Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall - Real Fast Template Profits

Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall – Real Fast Template Profits
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Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall – Real Fast Template Profits

Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall - Real Fast Template Profits

Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall – Real Fast Template Profits

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Attention:  Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Trainers & Info-Product Creators

“Create And Sell Templates In An Afternoon That Are Easy To Sell And Can Be Produced Using Software Programs You Already Have And Know How To Use”

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From The Desk Of: Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall

Re: Creating Templates For Sale

If you want to get more paying customers with easily marketed templates, make them fast using software and tools you already have and know how to use, and even sell them easier then you thought possible… then this is the most important Online Course you’ll read about all year!

Introducing “Real Fast Template Profits”

Real Fast Template Profits is an amazing new online course from template creation experts Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall that helps every entrepreneur with how to create easy to sell templates using programs you already know how to use.

And, as a special bonus, you’ll also discover how to create template products that people want to buy but are created with programs that you probably already have on your computer and know how to use like: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Canva and many others.!

In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect from this amazing new Online Course:

Real Fast Template Profits

Here’s Just Some Of What You Get


    Creating Templates For Sale

    What every entrepreneur needs to know about creating templates for sale.


    Use What You Already Know

    The real secret for how to create easy to sell templates using programs you already know how to use.


    Sell What Is “Easy-To-Sell”

    See how you can easily get more paying customers with easily marketed templates (so you don’t have to deal with putting work into products that don’t sell.).


    Decrease Refunds

    Template products have some of the lowest refund rates in our business because they are easy to use and save people time.


    Create Template Products Fast

    Rapidly create products that help save time and money and make customer’s lives easier. (so you can make getting a bad reputation from products that don’t work a thing of the past).


    Become A Rock-Star “Super Affiliate”

    Use templates products to give away as bonuses in affiliate promotions or as an incentive to buy other of your products and services….


    Saves YOU Time

    Saves you from putting work into products that don’t sell.


    Add Massive Value To Other Offers

    Templates are the perfect bonus offer to add value to your other offerings whether they be coaching, training or online courses.

Who Is Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall And Why Should I Listen To Them?

Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall are experts in template creation whose accomplishments include:


  • Template products have amounted to thousands of dollars in extra sales.

Work History:

  • Creates template products to sell, to use as affiliate promotion bonuses, and as a lead magnet to build my list.


  • Have high-six figure per year businesses of which a substantial portion of the income comes from the sale of template profits.
  • Have been teaching customers to create and sell information-products for over ten years.
  • Daniel has had courses featured on a the cover of theUniversity of Texas at Austin continuing ed course catalog where I taught a the template of how people can trade the their public speaking talent for free luxury cruises.
  • Survived near bankruptcy during the great recession.

So as you can see, Tony Laidig & Daniel Hall is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about template creation!

The “Real Fast” Dynamic Duo

My Template Class On Cruise Speaking On UT Austin Cover

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Take a Look At This…

Why templates are so easy to sell…

They practically sell themselves (Much easier than ebooks or courses online).

How templates can be designed, built and sold for any business regardless of your niche.

If you’re in business — any business — you could likely add to your bottom-line while simultaneously helping your customers immensely by offering them templates.

5 easy ways to emulate templates that you can build and sell in your business.

The beautiful thing about templates is they are easy to emulate and build based on other people’s ideas.   You will learn how in this online course.

Easily create templates with programs you already know how to use like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Canva and others…

Good news!  Its excellent when you can create templates with software programs you already have and know how to use so there is little to no learning curve and you can hit the ground running with your template product creation.

Why it’s an absolute no-brainer to build and sell templates if you’re an author, speaker, coach, trainer, info-product creator (this is the perfect add-on to amplify your profits)

Templates are a great way to increase profits and add value to your presently existing products and services.

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