Visual Processing Therapy from Leonard Press

Visual Processing Therapy from Leonard Press
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Visual Processing Therapy from Leonard Press

Visual Processing Therapy Helping Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and Acquired Brain Injury from Leonard Press

Faculty:Leonard Press

Duration:6 Hours | Format:Audio and Video

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  • Visual Efficiency
    • The neurodevelopment of eye tracking, accommodation and binocular vision
  • Visual Processing
    • How the eyes interface with the rest of the brain and body
    • Vision problems as neurodevelopmental disorders
    • Vision problems as sensory processing disorders
    • Visual perceptual testing: Standardized and observational
  • How Developmental Optometry Relates to Occupational Therapy and Other Disciplines
    • Jean Ayres, Brain Gym and developmental vision
    • Collaboration between therapeutic interventions
    • Signs and symptoms of undiagnosed or untreated vision disorders
    • Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey (CISS)
    • Optometric application of lenses and prisms
    • The Neuroplasticity and
  • Neuroadaptability of the Visual System
    • What goes wrong visually, why it goes wrong, and what we can do about it
    • Is there an age at which it’s too early or late to intervene?
    • Visual problems as early red flags for autism spectrum disorder
    • Learning-based vision problems and academic performance
    • Post-trauma vision disorder and other problems of acquired brain injury
  • Hands-on Demonstration of Screening Procedures
    • PLRG the penlight red/green standardized convergence insufficiency screening
    • Visual tracking and head movement
    • Visual tracking and the midline plane
    • Near-far focusing flexibility
    • Information for referral and collaboration
  • Overview of Sample Therapeutic Activities
    • Nearpoint of convergence and touch
    • Physiological diplopia and divided attention
    • Hart Chart Saccadic
    • Pointer-in-straw in three dimensions
    • Central/peripheral awareness
    • Press Lites


Watch internationally renowned expert and author in vision therapy, Leonard Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD, and learn the role of vision beyond eyesight. Dr. Press will show you how learning-related vision problems present in individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and acquired brain injury as well as practical interventions to develop visual abilities with your clients.

Watch this recording and learn to differentiate visual efficiency from visual processing as well as effective screening tools to identify visual problems. You will learn strategies to collaborate with developmental optometrists. The sample procedures that will be demonstrated will enable you to help a wide variety of patients having difficulty with visual processing. This course will leave you with a new and exciting perspective on visual processing and therapy.

Walk away with the strategies necessary to:

  • Differentiate vision from eyesight and vision screenings from eye examinations
  • Identify children and adult with vision problems
  • Provide learning procedures to improve visual processing abilities
  • And more!

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