around the world. Lori Leyden, who you’ll meet in
our 7th interview, is the director of the Foundation. You’ll learn more about her work in Rwanda, with orphans
of genocide and in Newtown, Connecticut, after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Making More – It’s About Business

From the BUSINESS EXPERTS, you’ll learn:
• One of the BIGGEST mistakes coaches, change agents and healers make that keep them broke, stuck and spinning
their wheels – and how to avoid it
• How to give and receive in a balanced win-win way that blossoms your business
• How to charge more and have your clients be HAPPIER!
• Fill your practice and create sustainable financial and conscious wealth through creating a business you love
• Take a QUANTUM LEAP in your physical energy, personal mission, relationships, and in your deepest sense
of purpose in the world

Keeping More – It’s About MONEY

From the MONEY EXPERTS you’ll learn:
• Uncover your hidden blocks to financial abundance (and it’s not what you think)
• Abolish your financial anxiety
• The way you might be ALLERGIC to money, so you repel instead of attract it. How to heal and release that allergy
• The way your entire wealth picture and the way you manifest money is run by a paradigm you received as a child.
You’ll receive a CONSCIOUS AWAKENING to a whole new wealth reality
• Attract abundance into your life by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance
and build prosperity consciousness
• How to easily attract the money you deserve doing what you love

These business experts will take us on a business-building journey. If you follow the steps taught by each expert, one at a time, you can get free expert advice that will either start a lucrative business or take a quantum leap forward in your existing business.

Giving More – It’s About Generosity

From our amazing Experts you’ll learn:
• How opening to receiving has transformed their businesses and their lives
• The magic that happens when we increase our own generosity
• About how the Tapping Solution Foundation has amplified healing from a surprising connection between those
affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and orphans of genocide in Rwanda.

Tap Into Money World Summit Speaker Sessions

Margaret M. Lynch
The Shocking Truth About What’s Running Your Money
Unlock the SECRETS That Put a Cap on Your Wealth (Hint: It’s Your 1st Chakra Money Paradigm)
• Learn about the unconscious money paradigm you received in childhood, that’s limiting and sabotaging your income,
your savings and your future goals.
• Experience a conscious awakening to what is really running your money and clear it out for a whole NEW WEALTH REALITY.
• Experience cutting edge personal development to dramatically expand your WEALTH POTENTIAL.

Carol Look
Money Sabotage to Money Success
Break the Habits of Money Sabotage so You Can Finally be Financially Successful in Your Life
• Learn the #1 mistake people make that keeps them stuck.
• Ask the right questions to uncover the real reasons you sabotage.
• Learn the “energetic equation” that will move you towards success right now!

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