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THÉURGIE et Haute Magie
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THÉURGIE et Haute Magie

THÉURGIE et Haute Magie

THÉURGIE et Haute Magie

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In the following lines, I will reveal all the truth about the divine magic from Antiquity to the present day by lifting the veil on the authentic or deceptive practices of most of the initiatory orders of yesterday and today .

You will then be introduced to the highest knowledge of traditional theurgy and will be able to practice rituals of very divine divine magic VERY SIMPLE, which really work for once, and this, whatever the current of thought or the initiatory tradition which is yours.
Where are you with magic?

You seek to understand the difference between magic and theurgy;

You are interested in divine magic but do not know where to take the problem;

You want to know how to combine alchemy and magic;

You have already practiced magic rituals but they have had no significant effect on your spiritual life;

Conversely, your evocative practices have brought you a lot of problems and you would like to understand why;

You have had enough of these so-called magic orders where the members quarrel non-stop, and would like to practice theurgy all alone safely;

You are afraid to practice certain rites for fear of making mistakes;

The rituals currently existing seem too complicated or too folkloric, and you would like to know if it is possible to simplify everything;

You think high magic is a divine science that goes beyond the powers of simple prayer.

Do not despair ! There is an entirely positive, simple and truly divine high magic, the practice of which will only bring you happy spiritual benefits. You will immediately discover advanced and unpublished initiatory knowledge (unknown to current initiation orders) which will allow you to become in a short time an accomplished mage and theurgist, without having to read thousands of indigestible pages on the Hebrew Kabbalah or neoplatonic philosophy.
An experience that goes back a long way …

I read my first book of high magic at the age of 15. It was Papus’ Basic Treatise on Practical Magic. Suffice to say that I did not understand much at the time. I was more attracted by the marvelous side of the subject than by its initiatory aspect of which I ignored everything…

During the next few years, I practiced all kinds of magic within the framework of foreign traditions, but never really found what I was looking for inside, that is to say, divine enlightenment.

By later rediscovering the western magic tradition, I experienced most of the grimoires and other clavicles available, but their dusty content and in total offset with our time, made my progress difficult, and often discouraged me.

I also tried for a few years more modern methods and programs like that of Franz Bardon, but without much success for specific reasons…

I then encountered initiatory orders and masters who supposedly held the keys to true magic, and received from them multiple initiations. But the instability of these magico-hermetic organizations and the bellicose or unhealthy atmosphere which reigned there, showed me there again, that the real keys to theurgy were elsewhere….
A well-kept hiding place…

Like you may be, 99% of people interested in divine magic are looking in the wrong direction. We mistakenly think that the books that deal with magic are the ones that speak about it best. It’s wrong. Most of the time, they are synthetic products, the result of authors who have copied each other over the centuries, and have rarely had real expertise on the subject.

It is the same in initiatory orders. We promise to transmit you ultra secret and effective rites, which you will of course practice diligently, without sometimes realizing that the benefit of your efforts is directed in a direction which will make you cold in the back when I have finished educating yourself …

As I have thought for many years, do you too believe that it is enough to trace Kabbalistic signs on the ground, to light a few candles and to recite strange formulas by brandishing your wand very high, to to bring up the entities of the spiritual world? It is an infantile vision of magic which has absolutely nothing to do with the high wisdom of the old mages of antiquity.

When I had finished believing in these nonsense and especially finished going around all this esoteric-magic clutter, I made an incredible discovery and found an answer where I did not expect to find it.
Men of God!

Indeed, we had just forgotten to tell me something masterfully important and yet very simple.

Do you agree with me that by definition divine magic necessarily concerns the men of God? Well, in the West, who are these men of God if not simply monks and religious?

Here is the glaring evidence that escapes all sincere researchers!

It is absolutely not in any magico-mystical orders or in the dozens of books of magic popularized by the apostles of the new age, that the true keys of theurgy are found.

No, the real mysteries of the highest divine magic are to be found in the libraries of monasteries and, by extension, in certain library departments where one never goes …

Indeed, however surprising it may seem, it is the religious who have gone the furthest in the practice of divine magic. Finally, some religious more precisely…

Rest assured, I will not ask you to read the thousands of pages of Platonic philosophy, Hebrew Kabbalah or hermetic mysticism, I did it for you and I can tell you right now that i have much better to offer you …
Off the beaten track

But before that, let me say a few words about what this personal revolution brought about in the course of my own magical evolution:

• As had already been the case in alchemy, I was able to find the real theoretical and practical foundations of high magic. And believe me, it has nothing to do with what is taught in the magical orders of yesterday and today. This deficiency also explains the chronic instability and the lack of seriousness that has always characterized initiation organizations.

• You certainly know this if you have already read works of ceremonial magic, the rituals offered are often very complicated and require a great deal of material means to be implemented. They also have this obsolete side which blocks many researchers. Faced with these difficulties, I discovered how to make it simple, much simpler…

• We hear a lot of contradictory things about the dangers of magic practice. Most are naive, unfounded, or downright stupid opinions. 20 years of practicing spiritual therapy have allowed me to build the necessary bridges and draw up a true map of the psychological challenges raised by the practice of high magic.

• Regular experimentation with the true theurgy of the Ancients allowed me to see exactly what are the advantages and the limits of magic systems such as those of the Golden, Dawn, Aurum Solis, Martinism or various hermetic structures known and less known.

• I also understood what lies behind most of the peddling grimoires that everyone knows and that very few pseudo-specialists really understand.

• The frequentation of the various angelic hierarchies provided me with rather unexpected information on the world of spirits, eons and planetary geniuses. There too, big surprises awaited me at the turn…

• One of the most important benefits was to achieve a perfect junction between alchemy, gnosis and magic, something that is almost impossible to find at present in the initiatory orders, for the good reason that ‘they do not have these mysteries reserved, even when they arrogate very old hermetic traditions…

• In a constant concern for simplification and efficiency, it was possible for me to experiment completely new and exceptional magic invocation techniques, which involve certain meta-technical applications, some of which are absolutely unknown to the public.

• I understood that the real purpose of theurgy has nothing to do with acquiring supernatural powers or having conversation with an alleged guardian angel. The ecstasies of the mage are something much deeper and more subtle, yes much more…

• Finally, a great moment of relief was that of discovering that it is possible – and desirable – to perform one’s own rites on the basis of a few universal principles.
A total renewal of the magic arts

Because of the wear of time and the progressive invasion of pseudo oriental spiritualities, it had become urgent to bring a real breath of fresh air on the magic discipline, for all those who are still looking for spiritual answers in this art endangered.

To start with a complete dusting of the old ancient theories, until now accessible only to a few rare scholars and enthusiasts, having enough time and patience to read the innumerable indigestible old-fashioned on the subject. I did this job for you, helped by some committed friends, and offers it here in its greatest nudity and simplicity.

It was also crucial to redefine the entirety of magic practices in modern language, in order to move from a narrow and low-end vision of magic, with its popular and rude folklore, to the most sublime vision of authentic theurgical rites. Those who allow the acquisition of high spiritual knowledge and unchanging wisdom.

A sacred number of ideas received on magic will be shaken up in this training, in particular in unexpected fields such as the Egyptian tradition for example.
A modern theurgy made for people today

Everything we have about theurgy dates back to the end of the 17th century. Was it not urgent to revisit certain ceremonial practices, to review them and correct them from top to bottom, in order to allow the hatching of a new creativity in the modern researcher, until now stuck in the faded proposals of bygone eras?

Thanks to the knowledge that I share with you in this training, you will really be able to benefit from the powerful spiritual contributions of theurgy,

without danger,

without technical difficulty or particular aptitude,

without the mounds of accessories that clutter mages in general,

without private temple or room reserved for operations,

without spending all his time, evenings or weekends there.

Does that seem completely out of place? It’s quite fair ! This course challenges so many things that it will paradoxically take you a little time to manage its simplicity.

Does this seem completely eccentric and non-traditional? Wait a little to consult the content of the 10 new notebooks of this course, and you will see that the metaphysical data of ancient theurgy are fully present there. Of course, in a form so rid of the heaviness of style of the old philosophers, that you will have the impression of discovering a new occult science that will enchant you.
Training in 10 notebooks in PDF format

I regularly receive many questions on the subject of high magic and many of you have asked for this new training for a long time. This also has its place in the initiatory context of the Western tradition since high magic, as we know, is one of the three science-masters of hermeticism.

As I had done for alchemy and gnosis, I therefore had to travel about 5000 years of history and ancient philosophy, and also make a little trip back that brought me back to my adolescence. magic, some 30 years ago now.

All this to share with you not only the fruit of long studies, but also of a long personal experience, with the happy and unhappy conclusions of such a journey.

Thanks to this important synthesis and to the educational concision of the course materials in the form of 10 notebooks, you will save colossal time, which nowadays is a real luxury.

Whatever your level of study and practice of the magic arts, you will discover another universe of ritual metaphysics, entirely purified from the vulgar inclinations of low-magic, and freed from the heaviness of ancestral rites which, it is necessary to say, are completely unsuitable for our current mode of understanding.

No more understanding what you’re doing,

no more feeling like an encostumed clown waving his wand stupidly,

no more being afraid of making mistakes in incomplete rituals,

finished exhausting himself in exhausting psychic training,

no more having to follow the inaudible and sometimes sordid instructions of the magical orders that purport to instruct you,

finished being lost in the jungle of magic rituals,

no more clearly knowing how to include theurgy in your alchemical operations.

A 10-step action plan

– Book 1: In this book, we will review all of the types of magic that have been studied and practiced from the dawn of time to the present day. In addition to understanding the difference that characterizes and sometimes opposes them, you will discover that many of these systems are not frankly authentic. Among them are imaginary adaptations resulting from the degeneration of old ancient theurgic knowledge. We will therefore explain what the white, black, ethnic, countryside, mythical, druidic, shamanic, ceremonial, kabbalistic, Egyptian, Enochian, Goetic, counter-initiatory, etc. magic are.

– Book 2: This second book will allow us to define exactly what is the meaning of the word “magic” in the purely hermetic tradition. This is one of the fundamental prerequisites through which the study of theurgy takes on a consistent and serious dimension. The information in this booklet is a link with the teachings of traditional alchemy already taught at CFIO. We can clearly understand the true meaning of the deification of man by magic rites. Above all, it explains what profoundly separates the hermetic initiation from classical Christian mysticism.

– Book 3: We will study in this book the history of theurgy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. This will help us to understand on what basis Western high magic was built from its beginnings. It is in particular in this notebook that a great effort of synthesis and simplification took place, since there is question of ancient philosophy there. For once, let us bet that this part will be studied with joy and excitement since I gave it a form of investigation with episodes, with its inescapable batch of small succulent anecdotes, and also some doctrinal surprises of size, in particular as regards alleged Egyptian origin of esoteric knowledge of the West…

– Book 4: This fourth book is a bit explosive and I will surely make friends again! We will find there the continuation of the history of western magic from the Middle Ages to the present day, and always in this same narrative style which will facilitate learning. We will study the great figures of magic like Cornelius Agrippa, John Dee, Eliphas Levy, Papus, etc. And it is also in this volume that I will share with you my personal experiences and conclusions on the small world of contemporary magic. With a few updates and internal revelations on subjects such as the Golden Dawn, Aurum Solis, Franz Bardon, Light on the Kingdom or the Egyptian theurgic orders…

– Book 5: In this book will be studied and explained the main concrete operations of high magic. Again, a large dusting will have sorted the wheat from the chaff. This will allow students to discover the true meaning of certain terms commonly used but poorly understood, such as ablutions, evocations and invocations, executions, consecrations and conjurations, sacred calculations, talismania etc. We will then be able to take stock of the different gestures that populate the rituals of high magic and that most of the authors impose on us as absolute necessities. Through these analyzes, the student will discover new occult knowledge that is never found in books. For example about demonic possession and exorcisms …

– Book 6: The true nature of spirits, angels and geniuses of high magic will be the exclusive subject of this sixth book. The ideas that these terms should convey today have been completely distorted by the grimoires of peddling and religious superstition. We will review everything from top to bottom and understand at the end, the exact nature of these entities that the mage tries to contact during his rituals. It is also in this context that the student is likely to have big cold sweats, because the definition of these hierarchies of spirits for the Ancients is radically opposed to all that one believes to know in general on the subject… We will therefore fully see who or what is likely to have to do with the magus in his theurgic operations.

– Book 7: This seventh book will deal with the great psychological and initiation challenges of magic practice. It is in this volume that I have shared the maximum of personal experiences in order to help students prepare for the possible metaphysical dangers that await them. It would be hard to find a collection of spiritual advice as complete and sincere as this notebook in the magical orders of yesterday and today. Generally reserved for oral instruction, this information will be very valuable for all courageous researchers who want to devote themselves to advanced operativities of theurgy. On the program, the psychological types to watch, the problem of egregores, magical powers, ego, etc.

– Book 8: After having received the essential preparatory lessons, the students will learn point by point how the real theurgy works, its gestures, its decorum and its tools. And especially how this new knowledge will allow you to consider being able to build your own magic system and your own personal rituals in accordance with your sensitivity. This will be an opportunity to explain the usefulness and the function of the ritual as well as its adaptation for alchemical purposes. We will study the problem of incantations and names of power, as well as the exaggerated influence of the weapons and tools advocated in most magical systems. We will talk about the place of theurgic operations with some salutary points. Finally,

– Book 9: This ninth book is largely devoted to the study of the grimoire of Armadel, a work of high divine magic well known, of which we will fully reveal the reading key for the first time. The analysis of the work will therefore provide us with many surprises which will open up to completely unexpected theurgic work proposals. After demonstrating that the work of Armadel is one of the great jewels of hermetic and Gnostic literature, we will study the magic of seals in an entirely new way. It will be the occasion to offer other revelations on operations of magic invocations very little known and practiced at all times and in secret in circles of ecclesiastics initiated in the occult sciences… We will end this notebook by the study of ‘an internal alchemy document from the Golden Dawn,

– Book 10: The last book of this training is devoted to the theurgy of the future. It identifies tools belonging to what is called technology of the gods, which uses magic amplification devices based on waveforms, crystals or light-rhythmic applications, the use of which conventional finds to fit perfectly well into a new operating protocol. Students will also discover the energy of monadic waves which will help them understand how mirrors of apparitions and other manifestation triangles work. Finally, we will discover meta-technical perspectives of contact with the afterlife using modern audio-visual equipment…
More than 400 pages of documents and additional bonuses unpublished

In these 10 notebooks in PDF format, you will discover many revelations that are never written in books of high magic. I could not list everything in this presentation because it would have abnormally lengthened the present description.

In addition, you will find exceptional additional documents in appendices which will help you to deepen certain important points such as:

Le grimoire d’Armadel in French and in English (with colored seals), available for free download on the Internet (this will save you from having to search for them)

the book Théurgie ou alchimie herméticienne by EJ Langford Garstin in an original full French version (not found elsewhere) made available exclusively to CFIO students.

Z2 – Excerpt in French from an internal alchemy document from the Golden Dawn

A digest of the best passages from Denys L’Aréopagyte’s celestial hierarchy

And some other additional notices…

Divine High Magic will have no secrets for you…

Once again, thanks to this training, the magic revelation will be total and unrestrained.

In a very short time, you will learn what took me 30 years of hard work, endless studies and experiments in most areas of high magic and internal alchemy. This experience, I put it in your hands so that through you, the great Western tradition can continue.

The knowledge of this module will allow you to avoid many traps and will communicate to you, I hope, this passion for magic arts, which makes theurgy one of the most fascinating branches of occultism.

I’ll meet you on the other side…

Salepage : THÉURGIE et Haute Magie

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