Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 by Awai

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 by Awai
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Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 by Awai

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 by Awai

Virtual Business Building Intensive 2017 by Awai

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Ready to Turn Your Writing Skills into a Booming Business, But Don’t Know How to Get Started?

Let the experts from our brand-new “Virtual Business Building Intensive” give you the confident edge of a seasoned pro with:

  • A niche you love and are excited about…
  • A marketing message you can’t wait to share…
  • A high-quality LinkedIn profile that brings clients to you…
  • A copywriting information kit that moves clients to hire you…
  • A professional freelance website that demonstrates your value…
  • A proven method for contacting and closing clients…
  • Your exact fee schedule, and the confidence to charge what you’re worth…
  • A strategy for expanding your client relationships and profits…
  • Every copywriting and business template you’ll need to get up and running fast — just download, modify, and send…

All in less than 30 days!

Dear Writer,

If you’re not yet making a steady income as a writer, you’re in luck because all that is about to change…

What I’m about to share with you is the exact 8-step process for turning your writing skills into a thriving business.

Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to get your business up and running in less than 30 days.

Now, that might sound like a big promise, but I’m confident it can happen for you.

How can I be so sure?

Because we’ve put together an all-star team of experts to walk you through building every piece of your business.

I’m talking about true experts like…

Now, the thing that makes this team of eight money-making geniuses so special — besides their 208+ years of combined experience — is that they’ve never worked together to create a program that can build your business this fast!

Yet, I’ve convinced them to meet up and share their proven step-by-step strategies…

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a complete system in place to attract clients, persuade them to hire you, and finally get paid the fees you deserve…

Did you catch that?

Let me say it again: You’ll have a complete system in place. Not a plan to follow, and not “someday.”

When you work with us, you’ll be up and running within 30 days flat!

I’ll explain it all shortly. But first, I want to share something that will change how you look at getting paid for your writing abilities — forever…

The reason some writers are so successful — and consistently booked with high-paying projects — is because they approach writing as both a creative opportunity and a strategically-crafted BUSINESS…

More precisely, they follow the eight detailed steps I’ll share here today…

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Your Shortcut From $0 a Month to a Booming Business in 30 Days… Even If You’re Just Starting Out

No matter your writing specialty — web copy, B2B, or any other type…

And, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have)

Our business experts will guide you step-by-step (and piece-by-piece) to a complete freelance writing business that easily attracts serious clients who expect to pay you professional fees for your services.

All in less than 30 days…

We’re calling this brand-new program the “Virtual Business Building Intensive.”

Yes, it’s completely virtual so you can tune in from the comfort of your own home, a favorite coffee shop, or anywhere else in the world…

But, this isn’t a “sit-back-and-listen” type of thing

As a matter of fact, Virtual Business Building Intensive isn’t like other events at all

For example, you can rest assured that we won’t hand you a list of stuff to do and simply tell you to, “Go for it.”

Instead, during our time together, we’ll help you develop all the tangible pieces of your business, including:

  • An automated system specifically designed to attract the kind of paying clients you’re looking for.
  • Professional-grade marketing materials that showcase your writing talents (even if you’re still learning)… and convince clients to hire you on the spot.
  • Negotiation skills and deal-closing techniques for even brand-new writers to easily land rewarding projects and impressive fees!
  • And, much more…

With our guidance, you’ll accomplish in less than 30 days what would normally take a full year (or longer) on your own…

By the time we’re done, you’ll have an entire freelance writing business up and running (even if you’re just starting out today).

And, you won’t have to leave your house to do it…

It All Starts March 6, 2017

Our first session of the Virtual Business Building Intensive kicks off on March 6, 2017…

Twice a week (March 6th through March 30th), you’ll jump online to work with one of our experts and create a key piece of your business…

I’m talking about identifying your niche (don’t overlook the importance of this one!), crafting a marketing message, building a solid LinkedIn profile, assembling an information kit, and much more…

We’ll even help you determine your exact fee schedule so questions like, “What should I charge?” will be a thing of the past.

And, you won’t be starting from scratch! You’ll get professional, real-world templates so you can quickly go from zero to full-blown business…

We’ll begin each session with 90 minutes of proven “in the trenches” training and advice offered by one of our expert presenters. You’ll love the step-by-step detail and exact steps they’ll share with you — saving you years of “trial and error”…

Then, we’ll wrap up every session with at least 30 minutes of live question-and-answer time with the professionals.

Don’t worry if you need to miss one of the live sessions. Everything will be recorded, posted to your Member Page within 24 hours, and available to you whenever you’re ready…

Plus, we’re including plenty of ongoing support so you can build your business around any of your current obligations…

First, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group. Stop by anytime to get an impromptu peer review, network with other writers, or compare your prices.

By the time Virtual Business Building Intensive wraps up, you’ll have a network of friends and supporters you can rely on for advice and feedback for years to come.

You’ll also get professional, private reviews of your progress. After you complete your information kit, LinkedIn profile, and website, send them in for a thorough review. We’ll review your submissions to make sure you did everything properly… and encourage your business-building efforts!

And, there’s more… which I’ll tell you all about in just a moment. But, first, allow me to introduce your Host…

Meet a Successful Freelance Writer Who Knows What You’re Going Through

These 8 Vital Steps — Presented By Our Experts — Make Building a Business MUCH Easier Than You Think

The following plan works so well because the order is completely strategic… each step builds on the one before it.

So, by the time you complete five or six steps, you’re already “in business,” marketing your skills, and attracting quality clients…

And, once you finish all eight steps? You’re unstoppable!

Our speedy and simplified approach to building your freelance writing business starts with choosing (and properly defining) your writing niche…

Step 1: “Choose Your Niche Focus”
With Pam Foster

It’s the question we get asked most often, “Do I need a niche?”

The answer is always, “YES!” Always yes.

Whether you write for the Web, B2B, or any other type of copy, you must focus on a specific industry, or niche.

Some example industries (or markets) include fitness, financial newsletters, medical devices, farm equipment, wine, travel… you name it.

Your options are unlimited. Which leads to the next most common question I hear: “How do I choose a niche?”

It’s an important question, and the foundation of the next seven steps…

Choose wisely and you’ll accelerate your progress and set yourself apart from all the “generalists” out there. As you probably know, a specialist always gets paid more than a “Jack (or Jill)-of-all-trades.”

So, yes — it’s a big choice, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming…

In this lively and interactive session, Pam Foster (an expert when it comes to niching yourself) will teach you how to properly choose your perfect niche by combining your individual passions, background, and income goals.

Her proven approach will help you quickly make a confident choice, declare your niche, and start attracting clients in an industry you enjoy.

Together with Pam, you will…

  • Discover the biggest benefits of choosing a niche… most of which are completely overlooked by today’s marketers.
  • Dig into five exciting clues on what makes a great niche (in the eyes of your potential copywriting clients).
  • Take real-world tours of niche copywriter websites and LinkedIn profiles to get ideas on how to market yourself.
  • Learn how to find great clients in your new niche by looking over Pam’s shoulder as she investigates three potential niches, LIVE right before your eyes!
  • Explore the absolute BEST niche for you. Using Pam’s handy (and proven) Personal Inventory Worksheet, you’ll review potential niches and make a niche decision with complete confidence.
  • Choose your niche once and for all!

Plus, there will be plenty of time to ask Pam your niche questions…

Whether you’re trying to narrow down your options or discover today’s hottest niches, Pam knows the answer…

That’s because, over the years, she has coached hundreds of AWAI members on how to choose a copywriting niche… and she will do the same for you.

And, get this — just by completing Step 1 (choosing a niche), you’ll be well on your way to completing Step 2…

Step 2: “Create a Powerful Marketing Message”
With Nick Usborne

Our next expert, Nick Usborne, says there are three words that will completely transform how you promote your freelance business and how you feel about marketing

What are they?

“Love your message!”

And, that’s exactly what Nick will show you how to do…

Instead of pitching your skills to potential clients, you’ll craft a powerful marketing message that will be easy (and fun!) to share.

This is how Nick started writing web copy way back in 1998. He literally had nothing… no website… zero clients… and not a single writing sample.

But, he had a message he loved.

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