TITLE Boxing Instructional DVD Complete Set

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TITLE Boxing Instructional DVD Complete Set


TITLE Boxing Instructional DVD Complete Set

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01.TITLE DVD – How To Hit The Heavy bag
The Heavy Bag is one of the oldest, time-honored staples in the sport of boxing. It has been around since the days of the bare-fisted warriors of past centuries. It is also one of the most misused and under utilized pieces of training equipment in the gym. Noted former professional boxer, referee, trainer and promoter Danny Campbell shows the inside secrets from the pros to mastering the heavy bag. There is so much more than simply throwing punches and waling away at a hanging heavy bag. In this segment you will learn how to successfully work the bag in these areas.

02.TITLE DVD – Boxing Defensive Skills and Drills
The name of the game is to successfully hit your opponent and not get hit. Like most competitive sports there is an offense and defense. And just like most sports?defense wins championships. Noted former professional boxer, referee, trainer and promoter Danny Campbell shows you how to avoid, block, defend and/or counter almost every punch an opponent throws. There is a split second, in many cases, where a boxer must convert from offense to defense and then back to offense again without thinking but reacting. You can soon learn to incorporate a defense like the pros. When you can react instantly instead of having to think, the battle is won.

03.TITLE DVD – How to Wrap Hands for Training and Competition
A boxer’s most treasured assets are their hands. Protecting those assets is the first step in any boxing workout and training program. There are more than 70 small bones in the human hand. The slightest miss hit or unnatural contact, even with gloves, can result in broken bones that will sideline your training for months. Danny Campbell, a noted former professional boxer, referee, trainer and promoter shows the proper way to wrap the hands for training and competition. Campbell shares his more than 30 years boxing experience in hand wrapping techniques to you in easy, concise and practical steps. There are differences is amateur and professional hand wrapping rules and regulations. The trainer demonstrates what is allowed and not allowed in each classification. How much tape is permitted and where can it be applied? There is also a correct way to apply training handwraps and protect your hands during workouts. Don’t risk your main assets on an incorrect wrapping technique.

04.TITLE DVD – How To Be an Effective Body Puncher
The term “head hunter” is often overused, as is the action. Most boxers totally ignore their opponent’s body and focus totally on their head. Champion boxers understand the importance of body punching and how to score successfully “downstairs”. Noted former professional boxer, referee and promoter Danny Campbell shows the proper techniques to be an effective body puncher. Discovering the lost art of body punching can take you from an accomplished boxer to a champion boxer. In this segment you will discover how to drop down and attack the body, when to apply the pressure and how to effectively work this area. Anyone can punch but it takes a real pro to attack the body.

05.TITLE DVD – How to Properly Work a Fighter’s Corner
A fighter has only one minute between rounds. The instruction and assistance a fighter receives during this critical time period can make or break the fight in your favor. Noted amateur and professional trainer Russ Anber demonstrates everything needed to master the art of working a fighter’s corner.

06.TITLE DVD – How to Hit the Punch Mitts
Discover the inside secrets to mastering the punch mitts. Noted amateur and professional trainer Russ Anber takes you to the limit with a bevy of punch mitt routines, exercises and drills that will help you take your arsenal to the next level. Learn important strategies for both the coach and boxer to really excel and learn new cutting-edge techniques.

07.TITLE DVD – Counter Punching
For every action there is a reaction. This is never more true and essential than in the sport of boxing. For every move or punch by your opponent there is a unique counter move or punch that can put you back in control. Noted amateur and professional trainer Russ Anber demonstrates how to counter any punch in your opponent’s arsenal. Instantly switch from defense to offense with split-second precision and authority. Boxers who control fights, win fights. The Coach will teach you how to counter the jab, straight right or left, hooks, uppercuts and more. The tactics shown in this segment will help make you instantly react and counter any punch thrown by your opponent. When you can react simultaneously rather than having to think, you will dominate your opponent and the fight.

08.TITLE DVD – How To Box: The Basics
Noted amateur and professional trainer Russ Anber teaches you everything needed to master the basics of boxing. With a full understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals you can enjoy working out correctly and build a solid foundation for more advanced techniques later. In this information-packed session you’ll learn everything from the first day in the gym to throwing a bevy of proper offensive punches.

09.TITLE DVD – Achieve Speed and Power In Boxing
The old saying that you can’t coach speed is going by the wayside. New technology and training habits have shown that you can now increase your overall speed and power. There are specific drills and exercises you can work on to increase your speed and power. 3-time world champion and top professional trainer Jeff Fenech shows you the secrets of the pros for developing and increasing these two pivotal areas. Fenech demonstrates drills and techniques that his stable of world champions does to increase hand and foot speed, punching power and more. In closely contested matches, the fighter with the superior speed usually comes out on top. With increased speed and punching power you will dominate more opponents and control the action. Speed kills! Learn to lead with speedafollow with power!

10.TITLE DVD – Interval Boxing Training
Boxing is a series of rapid heart-rate accelerations followed by less strenuous aerobic activity. To achieve maximum boxing conditioning you must condition yourself for this series of intense and rapid activity. Interval training is the revolutionary way to get into premiere aerobic conditioning that it takes to compete in boxing. Three-time World Champion and current professional trainer Jeff Fenech takes you to the limit in this action-packed segment. Learn drills and exercises that will help you achieve the aerobic advantages over every boxer. These tried-and-true routines will get any fighter in tip-top shape and aerobic form. The old saying states that boxing is 90% conditioning. Whether you are a professional world champion, aspiring amateur, club champion or weekend warrior, interval training will give you the edge needed to win the conditioning battle.

11.TITLE DVD – Attacking and Punching at Angles
Watch the truly gifted and elite world champion boxers and you will discover that they are mostly unconventional in their styles. They keep their opponents on the defensive because they attack and unleash punches in unordinary fashion. Why be predictable and like the masses? By varying your attack and punching angles you can keep your opponents on their heels and stay in control of the action. Jeff Fenech, 3-time world champion and professional trainer shows you the inside skinny on what it takes to reach and stay at the top.

12.TITLE DVD – Adavanced Training and Boxing Techniques
Are you looking for advanced training techniques that will help take your game to the next level? Don’t know how to overcome the Southpaw? Having trouble cutting off the ring on your opponents? How to correctly respond to the pressure fighter? Overcoming the defensive boxer a shortcoming? Need to learn how to attack a fighter on the ropes? Jeff Fenech, 3-time world champion and top professional trainer takes his (down under” experience and secrets of the pros to you in easy to follow concise instructions. These are the same training how-to’s and drills he used to win the world title multiple times and what his stable of champion boxers incorporates in their daily workouts and fights.

13.TITLE DVD – Bigger and Stronger
So many athletes and workout warriors are looking to get bigger and stronger. Most, if not all competitive sports and training programs demand it. To stay ahead of the competition you must stay focused on gaining muscle mass. Professional personal trainer and developer of Boot Camp Fitness, a sophisticated training and conditioning program, Michael Rutherford details the steps needed to pack on 5 lbs. of mass in only seven days.

14.TITLE DVD – Faster
The old saying that you can’t coach speed is increasingly proving to be false. Today, athletes are able to significantly increase their speed, become faster and decreasing sprint times significantly. There is not a sport or competition contested where speed – and becoming faster – is not paramount to success. Personal trainer and developer of Boot Camp Fitness, Michael Rutherford shows you the workouts and techniques to increase speed and become a faster athlete. The coach will show you the same steps he uses to train football, baseball and basketball teams, boxers, sprinters, triathletes, track runners, wrestlers and many more. Discover what every athlete strives to gain, the competitive edge over their opponent.

15.TITLE DVD – Explosive Quickness
The success of any athlete most times relies heavily on their ability to react quickly. Improving quickness has major implications for the enhancement of speed, acceleration and reaction time. Michael Rutherford, personal trainer and developer of Boot Camp Fitness, a revolutionary workout experience, shows you the key to gaining explosive quickness that is so vital to today’s athletes in every sport. The coach will demonstrate the same drills and exercises he uses to train football, baseball and basketball teams, boxers, sprinters, triathletes, track runners, wrestlers and many more. Learn the exact steps needed for warm-up, ladder drills, medicine balls, reactive exercises and overload techniques to gain quickness. By improving quickness you will enhance speed, acceleration and reaction time which dominate opponents and leads to outstanding performance.

16.TITLE DVD – Medicine Ball Workout
One of the oldest and most popular pieces of training equipment is the medicine ball. It is also one of the most misunderstood and underused training devices. Michael Rutherford, a professional personal trainer and developer of Boot Camp Fitness, a sophisticated training and conditioning program, takes you to the limit with his medicine ball training exercises and routines. The medicine ball is ideal for helping obtain explosive and powerful physical results. Rutherford runs you through a wide range of plyometric exercises that will build the arms, legs, trunk and torso for any sport or overall workout program. If you are looking to add dominant power, overriding strength and sheer explosiveness to your arsenal, this is your ticket. Discover what the medicine ball can do for you and your game. If you want to perform like a champion, you must train like a champion.

17.TITLE DVD – How to Lose Weight Rapidly for Boxing
No matter how hard we prepare or plan, it is inevitable that athletes of all stages face quick weight loss dilemmas and hurdles. Have an important weigh-in, contest or tournament that requires a reduced body weight in a short period of time? Justin Fortune, professional trainer and conditioning coach, along with Freddie Roach, former top ranked boxer and hall-of-fame trainer for the revered Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California, takes you through the hurdles, process and proven techniques to successfully reach your goals. You will learn what products, equipment, supplements, apparel and exercises have proved to stand the test of time and work successfully for myriads of amateur and professional boxers under their tutelage. Uncover demonstrated exercises and workouts that have gained approval of current and past world champions. You will also gain insight into pre and post weigh-in recommendations, day of contest requirements and meal planning do’s and don’ts leading up to the competition.

18.TITLE DVD – Hw to Lose Weight Effectively for Boxing
With the exception of the extremely elite, every athlete – at every level – is looking to achieve top physical form, lose weight and keep it off. Justin Fortune, professional trainer and conditioning coach, along with Freddie Roach, former top ranked boxer and hall-of-fame trainer for the Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California, takes you through the nutrition, diet and weight loss recommendations that have proved successful for hundreds of former and current amateurs, professionals and world champions. Learn what foods to eat and avoid; meal frequency and portions, nutritional requirements, diet do’s and don’ts, and much, much more. No fad or gimmick, discover tried-and-true principles and life-changing habits that have been the building blocks of boxers, athletes and nonathletes for years. Complete with a comprehensive diet and nutrition program plus a bonus training and workout recommendation list to help maintain ideal body weight upon reaching the goal.

19.TITLE DVD – Cross Training for Boxing 1 – Upper Body and Core
The secret of most elite professional fighters and athletes is an intense and regimented cross-training program focused on strength, power and speed. The saying that contests are won outside the ring is increasingly proven to be true. In Part I of this series, noted former professional heavyweight boxer and world champion trainer Justin Fortune of Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California demonstrates his proven upper body and core plyometrics essentials designed to build title-fight endurance, athletic strength, explosive power and amazing speed. Learn the exact day-to-day workouts and training secrets of 17 current and former world champions under his tutelage. The trainer will demonstrate the ultimate push-up workout to build power, dumbbell routines to increase speed and endurance, the absolute top abdominal workout to build core strength and finally a peak conditioning workout to maintain that razor sharpness and aerobic edge leading into a contest. Follow the listed times, sets, reps, resistance, intervals, rest and frequency for unparalleled conditioning gains and physical results. Now you can experience and implement the tried-and-true workouts of world champions to help take your game to the next level. Become a champion today.

20.TITLE Boxing DVD – Cross Training for Boxing II – Lower Body and Trunk
Each DVD runs approximately 30 minutes and covers a wealth of information on weight loss, cross training, boxing fundamentals, advanced punching techniques and bag work. A great set for boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

21.TITLE DVD – Freddie Roach’s Fundamentals of Boxing
Former top-ranked professional boxer, hall-of-fame member and national trainer of the year Freddie Roach takes you inside his 40-years of boxing and training experience to master the basics of the sport. Learn the foundation that has carried 17 world champions to title belt wins and the ultimate heights in the sport.

22.TITLE DVD – Freddie Roach’s Advanced Punching techniques
Are you ready to advance to the next level with professional techniques of the truly gifted world champions and hall-of-fame trainers? Discover punching secrets of the stars and what helped propel them to world titles and elite status. Former top-ranked boxer and national trainer of the year Freddie Roach, mentor of more than 15 world champions at the fabled Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California, takes you inside his 40-years of boxing and training experience to demonstrate signature punches and offensive techniques of some of his world champions. In addition, you will learn punches, insight and knowledge from Roach’s pro career trainer and fellow hall-of-famer Eddie Futch, one of the most renowned and decorated trainers in professional boxing history. Whether you are a beginner or junior boxer, skilled amateur, aspiring professional, world class prize fighter, weekend warrior or just an aficionado of the sweet science, you can’t afford to miss out on the chance to learn this one-of-kind instruction. Now you can make current and past world champion boxers and trainers your personal trainers.

23.TITLE DVD – Freddie Roach’s Punching Bag Training
The heavy bag, speed bag and double end bag are the main staples of boxing training. These bags have tested and honed the skills of boxers and athletes for more than a century. National trainer of the year, hall-of-fame member and former-top ranked professional, Freddie Roach, demonstrates basic and advanced training secrets from a more than 40-year career that has helped develop and mold more than 15 world champions. Whether you’re a beginner, skilled amateur or aspiring professional, you will gain a world of insight, strategy and training techniques to help take your workouts and skills to the next level.

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