The Influencer Academy by Julie Solomon

The Influencer Academy by Julie Solomon
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The Influencer Academy by Julie Solomon

The Influencer Academy by Julie Solomon

The Influencer Academy by Julie Solomon

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What’s the biggest difference between the big bloggers and content creators who make a full-time living as an entrepreneur leveraging their smarts to build out e-courses, partnerships, and their own product lines that totally justify high-fiving herself…

… and feeling like you’re spinning your wheels just trying to keep up with content creation—wondering if you’ll ever get to the point when Nordstrom appreciates you as much as your bank account appreciates them?

You roll over and immediately move your hand until it hits—yep, right there: A hard, shiny glass screen. You tap open your go-to app and pause until the red pop-up displays a few vital metrics: Followers, check. Comments, check. Mentions, check.

And thus begins the day—you’ll just add another shiny screen (mornin’, laptop!) and cup of coffee to the mix and quite literally work from sunup to sundown… alternating between Bravo and E! in the background + Postmates on the way while the hour’s tick later into the evening.

Clicking through your Gmail on one display, thumbing through and answering follower comments on another.

Some days it’s playing bumper cars in traffic to get to a photo shoot, most days its endless content creation. It’s a constant one-thing-after-another reactionary kind of day.

Honestly, it usually feels like one step forward, and five steps back (Okay, let’s just be 2-glasses-of-frosé-al-fresco honest: lately it feels like no steps forward—just a dead end on some days).

Things haven’t quite worked out as you thought.

Which makes you that much more agitated when family and friends don’t see this as a real business.

Your love/hate addiction to scoping out fellow brands used to be a fun inspo sesh—but now, it’s a discouraging little reminder of just how much you have on your endless to-do list to turn this blog into a business.

And as new months tick off in your pretty planner, shifting your goals from “well, that month must have not been the right timing” to the next month, even you—the starry-eyed dreamer—are starting to doubt if you’ve really got the vision and clarity to make this thing work.

If you’re going to reach your full potential, cultivate deep trust with your followers, and grow a community that inspires others… instead of constantly feeling like the driver dropped you off on the plateau of brand growth and there’s no piece of the “KILLING the game pie” left over for you.

And that’s why I’m going to show you exactly how to finally shift things back to your favor.

Because once you have a tailored-to-your-goals-plan, you’ll also hold the keys to the kingdom to:

Bounce ideas off of and ask questions to a like-minded group with the collective energy of ambition and creativity that for once you can relate to.

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Make a full-time living as an influencer, and leverage your skills to create e-courses, e-books, your own fashion collection, and eco-friendly toddler sippy cup line or whatever your dreams are made of.

Have an engaged community of women who go to your site to share tips and learn from one another, because instead of talking to everyone, you’re talking to YOUR people.

Play to your strengths, so you know how to hone and use those well… and if it’s not in your zone of genius, you know exactly how to hire the right person, and can afford them too!

Enjoy a constant stream of monthly income with which you can support yourself and your family (and yes, furbabes count as children).

I’m telling you, these things are TOTALLY within reach even if you have a follower count that isn’t quite flaunting the almighty “K” at the end of it yet.

… but they do depend on a strategic, step-by-step roadmap approach.

One that means a little tough love at times, because as fun as clicking through new arrivals on is…

Julie Solomon – The Influencer Academy Here’s what you get inside

The Influencer Academy™

You need an actual business strategy curated for someone in your niche. The strategy that builds your dreams when you feel like the algorithm’s not quite linking arms with you. THAT is sustainability, and that’s what we’re after with The Influencer Academy™.

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Salepage : The Influencer Academy by Julie Solomon

About Author

Julie Solomon

I’m Julie Solomon, an expert in digital marketing, PR, and personal branding and host of the chart-topping podcast The Influencer Podcast, I split time between L.A. and Nashville.

I help women up-level their influence, purposefully connect, and monetize their platform beyond tiny affiliate payouts, dead end Google searches, and Pinterest/blog rabbit trails—all because I believe your influence has value.

I believe in the power of positive persuasion fueled with heart and intention.

I built others’ businesses on it, and I built my business on it.

Now? Let’s build your business on it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I left my small town roots in Tennessee with a journalism degree in hand and got a one-way ticket to NYC to dive into the world of music publicity (had never been there before but decided to move there with no job, and no friends!). I landed a job at a top boutique music PR firm: think conference calls with acts like Def Leppard, P!nk to Lenny Kravitz.

But, I realized the hustle and grind of Manhattan wasn’t what I wanted long-term. I moved back home to Nashville to work for Harper-Collins’ Thomas Nelson Inc., the largest faith based publishing house in the world, and over time, joined forces with a girlfriend to start our own boutique PR firm, OMG Publicity— securing clients from Emily Maynard Johnson to Emily Ley … and turning them into best-sellers!

However, it turns out when you meet and marry a guy who’s lived in Los Angeles for more than 25 years, you move across the country … especially when he works as an actor and you can work from wherever with your PR firm … and especially when there’s a little one on the way.

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