Toni Turner – Toni’s Market Club

Toni Turner – Toni’s Market Club

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Toni Turner – Toni’s Market Club

Toni Turner – Toni’s Market Club

Toni Turner – Toni’s Market Club

Imagine how much easier your trading could be than it is now. If you could save hours of hand-wringing… get rid of that confusion about what to trade and when… see the markets through the eyes of a seasoned professional trader… and have a weekly game plan to give you clear direction for your trades.

Here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to be difficult to achieve the results you truly desire. Let me show you how I’m helping scores of traders just like you every week. I’m showing them an easier path to lasting success – and that ultimate lifestyle that it can bring you.

When you join us in Toni’s Market Club, I’ll act as your personal market guide. I’ll share the insights and experience I’ve gained during my 18 years as an investor, trader and educator, and apply them to today’s market for you!
This could very well be the most productive use of your time as a trader. That’s because when you follow my easy-to-understand weekly trading plans… you will have more time to enjoy with your family doing the things you really want to do. In just 90 minutes, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to trade successfully for the week.

What is forex?

Quite simply, it’s the global market that allows one to trade two currencies against each other.

If you think one currency will be stronger versus the other, and you end up correct, then you can make a profit.

If you’ve ever traveled to another country, you usually had to find a currency exchange booth at the airport, and then exchange the money you have in your wallet into the currency of the country you are visiting.

Foreign Exchange
You go up to the counter and notice a screen displaying different exchange rates for different currencies.

An exchange rate is the relative price of two currencies from two different countries.

You find “Japanese yen” and think to yourself, “WOW! My one dollar is worth 100 yen?! And I have ten dollars! I’m going to be rich!!!”
When you do this, you’ve essentially participated in the forex market!

You’ve exchanged one currency for another.

Or in forex trading terms, assuming you’re an American visiting Japan, you’ve sold dollars and bought yen.

Currency Exchange

Before you fly back home, you stop by the currency exchange booth to exchange the yen that you miraculously have left over (Tokyo is expensive!) and notice the exchange rates have changed.

It’s these changes in the exchange rates that allow you to make money in the foreign exchange market.

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About Author

Toni Turner

Toni Turner, President of Trendstar Trading Group, LLC, is an accomplished technical analyst as well as a popular educator and sought-after speaker in the financial arena. She is the author of the bestselling books: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online, 2nd Ed., A Beginner’s Guide to Short-term Trading, 2nd Ed., Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market, and Invest to Win: Earn & Keep Profits in Bull and Bear Markets with the GainsMaster Approach, co-authored with Gordon Scott CMT. Her books have been translated into five languages and used as textbooks in college personal finance classes.

Toni has appeared on CNBC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and FOX Business News. She has been interviewed on dozens of radio programs and featured in periodicals such as Fortune, Stocks and Commodities, SFO, Fidelity Active Trader, and Bloomberg Personal Finance and many online publications, such as,,, The Street’s RealMoneyPro and She speaks regularly at financial forums and conferences across the United States, including college campuses, Traders’ Expos, and Money Shows.

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