The Bulletproof Manager Home Leadership Program

The Bulletproof Manager Home Leadership Program
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The Bulletproof Manager Home Leadership Program

The Bulletproof Manager Home Leadership Program

The Bulletproof Manager Home Leadership Program

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21 Videos from Crestcom BulletProof manager leadership program.

Our video-based, live-facilitated management training has received the “National Training Award,” the highest accolade in England’s training industry.

We are a four-time honoree, by Entrepreneur magazine, as the world’s #1 management training franchise. We are based in Greenwood Village, Colorado USA.

Most of all, the most admired firms in the world – of all sizes and fields – have turned to Crestcom for more than 22 years to grow their leaders and generate real business results. More than 98% of our clients have said that our training equaled or exceeded their expectations.

All videos published in 2012

– How to exceed customer expectations
Featuring Lisa Ford

Rather than slashing prices to gain market share, Lisa Ford claims that greater, more lasting benefit is achieved by amazing, astounding & astonishing customers with service.

3 levels of service
Recover loyalty
Empower employees

– Recognition: The key to higher performance
Featuring John Hersey

How do you help others to catch the spirit, power, and satisfaction of contagious leadership? John Hersey says the answer rests on our ability to see great performance in others.

Three steps of Involved Recognition
Contagious Leadership
The power of non-monetary recognition

– How to be a Transformational Leader
Featuring Nido Qubein

Of every 4 change efforts taken in business, 3 of them fail to change anything at all, or they make things worse. In this session, Nido Qubein teaches strategies to reverse this trend.Dynamic leadership questions
4 forms of leadership capital

– How to become a Stress Buster
Featuring Amanda Gore

Research shows that leaders who create a positive work environment are 1/3 less likely to suffer from heart disease or high stress. Amanda Gore shares steps for busting workplace stress.

Identify stress warning signs
Balance excess input and productivity
Stress reaction differences
Grow relational capital investments

– Negotiating to win
Featuring Dr. Jim Hennig

In terms of immediate performance impact, perhaps no area of training is more important than negotiation training. Dr. Jim Hennig shares 16 bottom-line strategies to help you negotiate to win.

16 bottom-line negotiation strategies
Reach agreement
Obtain better negotiation outcomes

– The listening advantage
Featuring Dr. Terry Paulson

Research shows that the #1 cause of executive failure in business is rooted in communication. Dr. Paulson shares practical tips for helping leaders to put better listening to their advantage.

3 keys of listening leadership
Listen louder
Skills of listening facilitation

– How to tap the creativity of your management team
Featuring Bob Johnson

A tech industry executive said once that, “Innovation is a social process more than anything else.” Bob Johnson offers a 5-step strategy to help succeed in the social process of innovation.

Build, maintain a creative environment
Help employees use more of their creative potential
Embrace continuous improvement

– Projecting a more positive self-image
Featuring George Walther

Are you fluent in the language of leadership? George Walther shares how we can make leadership our primary business language and project a more positive self-image to others.

Project positive expectations
Set a positive tone
Project the image of reliability

– How to hire, train and reward employees
Featuring Lisa Ford

Up to 85% of an employee’s business performance is determined by their attitude. How do you hire, reward and grow service-oriented attitudes in the people you lead? Lisa Ford knows how.

5 steps of effective hiring
Keys to effective service training
4 employee reward strategies

– Creating leaders through mentoring
Featuring John Hersey

Top companies may lose up to half of their top executives to retirement in the next 5 years. In this session, John Hersey shares what we can do about it.

5 steps of effective mentoring
Permission Mentoring
The most important job of a leader

– Developing a time investment strategy
Featuring Dr. Terry Paulson

Executives often complain about a lack of time, when in reality, they have all the time there is. Dr. Paulson offers helpful ideas about making more profitable time investments.

6-step time investment strategy
Avoid the Kiss of Yes
Identify problems, manage priority shifts

– Increasing productivity through motivated people
Featuring Jim Cathcart

When executives were asked to name the most important quality for leaders to possess in hard times, their most common response was the ability to motivate people.

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It does not mean it is a company, a corporation, partnership, or have any such formal organization, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors.”

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A business structure does not allow for corporate tax rates. The proprietor is personally taxed on all income from the business.

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