V.A. - PaleoCon 2014 (Compressed)

V.A. – PaleoCon 2014 (Compressed)
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V.A. – PaleoCon 2014 (Compressed)

V.A. - PaleoCon 2014 (Compressed)

V.A. – PaleoCon 2014 (Compressed)

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Are You Settling for Boring, “Old-Fashioned” Paleo
the Way It Used to be Taught? Or…
Do You Want ALL The Secrets from the Modern Masters of Paleo—So That You LOVE What You Eat,
Feel Amazing, and Look 5…10…
Even 15 Years Younger?

Take your Paleo experience and results to the next level with unlimited & immediate access to ALL of the 20+ hours of PaleoCon Sessions…

Whether you’re new to Paleo or you’ve been doing it for decades—and whether your goal is to lose weight, correct a health challenge or simply look your best–make sure to read this page below.

Dear Paleo Enthusiast,

You already know that the Paleolithic lifestyle is amazing—otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

It’s been shown to help you:

Burn fat faster
Multiply your energy
Add “glow” to your skin
Boost your athletic performance
Power up your libido (men and women!)
Enhance your mood, focus and mental clarity
Kickstart and optimize your immune system
Quickly correct digestive issues
And SO much more…

Yet if the Paleo Diet is so incredible—what’s the problem?

The single biggest challenge we’ve seen in our community of thousands of users on Paleohacks.com is PRACTICALLY and QUICKLY applying this lifestyle & diet.

You see, most people hear things about “eating like a caveman” or maybe read a book—but only get a limited picture of what’s possible with Paleo, and the simplest ways to implement these changes into his or her lifestyle.

Which is why we put this amazing event together with authors, doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and more, to show you:
The NEXT LEVEL of Paleo—What Really Works for People Eating and Living This Way Every Day—Along With the Simplest, Easiest Ways to IMPLEMENT These Powerful Principles to Fully Transform The Way You Look and Feel!

Over the course of a few days, these world renowned experts—including best-selling authors, researchers, coaches, nutritionists, famous bloggers and more–shared their best, most cutting edge information on:

Why 3 Paleo “myths” sabotage your results; and how to get past them immediately…

How to tinker and experiment to create your own personalized version of the Paleo diet that works for your body and goals…

Simple at-home secrets for making food so delicious—you family will literally fight for the leftovers (actually, there won’t ever be leftovers as everything you make will get devoured by the entire family!)

Old habits that you don’t even realize are cutting your Paleo results in half, no matter how hard you try…

Essential Paleo kitchen items—things you MUST have on hand—to get you cooking like a gourmet chef in no time flat…

How women can THRIVE on Paleo, with a few simple adjustments (this helps optimize mood, hormones, weight and more!)

A simple secret for using “intermittent fasting” in conjunction with Paleo to get ripped, WITHOUT feeling hungry…

What Makes PaleoCon Different from the Gazillion Other Books, Articles and Programs Out There?

Let me break it down for you:
1) This Is TRULY Next Level of Paleo.

Don’t settle for simplistic (not to mention, boring!) advice about just eating like a caveman… avoiding grains… and so on. Anyone can tell you that.

Modern Paleo is about the intersection between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science—it’s about getting the best results, without compromise. Paleo has come a LONG way since it was first popularized, and you’ll be getting all the latest wisdom and insights from the worldwide leaders in this movement.
2) Curated by the World’s Biggest, Most Dynamic Community.

Knowledge can be theoretical—and then it becomes useless. This is different, because as the world’s largest community of real people living and thriving on Paleo, we’re every to put every single piece of information to the test.

We see what works, and what’s useless. We only allow the very best stuff to pass through our filters… meaning whatever makes its way to you is what actually delivers results.
3) All Delivered in a Way That’s Easy and Actionable.

Because we’re a massive community of real people, we’ve collectively learned how to take action and break down information in a way that’s usable for ALL people, at all levels. There’s no confusion about what to do next or how to apply what you learn…

And that means you’ll not only have all the most powerful, cutting-edge Paleo guidance at your fingertips—you’ll have the perfect blueprint for applying what you learn into your lifestyle, immediately, for incredible results.

They covered over 20 hours of high quality information, but that’s only just the beginning!

Introducing The PaleoCon
All Access Package & Exclusive Bonuses…
Access To All 24+
Video Slideshow Presentations
With The PaleoCon Experts
($97 Value)

We took all of the audios from the sessions, and turned them into easy to follow along powerpoint presentation videos – for those of you who prefer visual presentations instead of just audio!
Access To All 24+
Recorded Audio Sessions With The
PaleoCon Experts
($97 Value)

Each of these audios is in MP3 format, so you can download them to your phone, ipod, ipad, or computer and listen to them whenever you want – in the car, at the gym, on the go — anytime, anywhere!
All 24+ Transcripts
Of The PaleoCon Sessions
($97 Value)

We had each audio transcribed and formatted into PDF files – just in case you’d rather read and take notes on the information than listen to it!

Access To All Of Our Demo Videos With Our Guest Experts
We went out and filmed – in person – some amazing demo presentations – from behind the scenes recipes from gourmet restaurant chefs, to fitness demos, and more…here’s a sample of what you’ll get in these demo presentations:

Salepage : V.A. – PaleoCon 2014 (Compressed)

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