Terry Ashman’s Gann Swings Swing Trading Course (HotTrader Tutorial)

Terry Ashman’s Gann Swings Swing Trading Course (HotTrader Tutorial)

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Terry Ashman’s Gann Swings Swing Trading Course (HotTrader Tutorial)

Terry Ashman’s Gann Swings Swing Trading Course (HotTrader Tutorial)

Terry Ashman’s Gann Swings Swing Trading Course (HotTrader Tutorial)

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Simplicity in its natural form…

All markets do the same thing, it’s really quite strange to contemplate this but there is a common element between trading Soybeans, stocks, currencies, and futures… and that common element is, of course, that all markets are traded by human beings who all suffer from the emotions of fear, greed and panic.

What makes a successful trader? Why do some make fortunes whilst others try again and again only to fail dismally?

In my experience there is a holy grail in trading, and that is education.

You cannot hope to beat seasoned, practiced traders if you do not have a foundation of tried and tested tools, strategies, money management, discipline and patience.

I no longer ask anyone’s opinion as to market direction. I came to realize that most other traders, if not all, do not have any better sense of future proportion than I do. In any case, the other opinion will almost certainly be biased subject to their own time frames and current holdings. You could ask where the market is going, but a trader holding a large parcel of any stock will almost certainly tell you its going to go up. That’s why they hold the stock isn’t it? Anyone holding stock will almost certainly have a positive bias, which they will broadcast because that’s where they want the market to go.

I have found that my analysis relies on tested signals, most of which I owe to the fabulous work of W.D.Gann and Fibonacci.

I have seen many other interpretations of these great works, but as the title suggests, simplicity is the key.  Anyone with the right knowledge and determination can succeed, its truly not that hard. You need some proven signals, and the discipline to wait for these signals to appear, then apply a proportion of your trading capital to buying or selling the market.

It is pertinent here to stress that trading with the trend is the basis for all my trading. I don’t trade against the trend, or counter trends, I wait until I know which direction the chart indicates and follow the herd. I don’t want to lead the herd, or anticipate their next move, I am quite happy to follow in the wake and profit from that.

The easiest and simplest way to find a trend is the Gann swing chart.

The Gann swing chart simply follows the direction from the bars on the chart, and it is these swings and their patterns that are fabulous signals for trading profits.

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