The Master Sponsoring Series from Ray Higdon

The Master Sponsoring Series from Ray Higdon
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The Master Sponsoring Series from Ray Higdon

The Master Sponsoring Series from Ray Higdon

The Master Sponsoring Series from Ray Higdon

Archive : The Master Sponsoring Series from Ray Higdon

“How a Real Estate guy in Foreclosure Sponsored 28 People in 21 Days at a Minimum $500 Buy-In, and Today Regularly Enjoys Multiple $5-Figure Months in Residual Income Thanks to this #1 Skill-Set You Can Master Starting Today…”
Uncover His Best-Kept Sponsoring Secrets That Can Make You a Fortune!

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About Author

Ray Higdon

Just a few years ago I would not have believed you-if you told me I’d accomplish ANY ONE of the above. My wife and I travel the world now-teaching people how to get more leads, recruit more reps and become top earners in their network marketing company. We built our business using online and offline marketing and prospecting and teach others how to do the same.

If You’re Sick Of The Rat Race And Lack Of Freedom In Your Life… I’ve been there and I Know How You Feel!!


You’re sick of your regular working week

You have more month than money left at the end of every pay check

You have no spare cash or freedom to do the nice things in life

You’re looking for a way to secure your financial future…to leave a legacy

You want to live life on your own terms

Back in 2004 I had enough

I was sick of corporate USA…Of never having enough time with my kids and enough money. I was settling for pictures of them instead of spending time with them. Maybe you’re in the same situation right now? I knew it was time for a change.

A vital lesson you can learn from my story…

My journey taught me that the only security in your life is your ability to adapt to circumstances. You never know what life is going to throw at you. You just got to keep moving forward. Many people blame circumstances outside themselves for their situation, but that makes you powerless. You only have control over your internal world…that is what you need to focus on. When you focus on what’s going on inside you-success will follow…no matter who you are.

$10,000 a Month In Five Months!

And that was just the beginning for me in network marketing. My seventh month was over $40,000 and my tenth month was $52,483! I had previously failed at network marketing before and had been through 11 different network marketing companies with nothing to show for it but a burnt out warm market. Most people would give up on their warm market at this stage but I reached out to them again and was so glad I did. Many of them have now made over $100k and have won numerous vacations because of my actions.

What’s my secret?

I embraced the fear of rejection and you can too. I’d recommend right now-that you go out and get the book… “Go For No” This became my bible when I was starting out. I went out to get 20 no’s a day. Rejection became like water off a duck’s back.

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