Tracy Anderson - Metamorphosis (Omnicentric)

Tracy Anderson – Metamorphosis (Omnicentric)
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Tracy Anderson – Metamorphosis (Omnicentric)

Tracy Anderson - Metamorphosis (Omnicentric)

Tracy Anderson – Metamorphosis (Omnicentric)

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Workouts target the exact muscles you need to get results
90-day body reshaping system
Helps create a toned, sexy body
Workouts change every 10 days for variety
Cardio dance video makes it even more fun

Get a toned, strong, sexy body with Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson Omnicentric program. Customized for your body, the Omnicentric workouts target the exact muscles you need to achieve the results you want. This program is part of Tracy’s 90-Day Body Reshaping System that concentrates on working smaller, accessory muscles, tightening them around larger muscles and pulling everything in, so you get stronger but you also get smaller and tighter. This system features a new workout every 10 days, so you never get bored. It’s perfect for people who gain weight all over, or just want to get their entire body in amazing shape. The 4 DVD set includes everything you need to transform your body: • 9 unique 30-minute Muscular Structure Workouts customized for your body • a 30-minute Dance Cardio Workout • a 90-day Food Planner • a 12 page Fitness Guide Workout Tracker • a Measuring Tape

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